Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Busy Political Week

*Jimmy Lakey ended his campaign for Congress after moving up in the race with multiple endorsements. Lakey seemed to be the only true rival of Ryan Frazier who will know have a clear primary as it doesn't seem that Lakey/Tancredo supporters would ever go for Lang Sias, who donated to Mark Udall in 2008
*Bill Ritter and the Democrat's internet tax has already killed Colorado business before it has even been passed. No way liberals can spin this as helping the economy. Way to kill jobs, business, increase unemployment and destroy the state's own revenue that's already in deficit guys.
*AG Suthers endorses Jane Norton
*Ramussen polls Governor Ritter (3/5)

Approve: 34%
Disapprove: 63%
*Re-cap of the Senate candidates at the successful "Candidate Search 2010" forum
*Cleve Tidwell goes on "Your Show"
*Constitutionalist Today Forum is TODAY

When: March 9, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: 5825 Mark Dabling Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO

Don't forget caucus night is March 16 (Tuesday). Find your caucus location here. If you'd really like to get involved and make an impact, run for delegate once you get there. Last year there were a ton of vancanies so it might not be as hard to get your candidate on the ballot as you think.

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