Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Norton Attacks Buck's Personal Life

In Jane Norton's latest e-mail sent out by Josh Penry, she(he) talks about how Ken Buck is anything but an outside.

 One point I find interesting...

"Outsider? Ken Buck was the best man in Bill Ritter's wedding."

Not sure how the Norton campaign sees this as relevant to Ken Buck's ability to be an effective conservative in the Senate. If anything, Norton shouldn't be the one to attack on that point. May I remind you the dozens of large corrupt lobbyist firms and individuals pulling the strings and funding her own campaign?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Norton Shows Fear, Skips State Convention (Caucus Process)

After Buck and Tidwell started making high grand with Wiens deciding to petition on, Jane Norton must have felt the same way as she just announced she will petition on the ballot. That leaves a huge portion (and unknown exact amount) of delegates coming into the state convention without being able to vote for their favorite. Buck and Norton have started heating up together on stage so it is unlikely Norton delegates would vote for Buck, that would give Cleve Tidwell enough support at the caucus to get a spot on the ballot. Sources say that while Tidwell took only 6% at the caucus, the actual delegate count for him is much higher.

With only two viable options of Cleve Tidwell and Ken Buck, it will be very interesting to watch the state convention (assembly) in May as both men have tried to position themselves as the conservative candidate with tea party backing.

Today was probably the best news the Tidwell campaign could have heard and it just made Buck's campaign a lot more relieved knowing they will get 30% of the vote at the state convention.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Find Out What Is Happening At The Assemblies

Go to for live feed (although it is mostly democratic results).

So far there is a constant pattern of Romanoff outperforming Bennet in his speeches and gaining and even greater lead at most county assemblies.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Update

First off it seems many viewers didn't read/figure out the post below was an April Fools joke. No, Ritter is not running for the Senate. Now off to real stuff

  • JJ Ament gets Tea Party support
  • Cleve Tidwell launches a money bomb to try to rake in some cash
  • Bennet launches new "Washington" ad...not that he has any credibility talking about Washington and their unfunded mandates. Obama really should have spent some time looking into other rubber stamps for him that didn't seem so dorky. Hickenlooper can look dorky, everyone loves him. Bennet is a Senator nobody wanted in the first place, it just looks dumb when he isn't Senate material.
  • Take a moment to thank AG John Suthers for standing up for Coloradans, against the unwanted, expensive, huge government step toward government takeover of the Health Care industry and our rights...Phone number:303-866-3617
    Fax number: 303-866-5691
  • Look out for Q1 fundraising. It will be interesting and critical to see how money plays out after the caucus and our first official test of how voters feel toward the state-wide candidates. Andrew Romanoff needs to bring in the cash or his 10 point victory won't mean much when Bennet has his ads up until the August primary. Buck won the Republican's race, but can he pull in more then 50k this time? It will be interesting to look at Wien's fundraising and if it's his money or not. There have been rumors Wiens is going to petition on the ballot, freeing up delegates that will more likely go to Buck or Tidwell then Norton. Can Norton continue to bring in the funds from Washington she has managed so far? Will McInnis' campaign fumble after the upset against unfunded Dan Maes who pulled 40% at the caucus and prevented McInnis from taking over 59% of the vote, contrary to the McInnis e-mail that was sent out saying Scott almost took 61%.
  • Have a happy Easter and make sure the 1st amendment that protects the freedom of religion is in mind when voting at the ballot box

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BREAKING: Ritter Enters Senate Race

Ritter commented today he was “disgusted” with his pick for US Senate, Michael Bennet. “Michael hasn’t shown any leadership. He just does whatever Obama and Reid tell him to do. We need real teeth in the game. We need a public option, we need to replace all coal with natural gas and replace oil with alternative fuels. I’ve decided to petition on the ballot for US Senate, I made the wrong choice picking Michael, I should have picked me.”

Ritter said he will officially launch the campaign in the coming week saying he has a strong fundraising base with hundreds of thousands in pledges. Ritter stated that his name recognition will help him in the Senate Primary. “Democrats know me, they like me. Democrats don’t know Bennet and his record is just a rubber stamp. We need a real leader in there that will fight for these issues, not just vote on them. There’s only one hundred Senators, when you’re one of them it comes with responsibility.”

When asked if President Obama had pushed him to put Bennet in office the Governor replied, “Yes he did. Him, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer. It seemed everyone wanted him so I put him in. I didn’t ask questions, I just did what they told me to do.”

Andrew Romanoff however has gone on the offense saying, “Governor Ritter calls himself a leader, yet his record proves the exact opposite. He left everyone in the House and Senate to fend for ourselves. He didn’t question Obama, Reid or Schumer when they asked for the unknown Michael Bennet. There was a clear cry from the people that I needed to be in office. I’m one of you guys, I’m one of the people. We need a people person in Washington.”

Michael Bennet could not be reached for comment, but the campaign did give us $10,000 to leave him alone for the week.

Meanwhile, Republican front-runners Ken Buck and Jane Norton were questioned on Ritter’s surprise entrance in the race. Buck said, “You know the Governor is a good person, but a crappy public official. We can’t have any more of this crap in Washington, that’s what has got us in this mess in the first place.”

Jane Norton was swiftly moved out of the room by staffers when we tried to get her comment. Later at a Republican fundraiser we again tried to talk to Norton, but her staff tackled me and my colleague as we walked over to her. Norton again was whisked away.

Ritter said he was confident he would win the three-way race and the Senate seat. Ritter said he was replacing his entire staff and hoping Opera would make some visits with him to kick-off the campaign season.

APRIL FOOLS…well mostly, except for that Norton part of being whisked away from reporters every time