Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Norton Shows Fear, Skips State Convention (Caucus Process)

After Buck and Tidwell started making high grand with Wiens deciding to petition on, Jane Norton must have felt the same way as she just announced she will petition on the ballot. That leaves a huge portion (and unknown exact amount) of delegates coming into the state convention without being able to vote for their favorite. Buck and Norton have started heating up together on stage so it is unlikely Norton delegates would vote for Buck, that would give Cleve Tidwell enough support at the caucus to get a spot on the ballot. Sources say that while Tidwell took only 6% at the caucus, the actual delegate count for him is much higher.

With only two viable options of Cleve Tidwell and Ken Buck, it will be very interesting to watch the state convention (assembly) in May as both men have tried to position themselves as the conservative candidate with tea party backing.

Today was probably the best news the Tidwell campaign could have heard and it just made Buck's campaign a lot more relieved knowing they will get 30% of the vote at the state convention.

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