Friday, October 23, 2009

Ament Announces Jeffco Endorsements

Ament, raising almost $90,000 (close to Stapleton) is reeling out the endorsements. With money like this, endorsements like that, along with a good speaking ability Ament could easily be the next Treasurer.

The list of Jefferson County endorsements include:
- State Senator Mike Kopp
- State Representative Jim Kerr
- State Representative Ken Summers
- County Commissioner Kevin McCaskey
- Former U.S. Attorney Troy Eid
- Former State Representative Vicki Agler
- Former State Representative Rob Fairbank
- Former State Representative John & Jeannie Witwer
- Former State Representative Rob Witwer
- Former State Senator Sally Hopper
- Former State Senator Bill Schroeder
- Former State Representative and Ament County Co-Chair Matt Knoedler
- Ament County Co-Chair Libby Szabo
- Former Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and Ament County Co-Chair Theron Bell

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