Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Canter Drops Out

Just in...David Canter (Democrat) running for the 6th Congressional District in a primary against John Flerlage to later challenege Mike Coffman has just dropped his bid for US Congress.

17th August 2009

Over the past month, I have met with friends, family, supporters,
campaign consultants, elected officials and campaign staff regarding the
viability of my campaign to become the first Democrat to represent Colorado's
6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
As many of you know, there were two exceptional candidates vying for the support of the Democrats and Progressives of Colorado's 6th Congressional District: me and John Flerlage. We both campaigned hard and, understandably, many members of our party were conflicted as to where they should donate their time, expertise and money. Some even decided to wait until after the August 2010 primary to show their support for the future nominee.

As Abraham Lincoln once observed, "A house divided against itself
cannot stand." Thus, after much deliberation, and for the good of the party and
the people of this district, I have decided to suspend my campaign.

Though my campaign may be suspended, I remain committed to work with
local parties and candidates to change the status quo in the 6th Congressional
District. I may have stepped aside, but I am not stepping away. Much work
remains to be done.

For far too long our progressive ideals and values have fallen on deaf
ears in the 6th Congressional District -- a district that has become synonymous
with the hate-filled, bigoted rhetoric of people like Tom Tancredo. The 6th
Congressional District's Republican establishment has turned its backs on the
people of this district -- people who are losing their jobs, their health care
coverage, their ability to provide for their families. Too many in this district
can't afford to send their kids to college, while still others are forced to
chose between putting gas in their cars or paying their mortgage. No one in this
economy is immune -- not Democrats, not Independents, and not Republicans.

Over the past several months, John Flerlage and I have appeared at
functions together, we have talked to one another, and we have exchanged our
ideas on the issues that are most important to you. Though I am suspending my
campaign, I pledge my support for John to help him build a grassroots effort
that will unite our party and bring victory to the Progressives in a district
that has been ignored by those on the right for far too long.

In closing, I extend my appreciation to those of you who supported my
campaign, who provided me with encouragement, and who recognized that a Democrat can win Colorado's 6th Congressional District. It has been a wonderful and
humbling experience meeting with you and hearing firsthand what you expect from
your elected officials. Last, a special "thank you" to my wife, Joni, and my children, Joshua, Sam and Amanda, for allowing me to take this journey with you over the past 10 months.

Warmest regards, and with my deepest, heartfelt gratitude,

David S.

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