Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vision For The Future

I have decided to support Mike Cox for Governor of Michigan because of his clear vision for the future, proven experience, straight-shooting and liability.

Cox has released a 60 page blue print for the future of Michigan if he's elected Governor. I'm wondering why candidates don't do this. McInnis' "Platform for Prosperity" was only as general and vague as one can be. Ritter hasn't even done anything good for the state worthy of 60 pages let alone 6. Dan Maes has a few videos up. Cleve Tidwell is going into detail now with "Cleve Notes". Ken Buck has a few issues up. Jane Norton just does whatever her puppet masters say to do and Tom Wiens is still getting fully started.

So tell me when running for a major office like US Senate or Governor, that will effect the State and Nation greatly, why you wouldn't release a detailed plan of why you're running and what you want to do in office? Do the people not have a right to know what you're going to be doing with your elected office? And if you don't have a true detailed plan in your mind, then why are you running? Is it for the wrong reasons?

Anyway, that's why I'm supporting and contributing to The Mike Cox for Governor campaign.

More endorsements will come out soon, including from Colorado. With this endorsement will we start our "Vision For The Future" endorsement list, seen on the right side above "Election Odds".


  1. When I've heard Ken Buck speak, I'm impressed with his principled approach to the game plan. He knows what the gov't should and should not be doing, and I believe that he will follow those principles when voting, regardless of party politics.
    Having a game plan is important, but more important is knowing and following the rules of the game, before you make the plan.
    Ken Buck understands the proper role of gov't, and will work to play within the rules of the game.

  2. I have to agree with Kevin. I've liked Ken Buck's call for smaller government, spending cuts, and tax cuts since he entered the race and I still trust he's a man of integrity who will do what he says. He's already shown a strong resolve as District Attorney and will continue this strength in the Senate. I believe Buck is Genuine and what we need are more leaders in DC that are genuine.

  3. Norton has one thing on the rest of the Republican field in Colorado. She has the backing of McCain and a considerable amount of money from the big Washington DC lobbyists. I prefer a candidate for Colorado, not the wing of the GOP that has weakened our party or the big money lobbyists of Washington DC. My support is going to Ken Buck who has a proven record of fulfilling campaign promises.

  4. ooo, the backing of McCain. The exact OPPOSITE of what the GOP wants in Colorado since he did soo well in 2008. The media made him the nominee, not the people

  5. I have someone who fits the needs of having proven leadership, business experience, common sense and love for the state of Colorado. Cleve Tidwell has all of those. He is a conservative fighter who is gaining support all over the place, you might not think so because the media doesn't cover him, but he is more then there. Come convention time, I wouldn't be surprised if he was put on the ballot with over 50% of the delegates. A candidate worth your vote and support. A true man of the people

  6. I like Ken Buck. He has done a magnificent job as Weld County DA. He started with an office that had an abysmal record in fighting crime and built it into a highly effective prosecutorial force fighting crime, supporting victims and promoting crime prevention. He brought together community leaders to create the Juvenile Assessment Center that has helped more than a thousand Weld County youngsters and their families get back on the right path in life.
    Ken's positions on the issues that face our country are strong, conservative and common sense. "The spending increases have to stop and the deficit has to shrink." Ken is the only candidate for the US Senate that has signed a pledge(Americans for Tax Reform) not to raise taxes. "We cannot meet our energy demands with windmills and solar panels in the near term. We need coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy production." He supports the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops and their Generals. "We have the best healthcare system in the world and 85% of us are happy with it. "We do not want to throw out what is working well for us and turn over our private healthccare system to the bureaucrats in Washington.: "We cannot be a strong country if we do not control our borders." Ken believes that we can have a finely crafted guest worker program that can meet the needs of our economy and still deal effectively with the larger illegal immigration problem.
    Ken is not supported by John McCain or by big money whose interests may not match with those of the citizens of Colorado. Regardless, Ken has strong character and stellar reputation and can be depended on to make decisions that would benefit the people of Colorado.

  7. Ken's wife is the one running the campaign and probably will be the one voting in the Senate. He would be dead if she didn't have her, it's practically like she is the one running for the seat he talks about her so much and all she's done.

  8. It is clear from her website that Jane Norton is a conservative with a solid gameplan. She has spelled it out in black and white. The other candidates are a distraction at this point.


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