Monday, August 31, 2009

Buck Stays In

Ken Buck issued the following statement:

Ken Buck confirmed today that it's full steam ahead for his campaign for the
U.S. Senate.Buck said, "While other candidates may still jump in the Senate
race, one thing is clear - our party's nominee will be chosen by Colorado's
grassroots Republicans, not by political operatives in Washington D.C."Buck said
he has been deeply gratified by the strong response to his campaign from
literally thousands of Coloradans over the past few months. "We have campaign
leadership in every county in the state," he said.Buck declared that his
campaign has never been about him personally but rather about the critical
importance of taking back the U.S. Senate seat from Michael Bennet.Colorado
deserves a strong independent Senator who will do the right thing for Colorado.
Instead Buck claimed, "the appointed Senator Bennet has turned out to be just
another rubber stamp for the big spending, big government liberals in Congress."


  1. Buck is am embarrassment to Weld county, has cost taxpayers money with his ill managed Numbers Game and is a close ally of Greeley Mayor Ed Clark, who worked for Buck in this fiasco. Weld County and Colorado as a whole would be far better off without either one of them in Office.

  2. Ken also lacks charisma and energy much needed for conservatives in 2010. I wouldn't consider supporting a candidate that is a boring as drywall. Perhaps if Ken can beef up on personality, I mean even McCain did pretty good for being over a hundred ;)


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