Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update "Who You Support And Why"

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Dan Maes: Governor
"One of the poisons of politics as usual is that the best man for the job, may not get elected because someone dominant, poular, or paid for might be more electable. Such is the case if we are stupid enough to overlook the opportunity to make Dan Maes our next governor."
-Ed Westbrook Ignacio

Cleve Tidwell: Senate
"Cleve has more experience than anyone else running in business, the military and foreign policy. He will keep his promises and means what he says. Cleve is the only true conservative in the race and is running for the people."

Scott Tipton: CD-3
"The People's Choice. Scott has ALWAYS been a man "OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people" and he has the track record to show it."

"He is honest, trustworthy and truly a man of the people!"
-Sue and Buddy Valdez

"Anyone who has watched him in the Colorado Legislature knows, he has worked tirelessly for our state and is the Best Candidate."

"Will fight for Conservative ~ Republican Principles: Smaller Federal Government, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY (and mean it), Support and Defend Our Constitution and its Individual & Property Rights. Scott will protect our Free Enterprise System of Capitalism and thwart-off Socialism's decay of this Country's Institutions and Moral Principles."

Bob McConnell: CD-3
"Not politics as usual and not the big Party supported candidate but our choice because he represents the people and not the party."

"He is a true patriot. I'm tired of the "Party" picks and I like the motto "Of the people, by the people and for the people." It's been along time since someone running for office cared for what the people really want."

E-mail us at coloradopoliticalnews@gmail.com to get your comment in our next update.

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  1. Bob McConnell is meeting with small groups in the 3d District to hear their concerns and share his position on a variety of issues. I participated in one such session in Pueblo and came away convinced we need him in Congress - he's a solid conservative with a wealth of pragmatic ideas to get America back on track.


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