Monday, August 31, 2009

Tom Wiens Enters Race

Just a few days ago I filed the papers for the Tom Wiens for U.S. Senate
Exploratory Committee, Inc. I'm emailing you because I want to know if I
can count on you to help me bring Washington back in line with Main Street
Colorado. As a small businessman/rancher and former Colorado State
Senator, I have the experience to take on Washington insiders and deliver
results, not excuses. I am asking you to right now, go to and give me your thoughts and show your support by making a
Why, you are probably asking, would I think about running for
the U. S. Senate?
I'll tell you exactly why: I love my country
and Colorado and I am fed up with the direction the politicians in Washington
are taking our nation.
I've been having conversations with people all over
the state and I am hearing the same issues surfacing over and over again:
Coloradans are angry, and they have a right to be. They are working twice
as hard for half the opportunity, and are worried more than ever about losing
their jobs.
People across American, and especially in Colorado, feel like
the politicians in Washington aren't listening anymore. Many feel the
politicians actually know what the average person wants, and they simply do not
care. Right now there is a monopoly of power in Washington and they are
going to do what they want and forget about the rest of us.

Wiens isn't known to fit in anywhere yet. Will he raise the big bucks and make it far, or is he just some random guy running like a lot of other's are doing? We'll have to wait and see.

Buck Stays In

Ken Buck issued the following statement:

Ken Buck confirmed today that it's full steam ahead for his campaign for the
U.S. Senate.Buck said, "While other candidates may still jump in the Senate
race, one thing is clear - our party's nominee will be chosen by Colorado's
grassroots Republicans, not by political operatives in Washington D.C."Buck said
he has been deeply gratified by the strong response to his campaign from
literally thousands of Coloradans over the past few months. "We have campaign
leadership in every county in the state," he said.Buck declared that his
campaign has never been about him personally but rather about the critical
importance of taking back the U.S. Senate seat from Michael Bennet.Colorado
deserves a strong independent Senator who will do the right thing for Colorado.
Instead Buck claimed, "the appointed Senator Bennet has turned out to be just
another rubber stamp for the big spending, big government liberals in Congress."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Romanoff To Jump In Race

The Denver Post reports that Andrew Romanoff will challenge Sen. Michael Bennet in the Democratic primary:

Wally Stealey, a longtime lobbyist and political mover in Pueblo, said Romanoff called him Friday morning to tell him he had decided to run."If I'd have had my choice, I'd have him running against Ritter," Stealey said. "But I didn't get my choice. That doesn't matter. You don't always get your choice in politics."Democratic strategists say the 43-year-old Romanoff faces significant hurdles in mounting a run against a sitting U.S. senator, even one appointed less than eight months ago and who still has relatively limited name recognition.

As we observed shortly after Bennet's appointment, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in either party willing to claim that Michael Bennet would make a better Senator than Romanoff. Why Romanoff decided to wait until September, giving Bennet a nearly three quarter head-start, is anyone's guess.

NRSC Clearing Path For Norton

With word spreading that Ken Buck will drop out of Colorado’s U.S. Senate primary on Monday, there is very good reason to believe the NRSC’s effort extends to trying to push Ryan Frazier out of the race as well.

However, a trusted source has directly contacted the Ryan Frazier campaign this morning and tells me that Ryan is in it to win it. In fact, Frazier and his team are working hard today at the State Fair in Pueblo. The state of the race is changing quickly, but I am heartened and reassured by the news that it still looks like the people of Colorado still will have the choice of a credible pro-liberty candidate.

In related news, Joshua weighs in on developments in the Senate raceand notes: I spoke with Dick Wadhams yesterday and he said that he hadn’t seen any indications that the NRSC was getting ready to jump in. They do usually coordinate this sort of thing with the state party chairman in question, and he hadn’t heard anything.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beauprez OUT, Norton IN

From Mountain Virtus...

Update II, 6:10 PM: Within the past hour Bob Beauprez has sent out and posted an official announcement:

Not every opportunity is the right one though, and having been presented with the potential to serve in the United States Senate, Claudia and I considered it very carefully. However after significant reflection, I will not be a candidate for the Senate in 2010.

Recently, we started a new family business, raising buffalo on a ranch in Colorado’s mountains. I’m enjoying working with our son, Jim, who is managing the ranch, much as I worked side-by-side with my own father in the dairy business. And most personally, Claudia and I love being grandparents as well as spending more time than we’ve ever had with our grown children….

Guest-hosting for Dan Caplis, Beauprez also made the same announcement on
air on 630 KHOW. Reading between the lines, I’d guess with a fair degree of
certainty that he plans to endorse Jane Norton when
she rolls out her campaign in the next few weeks.

With Beauprez out, the race isn't quiet as full. However with former Lt. Governor Jane Norton in, alone with a Beauprez endorsement, that gap gets tiny once again. With many many candidates in this race and only three possible slots via convention, this will be one long hard primary for 2010.

Friday, August 21, 2009

PPP Polling Skewed?

A post worth looking at over at ColoradoPols

Like we said discussing another purported result of this poll, the amusing notion that historic political faceplant Bob Beauprez might actually be an electable candidate for the U.S. Senate, it was weighted in a manner that will invariably skew the results to favor GOP candidates and policy positions--almost 40% of the poll's respondents were self-identified Republicans, when the reality in Colorado is more like 33%. If you were to re-align these sampled numbers to demographic reality, you'd get a much different result. It's really that simple.

So the polled more Republicans then Colorado usually has voting, yes. However, when your party is out of power completely the guys to blame almost always is other party. Put that on top of the fact that Republicans will be more eager to get dems out of office then dems will be to keep them in office could make some truth to the fact that 40% of people polled were Republicans.

Still interesting post to look at.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ritter Flips In Only Two Days

From RMR...

If you go to, do a search simply for "Ritter." Today's headline
reads: Cuts, fee hikes in Ritter's budget plans. But on Sunday, just two short
days ago, the headline was: Gov. Ritter: No new taxes or fees.

Apparently, a carefully crafted statement where there won't be any new
fees, only fee increases. Thanks, guv!

Canter Drops Out

Just in...David Canter (Democrat) running for the 6th Congressional District in a primary against John Flerlage to later challenege Mike Coffman has just dropped his bid for US Congress.

17th August 2009

Over the past month, I have met with friends, family, supporters,
campaign consultants, elected officials and campaign staff regarding the
viability of my campaign to become the first Democrat to represent Colorado's
6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
As many of you know, there were two exceptional candidates vying for the support of the Democrats and Progressives of Colorado's 6th Congressional District: me and John Flerlage. We both campaigned hard and, understandably, many members of our party were conflicted as to where they should donate their time, expertise and money. Some even decided to wait until after the August 2010 primary to show their support for the future nominee.

As Abraham Lincoln once observed, "A house divided against itself
cannot stand." Thus, after much deliberation, and for the good of the party and
the people of this district, I have decided to suspend my campaign.

Though my campaign may be suspended, I remain committed to work with
local parties and candidates to change the status quo in the 6th Congressional
District. I may have stepped aside, but I am not stepping away. Much work
remains to be done.

For far too long our progressive ideals and values have fallen on deaf
ears in the 6th Congressional District -- a district that has become synonymous
with the hate-filled, bigoted rhetoric of people like Tom Tancredo. The 6th
Congressional District's Republican establishment has turned its backs on the
people of this district -- people who are losing their jobs, their health care
coverage, their ability to provide for their families. Too many in this district
can't afford to send their kids to college, while still others are forced to
chose between putting gas in their cars or paying their mortgage. No one in this
economy is immune -- not Democrats, not Independents, and not Republicans.

Over the past several months, John Flerlage and I have appeared at
functions together, we have talked to one another, and we have exchanged our
ideas on the issues that are most important to you. Though I am suspending my
campaign, I pledge my support for John to help him build a grassroots effort
that will unite our party and bring victory to the Progressives in a district
that has been ignored by those on the right for far too long.

In closing, I extend my appreciation to those of you who supported my
campaign, who provided me with encouragement, and who recognized that a Democrat can win Colorado's 6th Congressional District. It has been a wonderful and
humbling experience meeting with you and hearing firsthand what you expect from
your elected officials. Last, a special "thank you" to my wife, Joni, and my children, Joshua, Sam and Amanda, for allowing me to take this journey with you over the past 10 months.

Warmest regards, and with my deepest, heartfelt gratitude,

David S.

Colorado Senate Race Wide Open

From PPP...

Michael Bennet's approval rating is just as bad as it was
when we polled Colorado in April but voters in the state don't like any of his possible Republican opponents either, leaving this Senate contest pretty wide open.

38% of voters in the state disapprove of Bennet's job performance so far
with 31% approving. Those numbers are roughly equal to our previous survey which found the numbers at 41% disapproval to 34% approval. There are two primary reasons for Bennet's net negative ratings. The first is that Republicans disapprove (62%) of him more than Democrats approve of him (57%). The second is that he's getting unfavorable reviews from independents, 36% of whom disapprove of him compared to 29% approving.

One piece of good news for Bennet is that he's getting better reviews now
from the key Democratic constituency of Hispanic voters now than he was when we polled the state in April and January. 38% approve of the job he's doing with just 27% disapproving. It had been 41% disapproving and 33% approving earlier, perhaps a reflection of unhappiness that Ken Salazar was not replaced by another Hispanic senator.

Potential Republican opponents Bob Beauprez, Ryan Frazier,
and Ken Buck all get overall negative reviews from voters in
the state as well. 40% have an unfavorable opinion of Beauprez to 30% with a positive one. For Frazier it's 19% negative and 11% favorable and for Buck the numbers are 18% unfavorable and 17% favorable.

In head to head contests Beauprez leads Bennet 42-39, while the incumbent has a 39-35 advantage over Buck and a 38-33 one against Frazier.Bennet's numbers are partially a reflection of the downward turn in Democratic fortunes nationwide over the last few months, as seats that were thought to be safe for 2010 have come into play in conjunction with the decline in Barack Obama's approval rating. It's also a function of the fact that most voters still don't know him very well, something that his prodigious fundraising will be able to rectify in spades next year.

Full results here

First thing first, no one likes any of 'em. All four guys have negative approval. Beauprez obviously showing good numbers from his run in 2006 when he didn't know why he was running. Buck and Frazier and even Bennet are still pretty unknown too, and people are more likely to know politicians if they're mad at them.

This polling is virtually the same as the last time there was polling meaning nothing's changed. After months of campaign, it's still locked. Beauprez edges Bennet, Bennet edges Buck and Frazier.

Still, it's over a year before the general election and anything could happen between now and then, I mean anything. Remember when we all though it was gunna be Giuliani vs Hillary? Or we thought Huckabee wouldn't ever win a state and that Obama would win only about three?

Later this week the Gubernatorial race. Haven't seen those numbers in a while either.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Coffman Blames Dems for Lay-offs

(LONE TREE, CO) – U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado)
today passed blame for Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ announced 4.5%
(approximately 800 employees) workforce lay-off to the Obama Administration and
Congressional Democrats. Space Systems will lay-off personnel primarily at the
Denver, CO, and Sunnyvale, CA, facilities.

“I will say what Lockheed Martin can’t say because of their reliance on the Congress to fund a number of ongoing programs: “Lockheed Martin is reducing jobs to meet the reduction in the investment America is now making in our national missile defense and space assets. If these cuts were a part of a general government belt-tightening, they would still be dangerous to our long-term national security. The fact that our national space assets are being cut while we keep spending like a drunken sailor elsewhere is infuriating.

“These are good-paying American jobs being cut, and their loss will affect communities, schools, and the local economy. The agenda-driven priorities of those in Congress and the Administration demand cuts to military and space budgets – yet at the same time they have run a deficit of over $1 trillion, which we don’t have, since President Obama took office. This is shameful.”

Friday, August 14, 2009

DelGrosso To Replace Marostica

From Rocky Mountain Right

Brian DelGrosso was selected to replace Don Marostica last night at the State
House District 51 Vacancy Committee and joins the swelling ranks of appointed
state legislators. The Coloradoan
DelGrosso grew up in Cheyenne, where he served as a legislative aide
for one session while in college. He also began delivering pizza for Domino’s as
a college student in Cheyenne, where he eventually was nominated for management
That led to him becoming the operations director for 20 stores,
overseeing 300 people and accountable for the finances of the
Today, he owns three restaurants, two in Loveland and one in

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gardner Wants Shared Town Hall With Markey

State Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) today extended an invitation to
U.S. Rep. Betsy Markey (D- Fort Collins) to join him next week for the second of
two town hall meetings he has scheduled during the month August. The first
meeting, held on August 11th, included more than 30,000 constituents from
Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. The second meeting is scheduled for
Wednesday, August 19th, at 6:30 pm. Rep. Gardner invited Rep. Markey to join him
at the Lincoln Center mini theater (located at 417 W Magnolia St, in Fort
Collins) to meet with local residents.
“With spiraling deficits
complicating landmark decisions on issues like healthcare, energy independence,
and economic growth, certainly now is the time to put aside partisan bickering
and listen to the voice of the people,” noted Rep. Gardner in an open letter
delivered yesterday to Rep. Markey’s offices.
“The time for you and I to
debate policy will come soon enough, but right now, at this seminal time for our
great nation, it is vital that we hear from those who will bear the brunt of
government burdens,” continued Gardner. “With Congress on its August break and
no town hall meetings of your own on the schedule, my hope is that you will be
free to join me and discuss these issues of importance with Colorado’s working

Gardner placing himself above the field looking very confident he will win the primary hands down. Markey could say yes and of course all the other Republican candidates and supporters would be angered that their candidates have been "pushed out". She could say no and Gardner and the Republicans could taunt her. Or she could not answer or pretend to be busy and every can still make fun of her.

Sure is a bold move for Gardner, though he thinks he's playing his cards right. This looks like a move from the Republican nominee, not a candidate for the Republican nominee.

But the competition against Gardner isn't too scary now is it?

Frazier Speaks On Newsmax

Ryan Frazier running for a better future for our children. Saying it's all about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Election Update

UP Josh Penry* (5-1) Traveling the state and moving fast. He's gaining lots of supporters in the party as well as most of the state republican legislators. He may not be the best candidate to take on Ritter, but he is the favorite at the moment in the GOP from his momentum. If he can turn out the youth and get them to vote and be elected delegates he can win the nomination.

UP Scott McInnis* (5-1) After months of fumbling mess-ups, violations, ect...McInnis is on the move. Showing strong results in the latest polls for the GOP primary. His message is strong too...he's in it for Colorado. Remember when Beauprez didn't know why he was even running for Governor, can't have that happen again. McInnis has strong roots with the "experienced" republicans in the party. As long as Wadhams doesn't go full force against McInnis he could easily win this if the cards are played right.

Dan Maes* (12-1) For being a total unknown a few months ago, Maes now has over 40% ID in the party. The probably is half of the 40% don't know enough to make up their minds about him. He comes in as a new type of candidate. Businessman (like McInnis) yet not a career politician. He too gets support in the youth of the party and along the front range. If he is able to take the suburbs he has a serious shot in this race.

OUT Tom Tancredo...Good-bye Tanc, you're removed from our Election Odds line.

UP Ken Buck* (7-1) Made double the money as Frazier. He first has to increase his online activity, and show that he's been out there, but he's getting there. Buck has the ability to excite the Tancredo part of the base without totally alienating everyone else like Tancredo would do. His strong roots in the north need to spread out first though. He'll have to be able to take most the Denver suburbs from Frazier to win this.

DOWN Ryan Frazier* (10-1) Poor fundraising showings in the first quarter could hurt him. Frazier has to be able to match funds raised by Buck to compete. He has the energy to win, but he needs the money to do so. If he can use his military background and the ability to say he was elected by a huge population to win the front rage and Denver area as well as the surrounding suburbs he could win and beat Bennet.

DOWN Cleve Tidwell* (18-1) Made some noise at the beginning but has gone more quiet. He has to prove and show us that he's out there and active. He'll have the personal funds to compete, but he needs to connect with voters and get a clear message to win. Using military background and being raised in rural America he could win the south, rural Colorado and parts of the front range giving him a shot at the nom. He needs a message and to stick to it first.

Tom Wiens* (25-1) We're all still waiting on Wiens. Will he even get enough for double digits or will he be able to swoop Colorado and create strong grassroots organization? Time will tell, until then we keep an eye on him.

UP Bob Beauprez (30-1) Moving up because he can't move down. Beauprez is making noise. Will he be able to make the greatest comeback in Colorado history or completely end his political career? All beats on in his race for the Senate. Beauprez will be fighting with Buck for votes giving Frazier and Tidwell a chance to rise. Beauprez can raise the money, but can he connect with voters and prove he's the one we need in the Senate? If he can he wins, if not it's 2006 all over again.

Luke Korkowski* (45-1) You could say he's rising as Luke is starting to get out there building ID and support, however some of the stuff he posts on his campaign site is obvious proof this guy isn't a real competitor. He won't be as successful as turning from a nobody to somebody like Maes.

UP Walker Stapleton* (4-1) Stapleton did an amazing job raising funds so far. Ousting current Treasurer Kennedy...remember this seat is about money. Stapleton needs to become more exciting, get his name out there and say what he's all about to win. If he can tackle those things he will be the next Treasuer.

JJ Ament* (6-1) If he is able to raise the same amount of money as his opponent Ament can win. He's more exciting and a better speaker. He does a better job at connecting with the voters but none of that matters if you have zero dollars in the bank. We'll see come next quarter when everyone comes out with fundraising results.

OUT Muh. Ali Hasan...If he wants in he must jump now, but it would be very hard for him to beat out Stapleton's money even with his charisma.

Secretary of State
DOWN Scott Gessler* (9-1) Can't raise squat and spending more then he makes...come on people is this what you want as a candidate for state-wide office?

Nancy Doty (9-1) Definitely should be looking much closer at this race now that Gessler has proved himself to be a campaigning fool

UP Cory Gardner* (4-1) Has shown he's the favorite. He can raise money and can spend it well unlike his opponents. Cory is pretty well known in the district already and should be a serious threat to Markey should he get the nom. The GOP leadership is already unoffically supporting him knowning he's probably their best bet in 2010.

DOWN Diggs Brown (9-1) Though has the greatest potential, Diggs needs to get back here and start campaigning right away or it's a no go. His campaign staff is spending much more then they make even though they're making quiet a bit of money for an unannounced candidate. Paying yourself should not be the top priority of your campaign spending

DOWN Tom Lucero* (12-1) Raising virtually nothing and not getting enuthastic support. Though he was first to get in this race, he definetly isn't in front. Lucero needs to turn things around now or he won't even make it to the priamry.

Steve Johnson (15-1) A moderate, but still could have a chance. Now that this crowded field isn't looking so hard to win in, Johnson should be taking a look at this.

DOWN John Flerlage* (5-1) More likely to win general then Canter, but not by much. John can't raise money and he needs it to beat Coffman. Military background helps, but if he can't get the money there's no way he's taking this conservative district.

DOWN MORE David Canter* (8-1) Hasn't proven himself. Hasn't raised money, doesn't appeal to voters as well as Flerlage. He won't be able to win unless he does something or raises something big and fast.

Ed Tauer (7-1) Has ID and campaign experience to win the primary. But first will the GOP even have enough money to spare for this race, second does he really think he can win against Perlmutter. He's probably the best possible candidate, but he'd need some good funding to win.

DOWN John Lerew (10-1) Popular with the local GOP. Lerew did an amazing job winning the primary last year without even trying or being announced. He does have the image of a solid candidate, but doesn't have the money to get there.

DOWN Troy Eid (17-1) Will the 7th just see his ambitions? Eid just wants office, doesn't matter what and that won't play well. Perlmutter will also nail him for that espescially if he even shows an inch of being a threat.

UP Jim Lakey (18-1) Has some core support and ID. He's known by radio listeners which would be needed to beat Perlmutter. If GOP can't fund this race at least Lakey wouldn't be totally unknown. But could he beat the candidates above in a primary? With enough support...

UP Brian Campbell* (35-1) Though he has no money and doesn't know how to campaign, Brian is trying to get noticed. Being active in Tea Parties and talking to republicans. He wants it, but he won't ever be able to get it without hard core donors and a bunch of excited volunteers. Get some campaign experience then come again.

*Candidate has announced run for office

Obama Flips On Health Care

"I have not said that I was a single payer supporter."
-- President Obama, at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire this afternoon.

"I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan."
-- Obama, at a Senate campaign rally in 2003.

Monday, August 10, 2009

NRSC Releases 2012 Proxy Ballot

In a fundraising pitch, the National Republican Senatorial Committee issues an online proxy ballot that includes a list of Republican candidates for a 2012 race.

The question: Which of the following Republicans is your FIRST choice for the GOP presidential nomination?

The list you can choose from:
a. Haley Barbour
b. Jeb Bush
c. Mitch Daniels
d. Jon Huntsman
e. Mike Huckabee
f. Bobby Jindal
g. John McCain
h. Sarah Palin
i. Ron Paul
j. Tim Pawlenty
k. Mitt Romney
l. Other

They then ask who your second choice is (Is this a Top of Ticket-Bottom of Ticket gauge?).

Notes: Ron Paul shows up. That seems to be a significant concession from the NRSC that it will be more solicitous of his voters this time around.

Governor Haley Barbour (Chairman of RGA is at the top).

Mitch Daniels (who says he isn't running) and Jon Huntsman (who will be ambassador to China under the Obama administration) are both on the ballet also.

Looks like they aren't running Palin out either.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beauprez In For Senate Race

Former Republican congressman Bob Beauprez told POLITICO that he is
“leaning towards running" against Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) because he
doesn’t think any of the party’s current crop of candidates can win.

“There’s a general sense that our field isn’t really set on our side, and
Bennet is quite vulnerable,” said Beauprez. “We’re looking at it -- with an
increased sense of urgency.”

Beauprez said the administration's policies on health care and energy have
been driving him to jump in the race. But he remains concerned whether he will
be able to raise enough money in a tough environment for fundraising.

He said he will have to make his decision soon, but didn't set a
timetable.Bennet, who was appointed to replace now-Interior Secretary Ken
in January, ended June with over $2.2 million in his campaign

Beauprez represented a competitive suburban Denver district from 2003-2007.
But he suffered a crushing 17-point loss to Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter in 2006,
a significant setback to his political career.

But Colorado Republicans have been underwhelmed by the two current
candidates in the race – Aurora city councilman Ryan Frazier and Weld County
district attorney Ken Buck. Frazier, who has generated buzz as an
African-American Republican star in the making, only raised $143,000 in the
quarter -- well below expectations. And Buck didn't do too much better, only
bringing in $332,000.

Beauprez said he’s skeptical that those two are capable of garnering the
resources to put the Senate seat in play.

“I consider them good friends, but at the end of the day someone needs to
be in this race that can win,” Beauprez said.