Monday, December 28, 2009

Scott Tipton Wins Straw Poll

Rep. Scott Tipton yesterday, won our online straw poll for the CD-3 Republican Primary. The winner will face Rep. John Salazar, who has not faced serious opposition, despite the district voting for McCain and Bush. The results follow...

Scott Tipton 109 (56%)

Martin Beeson 2 (1%)
Bob McConnell 82 (42%)
Votes: 193

Had this been the convention, both Tipton and McConnell would have made the ballot. Beeson showed a very weak showing, even lower then Jane Norton. Tipton ran last time against Salazar, but is up for a rematch in 2010 with more money and political capital.

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  1. There is an independent conservative running for the CD3. It it Jake Segrest. Please check out his plan at


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