Monday, December 28, 2009

Scott Tipton Wins Straw Poll

Rep. Scott Tipton yesterday, won our online straw poll for the CD-3 Republican Primary. The winner will face Rep. John Salazar, who has not faced serious opposition, despite the district voting for McCain and Bush. The results follow...

Scott Tipton 109 (56%)

Martin Beeson 2 (1%)
Bob McConnell 82 (42%)
Votes: 193

Had this been the convention, both Tipton and McConnell would have made the ballot. Beeson showed a very weak showing, even lower then Jane Norton. Tipton ran last time against Salazar, but is up for a rematch in 2010 with more money and political capital.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

You Can Still Stop The Health Care Bill

The Senate voted 60-39 to pass the $871billion bureaucracy health care bill, but it still can be stopped. After going into committee between the House and Senate, the bill they agree upon must go back to their chambers for a vote. The House voted 220 to 215, that is close enough that we can swing enough votes to actually stop it.

Votes we can get to stop the bill. WE ONLY NEED THREE

Anh Cao from Lousisiana (R-LA) only Republican to vote yes only because she's in a tough re-election and it was certain the HC bill would pass.

And 29 Blue Dogs that still don't know what it means to be a fiscal conservative.

John Salazar (D-CO) now that he seems to be facing tougher odds in 2010 then before.
Arcuri, Mike (NY-24)
Baca, Joe (CA-43)
Berry, Marion (AR-01)
Bishop, Sanford (GA-02)
Boswell, Leonard (IA-03)
Cardoza, Dennis (CA-18)
Carney, Christopher (PA-10)
Cooper, Jim (TN-05)
Costa, Jim (CA-20)
Cuellar, Henry (TX-28)
Dahlkemper, Kathy (PA-03)
Donnelly, Joe (IN-02)
Ellsworth, Brad (IN-08)
Giffords, Gabrielle (AZ-08)
Harman, Jane (CA-36)
Hill, Baron (IN-09)
Michaud, Mike (ME-02)
Mitchell, Harry (AZ-05)
Moore, Dennis (KS-03)
Murphy, Patrick (PA-08)
Pomeroy, Earl (ND)
Sanchez, Loretta (CA-47)
Schiff, Adam (CA-29)
Scott, David (GA-13)
Space, Zack (OH-18)
Thompson, Mike (CA-01)
Wilson, Charles (OH-06)

It still can be stopped

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Democratic Congressman Switches Parties

Democratic Rep. Parker Griffith announced Tuesday that he's switching parties – saying he can no longer align himself “with a party that continues to pursue legislation that is bad for our country, hurts our economy and drives us further and further into debt.”

Full story here

One more point to prove the Health Care bill is THAT bad if an elected member of Congress swtiches parties because of it. An overwealming majority of Americans do not want a public option nor the bills "on the table" in Congress. Does that mean we don't want health carre reform? No, it just means America doesn't want crappy health care "reform" that will destroy the economy, increase our debt, send doctors out of the US and move the country toward government take-over of all private industry and personal lives.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vision For The Future

I have decided to support Mike Cox for Governor of Michigan because of his clear vision for the future, proven experience, straight-shooting and liability.

Cox has released a 60 page blue print for the future of Michigan if he's elected Governor. I'm wondering why candidates don't do this. McInnis' "Platform for Prosperity" was only as general and vague as one can be. Ritter hasn't even done anything good for the state worthy of 60 pages let alone 6. Dan Maes has a few videos up. Cleve Tidwell is going into detail now with "Cleve Notes". Ken Buck has a few issues up. Jane Norton just does whatever her puppet masters say to do and Tom Wiens is still getting fully started.

So tell me when running for a major office like US Senate or Governor, that will effect the State and Nation greatly, why you wouldn't release a detailed plan of why you're running and what you want to do in office? Do the people not have a right to know what you're going to be doing with your elected office? And if you don't have a true detailed plan in your mind, then why are you running? Is it for the wrong reasons?

Anyway, that's why I'm supporting and contributing to The Mike Cox for Governor campaign.

More endorsements will come out soon, including from Colorado. With this endorsement will we start our "Vision For The Future" endorsement list, seen on the right side above "Election Odds".

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cleve Tidwell Distances Self From The Pack

Cleve Tidwell, candidate for US Senate, has come out with something even Jane Norton doesn't do, let alone Senator Bennet, updating the public about their stance on the issue of the day. The Tidwell campaign has started what they call "Cleve Notes", a weekly or daily update of the issue of the day that's being talked about and Cleve's stance on it. This guy must be on top of it to be whipping out answers that quickly of what's just being discussed, but I guess it can't be too hard when you're telling the truth of your thinking on the matter is it?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What don't the dems get?

What don't the democrats in Congress get that when they have to do closed door meetings, lie to the public, be discreet then the public probably doesn't want what they're trying to ram through Congress? You were suppose to have been elected to represent the people, remember them?

Update "Who You Support And Why"

Lots of early responses. E-mail us at to get your comment in our next update.

Dan Maes: Governor
"One of the poisons of politics as usual is that the best man for the job, may not get elected because someone dominant, poular, or paid for might be more electable. Such is the case if we are stupid enough to overlook the opportunity to make Dan Maes our next governor."
-Ed Westbrook Ignacio

Cleve Tidwell: Senate
"Cleve has more experience than anyone else running in business, the military and foreign policy. He will keep his promises and means what he says. Cleve is the only true conservative in the race and is running for the people."

Scott Tipton: CD-3
"The People's Choice. Scott has ALWAYS been a man "OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people" and he has the track record to show it."

"He is honest, trustworthy and truly a man of the people!"
-Sue and Buddy Valdez

"Anyone who has watched him in the Colorado Legislature knows, he has worked tirelessly for our state and is the Best Candidate."

"Will fight for Conservative ~ Republican Principles: Smaller Federal Government, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY (and mean it), Support and Defend Our Constitution and its Individual & Property Rights. Scott will protect our Free Enterprise System of Capitalism and thwart-off Socialism's decay of this Country's Institutions and Moral Principles."

Bob McConnell: CD-3
"Not politics as usual and not the big Party supported candidate but our choice because he represents the people and not the party."

"He is a true patriot. I'm tired of the "Party" picks and I like the motto "Of the people, by the people and for the people." It's been along time since someone running for office cared for what the people really want."

E-mail us at to get your comment in our next update.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Who do you support and why?

Send your comments or stories to and we will post the best for the candidates. Tell the rest of Colorado why your guy needs to be elected or re-elected in 2010

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Candidate We Should Listen To

Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dems Agree to Drop Public Option

WASHINGTON — Democratic senators say they have a tentative deal to drop a government-run insurance option from health care legislation. No further details were immediately available.

But liberals and moderates have been discussing an alternative, including a private insurance arrangement to be supervised by the federal agency that oversees the system through which lawmakers purchase coverage. Additionally, talks centered on opening up Medicare to uninsured Americans beginning at age 55, a significant expansion of the large government health care program that currently serves the over-65 population.

Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa told reporters he didn't like the agreement but would support it to the hilt in an attempt to pass health care legislation.

Abortion funding is still in it though, with only a vote of 54-45 to make greater restrictions. If the Democrats did get rid of abortion in this health care bill, there may be possible bi-partisan support. Although having the government "supervise" private insurance, is not a welcoming though. The House Bill said that the government can ask insurance agencies hand over all contact information in the name of Health Care and they have to do it. Sounds like government take over to me.