Monday, December 14, 2009

Who do you support and why?

Send your comments or stories to and we will post the best for the candidates. Tell the rest of Colorado why your guy needs to be elected or re-elected in 2010


  1. We are supporting Bob McConnell. Not politics as usual and not the big Party supported candidate but our choice because he represents the people and not the party.

  2. Bob McConnel is my choice, because he is a true patriot. I'm tired of the "Party" picks and I like the motto "Of the people, by the people and for the people." It's been along time since someone running for office cared for what the people really want.
    Thanks Bob

  3. I am voting for Scott Tipton "The People's Choice". Scott has ALWAYS been a man "OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people" and he has the track record to show it. Get to know Scott and you will truly see a man who is HONORED, WILLING and HUMBLED to serve WE THE PEOPLE!
    If anyone can help take our country back, it is SCOTT TIPTON!

  4. Susan and Buddy ValdezDecember 15, 2009 at 10:11 AM

    We are voting for Scott Tipton!!!!! He is by far the BEST CANDIDATE!!!!! He is honest, trustworthy and truly a "man of the people"!

    Sue and Buddy Valdez Grand Junction, CO.

  5. Scott Tipton gets my vote. As anyone who has watched him in the Colorado Legislature knows, he has worked tirelessly for our state and is the Best Candidate.


  6. Scott Tipton believes in and will fight for Conservative ~ Republican Principles: Smaller Federal Government, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY (and mean it), Support and Defend Our Constitution and its Individual & Property Rights. Scott will protect our Free Enterprise System of Capitalism and thwart-off Socialism's decay of this Country's Institutions and Moral Principles. Scott is a Principled and Honest Family Man with GOOD Moral Values and Integrity. He's experienced in business and a friend of Coloradans and America... and "can be counted-on when the chips are on the table". He's got my Vote!

  7. Cleve Tidwell needs to be Colorado's choice to replace B. Bennet. Cleve comes out of the bussines world with work that has taken him many places in the world. Because of this he understands the etiquette required to ensure smooth relations with other leaders.
    Another big plus for Mr. Tidewll is, he is a first time candidate. He will be an unknown in the circles of the lobbyists.

  8. More about Cleve Tidwell regarding his position on the fair tax also the consumption tax. Cleve has studied the tax from the Fair Tax site an he believes it would be a good move for everyone.
    Cleve would support a resolution supporting such a tax.

    He feels immediate work in repealing the 16th is less important than the jobs issue, reducing the public and budget debts, stabilizing the economy, and national security. However, the 16th amendment needs to be discussed.

  9. why scott mcinnis is the wrong choice for colorado in 2010.
    He is a lawyer. He is part of the old guard politico connected with lobbyists, privledge, prestege and accustomed to spending much tax revenue when he was a congressman. The mood of the country has passed scott by we want brand new people to govern. The only new face visible is dan mase. More about dan soon.

  10. ahemm, my error, it is dan maes not, mase. sorry

  11. bob mcconnel, being a first time entrant into politics, is the obvious choice, considering the mood of the people and the condition of government, to get america back into the hands of the people. There is no other choice as all before have been involved with the problem.


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