Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jeffco Central Committee Meeting

Last night, the county gathered around 200 Republicans from Jefferson county and about to vote on by-laws and see the committee reports to the memebers. However more was going on then this, multiple candidates from all different races were there talking before and after to the active Republicans, trying to get them to support them. Here are some winners and losers

Gubernatorial Race:
Dan Maes: Delivered a solid speech proving his qualifications and business background is right for this executive office. From Evergreen, he was a clear favorite from the crowd. Keeping his message simple and his voice loud, he presented well.

Scott McInnis: After skipping so many meetings, debates and forums, he's made it someplace to talk next to the other candidates. He delivered a good speech about the importance of party unity and that the destruction there will be if there is a bitter primary, a hit on Penry.

Josh Penry: He's a good speaker and a good candidate, but he isn't made for this branch. He has shown leadership in the legislative branch, but has spent little time there. He talked about Colorado needing Ritter to go, but not so much Colorado needing him in.

Senatorial Race:
Cleve Tidwell: Those he only was able to talk for 15 seconds, he reminded the crowd what the dems are doing wrong and that he'll change all that around. He went around talking and introducing himself to many people. He does better one-on-one then on the stage so he picked up some points here.

Jane Norton: Why? Because she wasn't there! Ben Engen did a good, energetic speech on her behalf. Norton is just plain boring which is why she needs her staff to talk for her.

Ed Martinez: The crowd was laughing as he wouldn't stop speaking, running minutes overdue. I think we actually found a more boring voice then Jane Norton. He'll be lucky to win his own vote at the convention.

Ken Buck: His wife was there, talking too fast with too much information and didn't know his website at the end. Still loved by the crowd.

Did you guys know over night multiple candidates sprung up in CD-7. Now it's Frazier vs Campbell, Lakey, Segall, I'm sure there's more. Out of these guys the only winner was Lakey who gave an energetic loud speech. Frazier didn't show up and the rest were slow and boring. If we nominate Campbell he can't be any comericals though as he'll probably scare people away with his looks.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ament Announces Jeffco Endorsements

Ament, raising almost $90,000 (close to Stapleton) is reeling out the endorsements. With money like this, endorsements like that, along with a good speaking ability Ament could easily be the next Treasurer.

The list of Jefferson County endorsements include:
- State Senator Mike Kopp
- State Representative Jim Kerr
- State Representative Ken Summers
- County Commissioner Kevin McCaskey
- Former U.S. Attorney Troy Eid
- Former State Representative Vicki Agler
- Former State Representative Rob Fairbank
- Former State Representative John & Jeannie Witwer
- Former State Representative Rob Witwer
- Former State Senator Sally Hopper
- Former State Senator Bill Schroeder
- Former State Representative and Ament County Co-Chair Matt Knoedler
- Ament County Co-Chair Libby Szabo
- Former Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and Ament County Co-Chair Theron Bell

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reagan Roundup


Adams County Republicans “Reagan Roundup”
BBQ Dinner + House & Senate Districts Carnival
Fri. Oct 23 5:30-10PM
Adams County Fairgrounds Waymire Dome
Tickets $15 Kids 10 & under free

Adams County Republicans are offering you a chance to have an old fashioned BBQ dinner and to meet, hear, and talk with your elected officials, party officers, and candidates about the reckless spending and dangerous government health care, carbon tax, stimulus spending and other proposals the Obama administration, congressional Democrats, Governor Ritter and the Democrat legislature are trying to ram through before anyone has a chance to read their bills.
With so many of us generally concerned about what the Democrats are doing to our country and Colorado, Adams County Republicans want you to have the opportunity to express your concerns and yet have a little fun before summer ends.

What to see and do at the "Reagan Roundup" BBQ Dinner and District Carnival
BBQ beef dinner with all the trimmings House and Senate Districts within the county and other candidates will have booths around the perimeter of the round building offering things to sell, literature, games to play, and a chance for you to meet the candidates, District Chairpersons, District Captains, and Precinct Committee People from your respective districts Carnival atmosphere for kids and families: old time cake-walk, beanbag toss, fishing booth (waterless), live band, dancing, and numerous activities throughout the building to inform and entertain Brief presentations from various candidates and officers Fun and interaction in a family social environment

A “HELP” booth if you need info on your precinct, House or Senate Dist., or have other questions
This is your chance to be heard and to see that the Republican Party is alive and well with solutions that make sense while encouraging smaller government, economic growth, individual opportunity and responsibility.If you agree that it’s time to stop this ‘steamroller of government control’ and want, instead, sensible solutions for America, then this is your opportunity to get started! Let’s work together on this!

For tickets and information: 303-452-2931 or
Or visit the AdCo website or the State Party website

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ryan Frazier to Make Big Announcment

From his site...
Aurora, CO - Ryan Frazier, candidate for U.S. Senate, will provide
critical details about the future of his campaign
during an
announcement to supporters. Frazier, who has been described as an atypical
Republican candidate and a rising star in the party, has attracted significant
grassroots support. Speculations have surfaced that Frazier may move his
race to run for Lt. Governor or for the U.S. House of Representatives in
District 7.

His words not mine. There's little doubt that Frazier is done with this Senate race, most likely because 1) it is crowded with high profile candidates 2) he isn't raising Norton and Buck money 3) he has a better shot elsewhere (at least in his eyes).

Frazier most likely will run against Ed Perlmutter for the 7th, one of the very few Republicans in the district that would have the grassroots, ID and at least a little money in the bank to take him out. If Frazier were to run for Lt. Governor, most likely the guy he's on the ticket with would be there with him. However, he could also run for Lt. Governor NOT on a ticket, run alone and try to win at the convention and primary against the Lt. Governor possible choices the current candidates would announce. Or Frazier could be the universal Lt. Governor pick where no one picks a running mate and it's just decided Frazier will be on the bottom no matter who wins.

Tomorrow will be exciting for the Frazier campaign and his supporters and Colorado may very well be shaken up...or it's something we don't expect at all.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Northern Suburban Republican Forum

Today I attened the Northern Suburban Republican Forum for the Gubernatorial candidates. Here are my remarks.

Driving to the Rec Center you can tell where it is. Dozens of McInnis and Penry signs are all over the place. You walk through the doors to be greated by Penry's people with stickers followed by Maes' and McInnis' people doing the same thing.

When the forum started Maes' supporters made more noise then Penry's. McInnis was not in attendence but sent a rep on his behalf.

After strong opening statements, all candidates pointing to their strengths, the questions begone.

Surprisingly there was very little difference in the candidate's views on the issues. The only differences were minor details and how they said phrases in all but a few issues like Eminent Domain (Pinon Canyon). McInnis was on the military's side, Penry on property rights side and Maes saying let's compromise.

When the forum finished I was even more undecided on whom to support then when I went in. All three campaigns made compelling arguments and statements. Here are some thoughts on what they said.

Maes: Reminded the audience that this is the EXECUTIVE branch, not anything else and he has 25 years as a business leader. He continued complimenting Penry's arguments and agreeing with him. He had well thought out statements and for being the new guy in politics, he sure knows a lot. He doesn't try to be or say something he's not. He did not try to hide the fact he didn't have a stance yet on Pinon Canyon because both sides had such strong arguments. Maes seemed like a solid rock guy who wouldn't be afraid to make tough decisions, make budget cuts and lay off government employees.

Penry: Won the energetic factor. He can talk a million miles and hour without you getting confused and being able to hear what he says. Penry pledged he would get on the ballot by assembly and wouldn't petition on if he didn't make it because he said the ones at the assembly are the core of the party, the volunteers and if you don't have them on your side then there must be something wrong with you, a bold move. Penry seemed to pretty much go hand and hand on most issues with Maes with minor differences. Penry however can only say he's been in the assembly for six years while Maes said it's about the executive branch and he has 25 years under his belt in that area. Penry no doubt though is was and is a leader in the Senate, fighting Bill Ritter and the democrat's crazy agendas from banning the death penalty (which we rarely use anyways) to raising taxes and creating new vehicle "fees" which he promised to repeal to repealing a spending limit amendment for Colorado.

"McInnis": BoldFor not being the candidate and trying to debate as him, John (his rep) did well. He didn't go into anything at all he did not know what McInnis thought 100% which was pretty minimal. When the question of fixing our education system in Colorado, seeing as we have horrible test scores this guy won the argument. Republicans tend to say "raise the standards, raise the standards, raise the standards" and that can work; except we need solutions to get the kids to actually MAKE the standards. He argued McInnis would get rid of ineffective, unqualified, unwilling and unwanting to work teachers. He argued getting the opportunities to every kid through vouchers and that not everyone was born to be a Doctor, and Engineer or a Lawyer and that we have to care about them too because they still matter deeply in our economy. His strength was his weakness though. John talked about McInnis' decades of service and work in government. Though experience is needed and wanted, don't we also want some new faces and new ideas here? John still made a completing argument for McInnis

Personally I think all three did so outstanding to the effect that I have absolutely no idea who I'll be supporting yet. However, whoever the nominee is, they will be a strong and powerful force so Bill Ritter better be ready to defend every single thing he's said and done in office because they can point out flaws and mistakes in almost everything he has done in office. You better be ready Mr. Governor because these Republicans aren't jokes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Korkowski Barely In, Now Out


Crested Butte, CO - Luke Korkowski has withdrawn from
the U.S. Senate race,writing the following note to his
Thank you to the freedom-loving people who have been so
encouraging to mycampaign for U.S. Senate. This experience has been wonderful,
hard,frustrating, exhilarating, challenging, and fun -- sometimes all at
Unfortunately, it is time to call this campaign to a close and to wish
allthe best to the other Republicans in the race. We have some good and
decentfolks competing for the Senate position, and Colorado is lucky to have
sucha selection of choices. With your help, we'll see a solid conservative
takeoffice in January 2011, and I strongly encourage you to stay engaged in
therace and to support your favorite candidate.
As for me, while this is the
end of the Senate road, there are otherpossibilities out there I may pursue.
Each of us has the responsibility toact within our sphere of competence to
ensure that our country regains thefreedom we have lost. I will continue to do
my part, whatever that may be. Iencourage you to do yours as well.
Let us not
forget to adhere to some basic ideals and to insist that ourelected leaders do
so as well:
-Our federal officials must adhere to and be bound by the text of
theConstitution. When they don't we have a tyrannical government of men, notthe
rule of law.
-National governments exist to protect our rights to life,
liberty, andproperty. They have no other legitimate function.
-No sniveling.
Being free means taking responsibility. If you don't like howthings are, get up
and do something about it.
Thank you again for your support. Best of luck to
the remaining Senatecandidates. And stay tuned for the next chapter in our
struggle to be free!
Respectfully,Luke Korkowski
# # #

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ken Buck Interview

Ken Buck recently answered our questions about the campaign and the issues. Here's his responses.

1) Why do you think you can win this race and how?
The political environment in Colorado is changing, people are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the expansion of government in their lives and Republicans are starting to regain their brand. This leads me to believe that by the time 2010 rolls around that Colorado may be in a position to turn red once again, but it will take more then that to retake this Senate seat. It takes a strong personal commitment for anybody to run for office, much less a state wide office such as this. I have the passion to get the job done on the campaign trail and am the only candidate in this race, Republican or Democrat, to travel to all 64 counties. When I traveled across the state visiting these counties one thing became apparent to me and that is campaigns in large part have forgotten about the grassroots activists who make this party run in the first place! I will do whatever it takes to integrate the grassroots activists into my campaign and utilize them to their full effect.

I plan on communicating my message to the people in as many ways as possible. Traditional modes of communication such as television, radio and mail will all be utilized, but newer forms of communication such as social networking, blogging, twittering, text messaging and emails will also be used. Republicans have been behind the curve for years now when it comes to these types of communication and if we do not correct our mistakes we should prepare for more losses. Not only are these newer forms of communications proving to be just as effective at relaying a message as older forms of communication but they can be used at a fraction of the cost.

2) Do you plan to get on the ballot via assembly or petition?

3) How are you going to deliver your message to the entire state?
Colorado’s next senator must work to earn the confidence of the state’s voters. From the start of this campaign, I have made it my number one priority to reach out to the people of Colorado. Currently, I am the only candidate in the race for U.S. Senate to have visited all 64 counties in Colorado, and I will continue to personally reach out to as many voters as possible.

4) Do you have any fundraising goals set yet?
We hope to raise as much money as possible, in order to wage a successful campaign against Sen. Michael Bennet, and the special interests in Washington who are supporting his campaign.

5) How are you different from the other candidates?
As district attorney, I understand the value of government and the roll that it can play in protecting the lives and rights of the American people. Because of this understanding, I have been able to successfully curb the number of gangs in Weld County, and fought for measures to protect the people and families of my district. In fact, since being elected district attorney, crime in Weld County has decreased greatly. I worked with law enforcement and community leaders to fight for programs that work while staying well within my budget, such as programs to keep kids in school, rather than turning to the streets, and cutting gang activity in my district.

Being district attorney has also allowed me to stand up for the people of Weld County from a sometimes overbearing government. As senator, I will continue my fight to ensure that the federal government does not overstep its bounds.

6) Why are you qualified to serve as our Senator?
As a prosecutor, I have dedicated 100% of my efforts to following the law and protecting the people of the United States. As district attorney, I am required to make the tough choices necessary to protect the people of Weld County, regardless of the political consequences.

As senator, I will serve the people of Colorado with this same dedication.

7) What is your plan to get us out of this economic recession?
Driving the United States further into debt is not the way to get out of the current economic recession. In fact, this merely extends our country’s economic problems to our children and grandchildren. Instead of voting on spending package after spending package, I will work on creating jobs through the private sector. Small business has historically been the driving force in our economy, and that continues to this day. In order to create more jobs, we must have policies in place to help America’s small businesses and families, such as tax reform, and providing for responsible, market-based health care reform—not reform imposed on the back of our small businesses and the American people.

8) What is your biggest concern of the Obama administration?
My primary concern with President Obama is that regardless of the problem his answer is to increase spending, and to give the federal government more control over businesses, schools and our lives. The United States has several serious challenges that it must deal with, including a weakened economy, growing jobless numbers, a record high deficit, problems in our educational system and skyrocketing healthcare. Democrats and Republicans agree what the problems are, but we do not agree on how best to deal with them. As a U.S. Senator, I will work to limit the role of government in our country’s businesses, schools, doctors’ offices and our personal lives.

9) Why Senate and not Governor?
There is nothing I would like to do more than represent the people of Colorado as we work to tackle our country’s many challenges, such as creating jobs, and defending our nation.

10) How strong do you think the GOP is right now?
The Republican Party is weak because we have recently lost our way. While in control of Congress, Republicans voted for deficit spending, expanding the federal government, and were more concerned about being reelected than doing what was right for their constituents and the country. Thankfully, Republicans are running back to our core values of fiscal responsibility and limited government. Having a leader who has never strayed from these principals is vital to get the GOP on the right track. As senator, I will continue my record of supporting limited government, lower taxes and having a fiscally sound government.

11) If there is just one thing you could accomplish or pass in the Senate, what would it be?
As senator, my first priority will be to fight for a balanced budget and curb wasteful spending.

12) What do you think the biggest issue facing the next generation is and what would you do about it in the Senate?
The biggest issue facing the next generation of Americans is the massive federal deficit and its effect on the economy. As a U.S. Senator, I will work for policies that will create jobs and fix our economy. These policies include balancing the budget, harnessing America’s sources of energy, creating a pro-business and pro-growth tax measures, and providing for meaningful healthcare reform that leaves our medical decisions to the American people and their doctors—not the U.S. Congress.

13) Anything else you would like to add?
My wife Perry and I have had a great time travelling Colorado’s 64 counties, and meeting the people who make this state great. As we continue our campaign for the U.S. Senate, we look forward to continue meeting as many Coloradans as possible and hearing about how they want their government to work for them.

Now what do you guys thinks about Ken?