Tuesday, November 2, 2010

General Election Predictions

Predicions are rounded to half a percent.

John Hickenlooper 47.5%
Tom Tancredo 45%
Dan Maes 6.5%

US Senate
Ken Buck 50%
Michael Bennet 48.5%

Walker Stapleton 51.5%
Cary Kennedy 48.5%

Scott Gessler 49.5%
Bernie Buescher 46.5%
Amanda Campbell 4%

Attorney General
John Suthers 56.5%
Stan Garnett 43.5%

Diana DeGette 59%
Mike Fallon 38.5%

Jared Polis 59%
Stephen Bailey 39%

Scott Tipton 51.5%
John Salazar 48%

Cory Gardner 48.5%
Betsey Markey 45.5%

Doug Lamborn 59%
Kevin Bradley 39.5%

Mike Coffman 59.5%
John Flerlage 40%

Ryan Frazier 49.5%
Ed Perlmutter 49%

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maes Lieutenant Governor Short-List


Tambor Williams- Former state rep out of HD 50, Tambor brings in the establishment as she also worked in the Owens administration. Apparently Mark Hillman has been touting her to be on the ticket as well as numerous others. While Williams does bring in the party, it hurts Maes' outsider image.

Ray Martinez- Former popular Fort Collins Mayor. Martinez served in the army and police force. Martinez worked to strengthen relations with the Hispanic community and the police. Martinez shares some background with Maes while still being out of Maes’ base, something very much needed in a three way race. Martinez is not an establishment pick, but he does bring some aspect of the establishment with him as well as public service. Martinez is sure to be on Maes’ short list.
Shawn Mitchell- There has been a recent movement to get Mitchell on the ballot with Maes. Serving in the state senate, Mitchell also brings in some establishment ties, but there is no doubt he is his own man. Mitchell is popular and a good orator, but doesn’t bring in much outside Maes’ current conservative base. He would be a safe pick and a strong lieutenant governor.

Lola Spradley- The first woman Speaker of the House and the lieutenant governor pick under Marc Holtzman, Spradley brings in the old guard with proven experience and leadership. Spradley was a while ago though and has not been in the public eye since 2006. Spradley would be an interesting pick and certainly well received.

Lionel Rivera- Current Colorado Springs a Mayor and former candidate for CD-5, Rivera is very popular in his area. Like Martinez, Rivera served in the Army as a Captain. Martinez has a strong public service record in Colorado Springs being elected to the city council, being the first Hispanic Vice Mayor and now current Mayor. Colorado Springs is mostly under Maes’ belt, but Rivera would add to the ticket, not as much as Martinez though.

John Elway- This is a wild card. Elway would bring much needed money into the ticket and as a businessman, adds to Maes’ resume. Elway isn’t new to politics, though he hasn’t run for office (though often touted as a potential candidate). Elway is unlikely to be on Maes’ short list, but he would surely stir things up in the race.

While there are many other possible picks, we feel these are, or at least should be, on Maes' short list.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Primary Predictions

Based off of recent polls and voter group breakdown, we have come up with our primary predictions for tonight.

Ken Buck 53%
Jane Norton 47%
Ken Buck has the momentum on his side with energized tea party supporters behind him and the fact that El Paso and Weld County especially have polls open today which will bring in huge numbers for Ken.

Dan Maes 52%
Scott McInnis 48%
A lot of voters are expected to leave this one blank which increases Dan Maes' chances. Maes has the energy and momentum on his side as well as a strong lead in the female vote, which is more likely to vote in the primaries.

Michael Bennet 51%
Andrew Romanoff 49%
This is one of the hardest races to predict. You've all seen the recent polls with both Romanoff and Bennet leading. PPP shows Bennet leading with older and younger voters as well as woman.

Ryan Frazier 59%
Lang Sias 41%
Frazier has been in the race much longer than Sias, has a war chest and yard signs all over the 7th. Sias did bring in the big guns with McCain, but that isn't going to do too much for him. Sias' negative campaign may have turned some voters off from Frazier, but not on to him.

Bob McConnell 47%
Scott Tipton 53%
McConnell is sure to make some noise tonight, but in the end, we think voters will choose the more electable candidate, Scott Tipton. Palin's backing of McConnell proved he was tea party material, but was it enough to push him over the fence?

Stephen Bailey 60%
Bob Brancato 40%
After Brancato's exit before the ballot came out, then re-entrance, the campaign looked like a wreck. Bailey has been the favorite in the race and will probably stay that way tonight.

JJ Ament 56%
Walker Stapleton 44%
About a third of Colorado voters have been undecided on this race which worked into Ament's favor after recently attacking Stapleton for not showing up to recent events and forums. Ament dropped in momentum after the convention, but as picked it back up. Stapleton has had media buys, but it just might not be enough for these voters who make up their minds at the very end.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Andrew Romanoff for US Senate (Democratic Primary)

We encourage all democrats to cast their vote for Andrew Romanoff. Andrew has shown proven, strong leadership while Speaker of the House. He brought the democrats to power in Colorado when nobody thought it was possible and worked with Governor Owens and republicans countless times. In 2010, integrity matters, accountability is an asset and Andrew Romanoff is no doubt the democrat you can trust in the race for US Senate.

Romanoff is not controlled by Washington like Michael Bennet. It is clear that Bennet is a puppet of the Obama administration. When casting a vote for a gun bill, Bennet looked to Chuck Schumer and Mark Udall for approval to vote yes only because they had enough votes for the democrats to block the measure. Romanoff is his own person, caring for the people of Colorado.

We don’t agree with Romanoff on a lot of issues, but we do respect him. He is open minded and puts the voters of Colorado as the first and only priority when voting. Romanoff is qualified, skilled and capable for the Senate seat, much more than Michael Bennet. Romanoff is clearly the greatest fear for Republicans out of the two democrats. Romanoff has moved into first, passing out Michael Bennet who has outspent and outraised him by a wide margin.

In 2010, we’re hearing a lot about grassroots movements on the Republican side, but Romanoff’s campaign has been a grassroots movement on the Democratic side. There would be no candidate that could energize the Democratic Party to fight hard in 2010 than Andrew Romanoff. Therefore, we encourage all democrats to cast their vote for Andrew Romanoff because you can look him in the eye and know he’ll tell you what he feels is right and what he believes in, not what special interests or other politicians believe in.

Monday, July 26, 2010

9-12, Tea Party Groups Won't Support Tancredo, Ask Him To Reconsider

Lu Busse, Chair of the 9-12 Project Colorado Coalition, sent out an open letter to Tom Tancredo, urging him to reconsider his ultimatum of joining the gubernatorial race as a 3rd party candidate and thus assuring defeat for Republicans. If Tancredo wants a real shot at this, he'd need 9-12 and Tea Party groups behind him as a base, and it's clear that not even these conservative/libertarian groups want him in the Governor's race.

Dear Congressman Tancredo:

Many Coloradans and liberty movement individuals respect you for your courage and honorable service to this state. But, we ask what really has changed, and how your High Noon ultimatum issued July 22nd reflects the principles and values you have long stood for? This ultimatum seems out of character and completely contradicts the sage advice you offered us in an open letter on December 21, 2009 and reiterated again passionately at a joint 9-12 Project/Tea Party event on January 16, 2010.

We would like to remind you of this particular section of your open letter, which continues to resonate with us even today:

Yes, over the last decade, many individuals left the Republican Party because George Bush led the national party to abandon its principles and support several big government programs. But leaving the party is not the answer. Fighting for your principles and reshaping the party is the answer.

Throughout our nation's history, third parties have never succeeded in taking power and running the government. They have sometimes succeeded in pushing a major party in a new direction, but just as often, they succeeded only in electing the more liberal candidate after many conservatives waste their votes on a third party candidate. Remember 1992? Ross Perot never had a chance to be president, but he did help elect Bill Clinton.

Here in Colorado we have an uphill road in 2010, but the good news is we have the opportunity for a broad resurgent victory if we work together. - Tom Tancredo Over 800,000 Coloradans or 33% of likely voters, including almost 550,000 or 64% of likely Republican voters in our state, have joined the "Tea Party* movement in the past 17 months. We clearly demonstrated at the precinct causes and state assembly a significant portion of the 9-12 Project, Tea Party and other pro-liberty grassroots individuals have worked tirelessly for more than a year championing our principles, becoming engaged and informed, learning the political process, vetting candidates at all levels, and also reshaping the Colorado Republican Party as you advised. We trusted and listened to you among others; but, now you do not trust the Republican voters of Colorado to thoughtfully and logically evaluate the choices before us. You want to impose your personal choice and will over the will of the people. You are subverting the process and our will. This is the opposite of the liberty movement and what we are about.

Since your ultimatum, several liberty groups have queried their members and found about 2/3 (66% of 754 responses - over 250 more than used in Rasmussen polls for Colorado) of the responders to this non-scientific internal survey would not vote for you in the Governor's race. This does not foretell a conservative victory, but rather an impending disaster, assuring victory for Mayor Hickenlooper and the liberal agenda in Colorado for at least four more years. Congressman Tancredo, together our groups strongly urge you to reconsider, withdraw your ultimatum, stay in the Republican Party, let the process play out for the Governor's race within the rules already set forth, and continue to help us improve this party, its candidates, and the process - in other words to trust and respect the newly awakened, energized and informed voters of Colorado.

Pledging our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to Colorado and our Constitutional Republic, the United States of America -

9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots

9-12 Project Liberty Circle

Broomfield 9-12 Project

Cherry Creek District 9-12 Project

Colorado 9-12 Project (Including Denver metro area, Front Range communities & Eastern I-70 corridor)Elbert County Tea Party

Four Corners 9-12 Project/TEA Party Patriots (Cortez)Four Corners Liberty Restoration Group (including Bayfield & Durango 9-12 Project/Tea Party)Greeley 9-12 Project

Longmont 9-12/Tea Party

R Block Party

South Denver 9-12 Project

The 9-12 Project Colorado Coalition

The912Project.us Network - Colorado Chapter

The Constitutionalist Today Editorial Board

Tri-County 9-12 Project (Delta/Montrose/Ouray)Two Rivers 9-12 Project

Vail Valley 9-12 Project

We Will Not Fall - Fort Collins 9-12 Project

Western Slope Conservative Alliance

Windsor 9-12 Project


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ryan Frazier For Congress

Ryan Frazier is the clear conservative choice in CD-7. Ryan balances strong qualities and experience of powerful public speaking, a fiscally common sense conservative record, naval background and having been elected on the city council at-large in Aurora to make him the most electable conservative to face Ed Perlmutter. There is no one more passionate in the republican field for Congress than Ryan Frazier. Ryan has traveled the state and the district talking to people who know and feel the problems of a burdening government, of high taxes and of limited freedoms and liberties. Ryan knows Colorado, he knows what must be done in Congress.

Ryan not only focuses on the short term problems, like our current economic situation, but also the extended long term problems that are driving our nation into unbelievable debt that can and will cripple our nation if we do not act now like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Ryan knows we have to work with every aspect of the problem to create a sensible solution. As life expectancy rises, it is ridiculous to push forward a plan to lower the retirement age, its common sense ideas like this that makes Ryan Frazier the right guy to send to Washington. Ryan knows it won’t be easy, but he knows it must be done. We must cut our budget, we must cut government programs, we must pay off our debt and close the deficit completely and we must pass a balanced budget because he knows and believes that we owe it to our children for a better America.

Ryan is a very unique candidate. It is not often you get a candidate with such a rich, diverse background who is a conservative and also has the funds and election knowledge and history to take on a liberal democrat with a large war chest. 2010 will be the Republican’s best shot to win CD-7 for the next decade and Ryan Frazier the best candidate that could possibility go up against Ed Perlmutter and the best man to do the job in Congress.

We need accountability, we need integrity, we need experience and we need common sense conservative values. That is what Ryan Frazier brings to the table. I encourage all CD-7 Republicans to cast their ballots for Ryan Frazier.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tancredo Factor

Tom Tancredo recently announced his intentions to run for Governor on a third party ticket.

Tancredo called for Dan Maes and Scott McInnis to both announce if they win the primary, they will drop out so the GOP executive board can pick a replacement. 2 years of grassroots, tea party, 912, and activists movements for nothing then.

Tancredo would definitely be a threat to Republican's chances of winning the Governor's race. However, if he did run, history would remember Tancredo screwed the GOP's chances, not Maes' clerical error or McInnis' plagiarism scandal. While Tancredo would have some momentum at the beginning of his campaign and shortly after the primary, we predict the campaign would sink a few weeks out to the extent that Tancredo wouldn't even be able to win a single county.

Tancredo is mostly a single issue, anti-immigration type of guy. This represents a small minority in the GOP. There is a strong difference between caring about the illegal immigration and only caring about the illegal immigration problem. While some would suggest that McInnis would be a stronger pick for Republicans in this scenario, we see the exact opposite. Since McInnis has been viewed to be more moderate than Tancredo, a larger portion of the far right would break off to Tancredo, while if Maes was the nominee, he would keep much more of the party base and there is no chance Tancredo would move to the middle to win this.

While Tancredo says the choice is in the hands of Dan Maes and Scott McInnis, we all know that neither are going to drop out easily this far in, and surely both would not drop out, therefore if Tancredo is serious this time, he will run, and he will lose.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ken Buck For U.S. Senate

Ken has proven to be the grassroots, conservative choice for Colorado. If you want strong conservative leadership who is not afraid of a fight, Ken Buck is your man. Buck stood up to Jane Norton as well as Washington and lobbyist interests when she got in the race to give republicans a choice between independent thinking and fiscal responsibility against a record of increased spending, support for increase of taxes in Ref C and a shady past.

Jane Norton has attacked Ken Buck for increasing the DA budget in Weld County by 40% (before they claimed 50%), Jane needs to look at the facts. Spending from 2005 to 2009 increased by only 30% when the office expanded its district and county courtrooms while the population increased by 41% and crime decreased by 50%. Buck’s predecessor’s budget increased by 32% over an equal four year period and without equally praised results or drastic changes in Weld County. There’s a difference between cutting bad government and cutting good government. Ken Buck knows this difference and will use it effectively in Congress by cutting wasteful spending, overregulation, wasteful programs and push for efficient, effective and much needed reforms in all aspects of government.

Ken Buck is not afraid to stand up to big government and special interest groups to protect the people. He proved that when he protected Weld County social security numbers and cracked down on illegal immigration while many officials pretend the problem does not exist. There is a reason tea party groups around Colorado are endorsing and helping elect Buck in an overwhelming majority, because he is a true, fighting conservative. It is one thing to be a conservative and another to be an active voice, to have both is what we need in Washington and that is the option Ken Buck gives us.

I have watched Ken grow over the past year from events, forums and assemblies and he has proven to be the most electable candidate. Ken Buck is not only the most conservative choice for Colorado, but he is also the best bet for a senate pick-up against either Andrew Romanoff or Michael Bennet and the polls back that up.

Now more than ever, we need leaders we can trust, that we can count on, who have integrity and will do the right thing for Colorado. It is disappointing to see Americans have to choose between corrupt politicians to represent them in Washington or political puppets who have been chosen in closed door meetings by big lobbyists and big names. Ken Buck is neither and in fact the exact opposite of that. Colorado can count on Ken Buck 100% to vote with a conscience and for the state of Colorado. That is why I support Ken Buck and encourage everyone else to do the same. We need sensible leadership now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Primary Endorsements

This week we will be coming out with primary endorsements in the following races so stay tuned in.

Republican US Senate Primary

Democratic US Senate Primary
Republican CD-7 Primary
Republican CD-3 Primary
Republican Treasurer Primary

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scandals In The Race For Governor

Scott McInnis just apologized for plagiarizing work for water rights articles he "wrote". McInnis was paid $300,000 for the articles and when the story broke, the campaign blamed it on an aide to McInnis at the time. So McInnis is saying that he was paid $300,000 when his staffer plagiarized and "wrote" the articles for him?

Dan Maes recently agreed to pay a lowered fine of $17,500 for campaign violations including improper mileage reimbursement, improper intake of a corporate donation of free fliers (which only cost around $500) and for not putting the occupation of nine donors (a volunteer's mistake after filing hundreds). Maes called the reason for the fines were simple clerical error.

Now there isn't anything on Hickenlooper, but I can just about guarantee the gloves will come off after the August 10th primary, for now Hickenlooper is laying low and out of the line of fire while campaigning across the state.

Our prediction is that McInnis' articles will hurt him a lot more than Maes' meager fines for a couple of mistakes after never being a candidate before. To get polling on the race go to http://publicpolicypolling.blogspot.com/ and vote for Colorado.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fundamental Education Replacement, Not Reform

Today, America’s children are stuck in a situation of 13 wasted years of school. Now does this mean that every second spent in the classroom was a waste? No. However, the way our current education system is set up wastes the most of it. Should students not direct themselves and choose their own futures? Shouldn’t they be allowed to start looking at different options, different career paths, and different areas of study through these 13 years? Now school boards, teachers and politicians will say that students can choose their futures, they can direct their own path in high school and middle school with electives and that in high school there is even more freedom. I’ve been told this numerous times, yet it is not the truth of reality. In reality students know exactly what they must do to get into a specific college, to graduate, etc. Now if you want to be a scientist, it makes since to take a lot of different science classes and start to look into what particular field you should enter. However, why should one’s focus be on science classes to get into a college that looks closely at your science classes and grades when in that college you want to major in English or Liberal Arts? I’m not saying no one should have to take science, I’m saying no one’s priority should have to be science when it makes no since that a student waste time on extra AP and honors science classes when their direction is nothing near science.

The potential excitement and energy we could create would be enormous if students could choose what would best benefit their own lives and futures in school, especially high school. The opportunities would be immense for students to be able to look into every direction of what they might want to study in the future and in college or in life and work. Forcing students to take certain classes to only graduate at the top of their class is extremely stupid when in the long run, they’ll get to college and the real world and know absolutely nothing of what they’d want to do, then be forced to eventually choose a major and direction and then realize too late, they absolutely hate what they are doing. Nobody cares about our current failed curriculum in the real word and there is no use for it. If you want to be a scientist, learn science. If you want to do something with math and physics, take those courses. If you don’t know, try out as many things as possible. But there is absolutely no logic in requiring students to take 13 years of science when they don’t want to be in the direction of science.

Are basic fundamentals important? Yes. Is forced diversity in the subject choices important? To an extent. There is need to throw new things at students, to challenge them, to open up doors, but there is no need at all to require them to take years and years of something that will not pertain to them in the future and if they decide much later on to switch directions, then they can learn it then. If you’re going to be an engineer, you will learn all you need going through your engineering major and in the real world. There’s no point though, in moving every student on the track to become an engineer. For every student, somehow and somewhere in their lives as a student, teaching and class time will be a waste for them in some area.

Think of the possibility of a more productive, more caring world with time much better spent. With energy high and the want to learn high. Think of how much more likely it would be to bring a kid out of the darkest alley and on the road to success if he or she had the ability to choose their future and a drive to actually want to their what they choose to learn. It is amazing to think how much more advanced our society and each one of us could be when maximizing these 13 years to the best of our abilities.

There is a number of things we can do from the government’s side, from the teacher’s side and the community’s side to benefit students in education.

*School choice

*Updated technology

*Qualified and caring teachers

*Greater choice and variety of electives

*Merit-based bonuses

*Parent, Teach, and Student communication

*Well used time and a meaningful core curriculum

However, the one key element that will keep America from being the top in the world education wise, is the drive and heart of the students. Government, teachers and the community can reach out a hand, but unless students hold on to that hand, we can never be the best. No matter how much we spend wisely, no matter how much effort is put into the system, if students do not care to learn, it is all a waste because that motivation is the difference from failure and success.

As a nation, we should owe it to the students to give them every tool they need to succeed, as well as the opening of the door of motivation. And as students, when that door of motivation is open, it is the student’s duty to use it to the best of their ability. Together education can be replaced and put back on the right tracks. Alone, no one can do the task that faces us.

We are running out of time. Countries all around the globe are getting smarter and more efficient much faster than us. We need replacement of our current education system now in both K-12 and higher education. Students, parents and teachers must work together as well as higher and lower education systems. If one of those elements is missing, fundamental education replacement will not be possible, and we must have replacement. Starting right now, we need replacement; because it is long overdue.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Convention Thoughts

I was able to attend the CD-7 Assembly on Thursday as well as the State Convention on Saturday. Here are some of my thoughts.

1) Lang Sias: Lang has improved 200% in speaking and just being a candidate of the past months. His campaign closed a huge gap with Frazier to end the assembly 43-48. Sias' biggest problem though is raising money. He has had big names behind him for a while, McCain, Tancredo, Beauprez...yet he still cannot raise a dime. Sias cannot win a primary against Frazier's war chest of over 600k without the money needed for commercials.

3) Ken Buck: After his standing ovation following the appearance of Jane Norton, it was clear Ken Buck was the caucus, hard-core-conservative favorite. His speech doesn’t need to be remembered, only that he outperformed Jane Norton through his actions to stick through the caucus like he started instead of false words as Norton has gone around the state preaching.

2) Ryan Frazier: Frazier came on top for the ballot. While Sias has propelled through the assembly to catch up to him, Frazier beat him back. Had Sias gotten the top spot, Frazier’s theme of “I’m the one that can win” would immediately be halted. Frazier continues to overpower the room with his energy and voice. Watching him go against Ed in a debate would be something.

1) Mike Deeming: He had a nomination and a second of the nomination…and only one vote…enough said.

2) Jane Norton: When Jane showed up at the assembly, the very thing she skipped out on because she was too chicken, her actions had consequences. The crowd did not even give her attention while speaking, and rightfully so.

1) Dan Maes: By just 16 votes, Dan Maes and the conservative movement, beat the establishment candidate, Congressman Scott McInnis. Even comparing the two speeches it was very clear that Dan Maes has a clear advantage in energy and response in the room. If you want a united party come November that is recruiting new volunteers all over…you want Dan.

2) Ken Buck: Buck winning almost 80% of the vote and keeping a potential competitor, Cleve Tidwell, off the ballot strengthened his campaign. Norton could only hope that Buck would receive under 70% to get another candidate on the ballot, but their efforts and hopes failed. Buck’s microphone cut-off (the first candidate of the day it occurred to), turned into a benefit for him as the audience cheered “We want Ken”.

3) Colorado Caucus: There’s been no closely watched and dramatic convention then 2010. After recounts for the gubernatorial race, the suspense continued to rise all day. 2010 was definitely a renewal to Colorado’s caucus system.

4) JJ Ament: JJ received a standing ovation with more cheers than even Ken Buck. Ament’s campaign hit a record high when Ali Hasan failed to make the ballot. All Ament has to face now is Walker Stapleton, who has kept quiet since his announcement to petition on. This race should be a shoe in for Ament.

5) Scott Gessler: The GOP’s only SOS candidate proved himself worthy on Saturday with a rousing speech in an area most people don’t care about. Gessler proved to me he can win a general election while touting his experience of getting Ralph Nader on the ballot…not because he liked him, but because he wanted to be fair and just.

1) Jane Norton: Not only did Norton skip the caucus, but Ken Buck won by a huge margin. Momentum is in Buck’s favor and Norton only has days before her petitions are due and word has been going around for weeks that her team is having trouble collecting signatures.

2) Ali Hasan: Hasan spent a ton of money in this race only to come out short with 19% of the vote. Hasan recently took many hard balls with his “false accusations” on how Colorado is investing its money, on JJ Ament’s record, and on being under qualified for the job.

3) Cleve Tidwell: Tidwell’s only hope was to get on the ballot by the convention. When both Wiens and Norton dropped out of the convention route, things could not have gone better for the Tidwell campaign which gave them hope. However, Cleve failed to deliver an A+ speech needed to take the spotlight from Buck. While Cleve had energy, the actual speech was average while an underdog needs it to be historic.

4) Joe Gschwendtner: After saying that the campaign will be ready to go toe-to-toe against Scott when Maes didn’t make 30%, Joe threw in his marbles only to lose them. Dan Maes’ victory was a huge revival for the campaign, enough to propel him into a position to seriously challenge McInnis in a state-wide contest (money wise). After sending robo-calls to the delegates, hiring day labors to hold his signs, Joe seems like the candidate buying his way into power…and 2010 is not the year to do that.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

State Convention Results

Dan Maes 49.35%
Scott McInnis 48.89%

Ken Buck 77%
Cleve Tidwell 15%

JJ Ament 78%
Ali Hasan 19%

Romanoff 60.4%
Bennet 39.6%

John Suthers and Scott Gressler won the Republican nomination by acclamation.

Analysis to come

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gschwendtner Has Empty Plan

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Joe Gschwendtner, recently released his "Vision for Colorado 2014". Do not be deceived at the length of this plan, there is a lot of empty promises that without a doubt, cannot be accomplished the way he talks. There’s many goals that seem appealing to the voter, 4% unemployment rate, cutting failing Colorado schools in half, unleashing our energy economy, cutting the $18.2 billion budget by $1 billion. However, with a vague plan and lack of detail, it does not seem possible any of that would happen in a Gschwendtner administration. My personal favorite quote in the plan is “something must be done”. I’ve heard that one before.

The plan is clear that Joe knows the current statistics, facts, rates, etc. The plan is mostly just that, what is happening now and not what Joe will do. When Joe does actually say what he plans to accomplish, he rarely includes how, mostly leaving behinds comments of “bi-partisan” solutions, or reaching agreements, or negotiating, but not what Joe is actually going to push specifically to fix Colorado’s economy, education or anything else.

For instance, the only detail Joe includes in improving public education is “We will do whatever it takes so that our children get the best education.” Isn’t that what the last guy said? How about the guy before and the guy before that? This is the same typical talk of politicians that care more about getting into office, then actually have a vision and agenda of what they want to accomplish, to change, to improve while in that office.

While negotiating is a great technique, while some ideas won’t be brought up until in office and while leadership means being able to adapt at times, why should Colorado vote for a guy that does not have specific solutions in mind to improving Colorado? I don’t know a candidate in any race in Colorado that has said “I want our schools to fail.” So by saying you’ll do what it takes to succeed is exactly what everyone else has said in the race so far.
If Joe wants to set himself apart from the herd and get on the ballot or even win this thing, he needs to make the choice clear between vision and unorganized, “typical” political types. Joe Gschwendtner failed to do that in his 2014 Vision.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Republican Primary Game Changer

Businessman and former vet, Joe Gschwendtner is entering the race for Governor today in the Republican primary field against Scott McInnis and Dan Maes.

While Maes always had one up on McInnis, working his way up from a poor background, not just working, being in the police force as well as McInnis, not being a politician or having a liberal record, and being a committed businessman, Gschwendtner has triple the up on both of them.

Besides being a Captain that served in Vietnam, or building business empires, Joe is starting out with 100k in the race. For all you guys saying you're voting for McInnis because he's the most electable, say that no more.

Press release below

Denver, CO—Mr. Joe Gschwendtner, successful entrepreneur and small businessman from Douglas County will publicly announce his bid for the office of Governor of Colorado on Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 10:00 AM inthe West Foyer of the State Capitol.

Without a doubt, the most important issue facing us in Colorado is the economy”, commented Gschwendtner. “We don’t need another politician and we certainly don’t need politics as usual. Colorado needs a Governor who has a comprehensive understanding of the problems and the background and track record to fix those problems.”

Gschwendtner recognized that he was late entering the race but went on to say, “I don’t believe it’s ever too late for the voters to have a viable conservative choice. It’s not too late for voters to have the option of an experienced business leader to guide our state through the years ahead."

Patrick Davis, veteran political consultant and strategist for the campaign commented, “We have the best choice for Governor in Gschwendtner andhe is backed by a professional team, over $100,000 cash on hand, and petitions on the street. Joe will quickly become known in Colorado. I fully expect that he will be our next Governor.”

Gschwendtner and his wife of 41 years, Barbara, live outside of Castle Rock.The public announcement will be open to members of the media. One-on-one interviews will be conducted afterwards.

The public announcement will be open to members of the media. One-on-one interviews will be conducted afterwards.

For additional comments or to schedule an interview contact:
Kyle Fisk, Communications DirectorJoe Gschwendtner for Governor Campaign
(720) 878-4661

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Norton Attacks Buck's Personal Life

In Jane Norton's latest e-mail sent out by Josh Penry, she(he) talks about how Ken Buck is anything but an outside.

 One point I find interesting...

"Outsider? Ken Buck was the best man in Bill Ritter's wedding."

Not sure how the Norton campaign sees this as relevant to Ken Buck's ability to be an effective conservative in the Senate. If anything, Norton shouldn't be the one to attack on that point. May I remind you the dozens of large corrupt lobbyist firms and individuals pulling the strings and funding her own campaign?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Norton Shows Fear, Skips State Convention (Caucus Process)

After Buck and Tidwell started making high grand with Wiens deciding to petition on, Jane Norton must have felt the same way as she just announced she will petition on the ballot. That leaves a huge portion (and unknown exact amount) of delegates coming into the state convention without being able to vote for their favorite. Buck and Norton have started heating up together on stage so it is unlikely Norton delegates would vote for Buck, that would give Cleve Tidwell enough support at the caucus to get a spot on the ballot. Sources say that while Tidwell took only 6% at the caucus, the actual delegate count for him is much higher.

With only two viable options of Cleve Tidwell and Ken Buck, it will be very interesting to watch the state convention (assembly) in May as both men have tried to position themselves as the conservative candidate with tea party backing.

Today was probably the best news the Tidwell campaign could have heard and it just made Buck's campaign a lot more relieved knowing they will get 30% of the vote at the state convention.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Find Out What Is Happening At The Assemblies

Go to http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23COassembly&result_type=recent for live feed (although it is mostly democratic results).

So far there is a constant pattern of Romanoff outperforming Bennet in his speeches and gaining and even greater lead at most county assemblies.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Update

First off it seems many viewers didn't read/figure out the post below was an April Fools joke. No, Ritter is not running for the Senate. Now off to real stuff

  • JJ Ament gets Tea Party support
  • Cleve Tidwell launches a money bomb to try to rake in some cash
  • Bennet launches new "Washington" ad...not that he has any credibility talking about Washington and their unfunded mandates. Obama really should have spent some time looking into other rubber stamps for him that didn't seem so dorky. Hickenlooper can look dorky, everyone loves him. Bennet is a Senator nobody wanted in the first place, it just looks dumb when he isn't Senate material.
  • Take a moment to thank AG John Suthers for standing up for Coloradans, against the unwanted, expensive, huge government step toward government takeover of the Health Care industry and our rights...Phone number:303-866-3617
    Fax number: 303-866-5691
    Email attorney.general@state.co.us
  • Look out for Q1 fundraising. It will be interesting and critical to see how money plays out after the caucus and our first official test of how voters feel toward the state-wide candidates. Andrew Romanoff needs to bring in the cash or his 10 point victory won't mean much when Bennet has his ads up until the August primary. Buck won the Republican's race, but can he pull in more then 50k this time? It will be interesting to look at Wien's fundraising and if it's his money or not. There have been rumors Wiens is going to petition on the ballot, freeing up delegates that will more likely go to Buck or Tidwell then Norton. Can Norton continue to bring in the funds from Washington she has managed so far? Will McInnis' campaign fumble after the upset against unfunded Dan Maes who pulled 40% at the caucus and prevented McInnis from taking over 59% of the vote, contrary to the McInnis e-mail that was sent out saying Scott almost took 61%.
  • Have a happy Easter and make sure the 1st amendment that protects the freedom of religion is in mind when voting at the ballot box

Thursday, April 1, 2010

BREAKING: Ritter Enters Senate Race

Ritter commented today he was “disgusted” with his pick for US Senate, Michael Bennet. “Michael hasn’t shown any leadership. He just does whatever Obama and Reid tell him to do. We need real teeth in the game. We need a public option, we need to replace all coal with natural gas and replace oil with alternative fuels. I’ve decided to petition on the ballot for US Senate, I made the wrong choice picking Michael, I should have picked me.”

Ritter said he will officially launch the campaign in the coming week saying he has a strong fundraising base with hundreds of thousands in pledges. Ritter stated that his name recognition will help him in the Senate Primary. “Democrats know me, they like me. Democrats don’t know Bennet and his record is just a rubber stamp. We need a real leader in there that will fight for these issues, not just vote on them. There’s only one hundred Senators, when you’re one of them it comes with responsibility.”

When asked if President Obama had pushed him to put Bennet in office the Governor replied, “Yes he did. Him, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer. It seemed everyone wanted him so I put him in. I didn’t ask questions, I just did what they told me to do.”

Andrew Romanoff however has gone on the offense saying, “Governor Ritter calls himself a leader, yet his record proves the exact opposite. He left everyone in the House and Senate to fend for ourselves. He didn’t question Obama, Reid or Schumer when they asked for the unknown Michael Bennet. There was a clear cry from the people that I needed to be in office. I’m one of you guys, I’m one of the people. We need a people person in Washington.”

Michael Bennet could not be reached for comment, but the campaign did give us $10,000 to leave him alone for the week.

Meanwhile, Republican front-runners Ken Buck and Jane Norton were questioned on Ritter’s surprise entrance in the race. Buck said, “You know the Governor is a good person, but a crappy public official. We can’t have any more of this crap in Washington, that’s what has got us in this mess in the first place.”

Jane Norton was swiftly moved out of the room by staffers when we tried to get her comment. Later at a Republican fundraiser we again tried to talk to Norton, but her staff tackled me and my colleague as we walked over to her. Norton again was whisked away.

Ritter said he was confident he would win the three-way race and the Senate seat. Ritter said he was replacing his entire staff and hoping Opera would make some visits with him to kick-off the campaign season.

APRIL FOOLS…well mostly, except for that Norton part of being whisked away from reporters every time

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tidwell To Say In Senate Race

Update 3/26: Tidwell has confirmed he will continue in the race for US Senate.

Update: 12:08PM
Wagner now has said that he only said Tidwell will make a formal announcement clarifying his intentions later in the week.
 The Denver Post has mis-quoted the campaign director as he has said he did not confirm if Cleve Tidwell will switch to CD-1, another source did.
UPDATE 10:35 p.m. — This blog post was updated after John Wagner emailed to say that in a conversation with the reporter earlier this evening he did not confirm what another source previously told the Denver Post. I have been unable to reach the reporter for his version of events. We will update tomorrow as neccessary. — Curtis Hubbard

Originial post to follow
Cleve Tidwell's campaign director, John Wagner has commented at the Denver Post, claiming Cleve will be releasing an official statement soon saying he is moving into CD-1.

Now CD-1 is heavily democrat, but in the right year (2010), with an angry population, a strong challenge, a war chest and an army of volunteers, the impossible can become the probable.

This will be a race to keep an eye on with a strong underdog at the right time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Diggs Brown Endorses Gardner

After Tuesday's caucus, though there was no offical tally, it seemed to Diggs Brown, Rep. Cory Gardner's top challenger, that he would not make the ballot and dropped out to support him.

Cory Gardner was seen as the clear front-runner with high ID and strong fundraising. Tom Lucero and Dean Madere are still in the race. With Diggs supporters united around Gardner, it is highly possibly Gardner may be the only one on the ballot.
Also Andrew Romanoff beats Michael Bennet 50-40% in the caucus, the Romanoff campaign were hoping on a stronger showing, perhaps getting Bennet under 30% to give him the embarrassment of not making the ballot. The results still show Romanoff is in the race, he will have to do a lot of work to win the primary.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Caucus

Exciting night for those who showed up.

Gubernatorial Results
Scott McInnis 60.07%
Dan Maes 39.27%

This can be seen as a major boost for Maes has he has run a low/no-budget campaign pretty much with his family as staff and has taken a well known former Congressman with huge money backing 40/60. While McInnis can claim victory, the eyes are on Maes. Holtzman didn't even make 30% at teh convention against Beauprez to make the ballot and he had a load of money. Could Maes come on top at the convention or lock it up to 50-50?

Republican Senate Results
Ken Buck 37.86%
Jane Norton 37.74%
Tom Wiens 16.64%
Cleve Tidwell 5.97%
Steve Barton 1.24%

This was a fun night to watch. Ken Buck in the end, came on top of Norton by 29 votes, and that answers the question to non-politicos out there why you care to vote. Tom Wiens almost lost his home county of Douglas to Norton which would have been horrible for the campaign. Wiens did well around his home area. Norton took the west while Buck did better in the east. Tidwell, though winning one county, performed very well in the Southwest and southern part of Colorado. It will be interesting to see who drops out now and if they will do so before the convention. What we have currently is an anti-Norton/Washington block of votes splitting between the more conservative candidates.

Watching all night Buck lead from 40-30 at times to Norton coming on top by those numbers. Wiens made it as high as 20% and at times under 10%. Cleve Tidwell went from 4% to almost 8% down to 6%. Steve Barton started strong for him with 3% of the vote, but continued to drop as more votes were reported.

Stayed tuned for more analysis and the democrat results this afternoon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lakey Endorses Sias in CD-7

Last minute surprise before the caucus,
Dear Friends:

I want to share some recent good news for our campaign – my former opponent Jimmy Lakey, who ended his campaign for the Republican nomination for the 7th Congressional District last week, has endorsed my candidacy.

In his statement of support, Jimmy had some very kind things to say:
“Lang is a principled conservative, a devoted family man, a proven leader and an all-around decent human being. We’ve had the chance to get to know one another pretty well over the course of the last few months. He has a firm and well-rounded understanding of the issues important to 7th CD families. I’m also supporting Lang for very practical reasons. We need to put this seat back in the Republican column and Lang Sias is the only candidate in this race who can beat Ed Perlmutter in the fall.”
I am tremendously honored to have earned the support of a patriot like Jimmy. His creativity and drive on the campaign trail made me a much better candidate. I admire and appreciate his passion for philanthropy and good works, and I hope he stays active with our party for a long time.
Now with Jimmy’s support I’m even more excited about our prospects as we head into the caucuses tonight and the Congressional District Assembly in May. To win, we are going to need your support. Without the hard work and dedication of our great volunteer corps, the job of beating Ed Perlmutter this fall will be that much more difficult. Together, we can win! Click below to volunteer or donate today!
While Frazier is the clear front-runner at the caucus, we will not get much of a sense of who is in the lead tonight as most caucus locations will only take a poll for Governor and US Senate. It's all about who is elected delegates now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Busy Political Week

*Jimmy Lakey ended his campaign for Congress after moving up in the race with multiple endorsements. Lakey seemed to be the only true rival of Ryan Frazier who will know have a clear primary as it doesn't seem that Lakey/Tancredo supporters would ever go for Lang Sias, who donated to Mark Udall in 2008
*Bill Ritter and the Democrat's internet tax has already killed Colorado business before it has even been passed. No way liberals can spin this as helping the economy. Way to kill jobs, business, increase unemployment and destroy the state's own revenue that's already in deficit guys.
*AG Suthers endorses Jane Norton
*Ramussen polls Governor Ritter (3/5)

Approve: 34%
Disapprove: 63%
*Re-cap of the Senate candidates at the successful "Candidate Search 2010" forum
*Cleve Tidwell goes on "Your Show"
*Constitutionalist Today Forum is TODAY

When: March 9, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Where: 5825 Mark Dabling Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO

Don't forget caucus night is March 16 (Tuesday). Find your caucus location here. If you'd really like to get involved and make an impact, run for delegate once you get there. Last year there were a ton of vancanies so it might not be as hard to get your candidate on the ballot as you think.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Senate Candidates

We have created a blog post to contrast the candidates. Because of space issues, we only took the main points of the candidate's stances on the issues. Order was random

*All candidates claim to be pro-life
*All candidates claim to be pro-second amendment
*Candidates discuss different issues on their websites and not all discuss the same issues we have chosen below

Cleve Tidwell- Businessman
Taxes- I do support the fair tax proposal. I am a believer that a fair tax which is a consumption tax could prove healthy for our society based on what I have studied over the past 9 months. I have spent a lot of time going through the fair tax proposal and all the information and videos seemed well done and supported by some capable people. If all the projections are even close to being correct it seems it would be a good move for everyone. I would support a resolution for it provided we ended up with solid proof of its validity. As for the IRS, I believe we could make great improvements to this system if not doing away with it totally while implemented the fair tax. A good step in the right direction.
Energy- I support the reintroduction of cost effective Nuclear Power. I also strongly support bio fuel, bio diesel, clean coal and the continued research and development of renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydrogen. I believe we must explore and develop the natural resources in and offshore of the United States. Sending our money to other countries is not good fiscal responsibility and we must not allow others to hold us hostage for our energy needs. In Colorado we have some of the greatest opportunities for development of oil and gas. The time is now to have Colorado be the leader in oil and gas exploration in the United States. We must stop sending our money to offshore counties and start helping to reduce the burden of oil and gas high prices and demand here in our country. Colorado could and should be the backbone of this venture for progress in oil and gas.
Foreign Policy and Defense- Iran and North Korea pose exceptional dangers because of their possession of nuclear materials. Careful relations with these nations should be a top foreign policy priority. We must be firm in our insistence that Iran and North Korea renounce any nuclear weapons programs. We must stay focused on solving this problem in this term. We must strengthen our defense department. There are people in the world that want to hurt us and we must not allow that to ever happen again.
*Cleve Tidwell also served in the Marine Corps
Immigration- Border security is essential to national security. In an age of terrorism, drug cartels, and criminal gangs, allowing millions of unidentified persons to enter and remain in this country poses grave risks to the sovereignty of the United States and the security of its people. We simply must be able to track who is entering and leaving our country. We need to make sure that we allow people to work here, but only if they’re legal. We need instant employer certification so employers know if people they’re hiring are legal, & punish employers who don’t. We have workers come here from around the globe and we must follow the rule of law. I do oppose amnesty. The rule of law suffers if government policies encourage or reward illegal activity. The American people’s rejection of a mass legalization is especially appropriate given the federal government’s past failures to enforce the law

Ken Buck- Weld County District Attorney
Taxes- I promise not to vote for tax increases as Colorado's U.S. Senator. We are not under-taxed. The federal government is overspending. And as the endless string of spending in Congress continues so will the call for higher taxes. As the push for higher taxes emerges, I will be the Colorado Senator pushing to downsize government, not raise taxes. I'll stay true to the Taxpayer Protection Pledge I have signed.
Energy-While I am in favor of moving as quickly as is practical to new energy alternatives to replace our dependence on foreign oil, I'm not in favor of sending our country on an economic suicide mission that would come with the passage of a "cap and trade" system. We can't meet our energy demands with windmills and solar panels and other alternatives in the near term. We may get to the point in the next decade or two, but we're not there today. For now, we must continue to depend on our traditional sources of energy -- coal, oil and especially natural gas. It means we must aggressively expand energy production in our country, including stepping up off-shore drilling and looking to nuclear power as one of our best sources for non-carbon energy.
Iraq and Afghanistan- We definitely need to continue a major effort in Afghanistan. We are told this effort will take at least 10 years. It will require both military and civilian personnel to help build up the country. The generals on the ground tell us we are likely to be in Afghanistan for the long term with a difficult and complicated mission. As Colorado's Senator I will always look first to the advice of the generals, and I will strongly support the mission of our troops who are in harm's way.
Health Care-We have the best health care system in the world, and I will not lose sight of that fact as we work to solve the nagging problems within the system that must be fixed. Like the majority of Coloradans, I understand that there are specific health care problems that need to be addressed, such as the uninsured, pre-existing conditions, and escalating costs. I'm not for the public option. That's another big difference between the "appointed" Senator, Michael Bennet and me. He's strongly for a "public option" takeover of our private health care system by the federal government. I am strongly against it.
Immigration-We should start the path to immigration reform by finally sealing our borders to illegal traffic, both north and south and at our ports. Then we must enforce the laws that are already on the books to deal with illegal immigration. We need to have a finely crafted guest worker program that is sufficient to meet the needs of our economy. I believe we can do that and still get serious about dealing effectively with the larger illegal immigration problem.

Jane Norton- Former Lt. Governor
Taxes- Lower taxes.
Energy- I oppose cap and trade.
National Security- Our first priority is to keep our nation safe from terrorists. Colorado’s military assets are an important part of the success of this mission and we need to support our troops, not cut Defense spending at a time when we are asking our troops to do more.
Health Care- What we need are common sense and market-based solutions that will slash costs without ceding control of 17% of our economy to the federal government: medical malpractice tort reform that limits expensive and frivolous lawsuits that drive up healthcare and insurance costs and result in unnecessary defensive medicine; tax equity so that those who buy their own insurance receive the same tax benefits as those who get insurance through their employers; high risk pools so those with pre-existing conditions may be covered; portability of health insurance; making cost and quality information plainly available to consumers; changing regulations that discourage individuals and small businesses from utilizing Health Savings Accounts; and giving small businesses the opportunities to pool risk and resources across state lines.
Immigration- I believe that we must secure our borders and end illegal immigration. And because we are a nation that relies on the rule of law, I steadfastly oppose amnesty for those illegal immigrants already in our country. The true measure of any plan, though, is sensibility and workability. To that end, I support the expansion of the E-Verify system to insure that American jobs are filled by Americans and temporary workers who are legally present. We also need an expanded and effective temporary worker program to insure that critical Colorado industries have the personnel they need in order to thrive.

Tom Wiens- Former State Senator, Rancher
Taxes- In over 5,000 votes in the legislature, I have never once voted for a tax increase. Government was growing at an alarming rate even before the massive bailout, so-called stimulus spending and Obamacare. The breakdown of our economy was not the result of too few taxes, but in part because tax rates are too high. We need to cut taxes everywhere that it will stimulate the economy. For example, the elimination of payroll taxes would have added a substantial number of jobs to the economy, for less money than the so-called stimulus, which has produced practically no jobs at all according to recent media reports
Energy- The U.S. can break its dependency on foreign sources of energy with clean and inexpensive resources right here in America. As United States Senator from Colorado, I will advocate policies that makes Colorado energy resources more accessible by removing excessive taxes and regulation on Colorado energy so that Coloradans get back many of the high-paying energy jobs that have been shed in an attempt to solely promote untested, unproven and expensive energy theories.
Foreign Policy- Nothing threatens the stability of the world more than the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran. And make no mistake; Iran's nuclear program is aimed at one thing: developing nuclear weapons. Iran's leader has said that Israel must be wiped off the map. A nuclear armed Iran with aggressive intentions against one of the most faithful and staunch of U.S. allies should be a matter of grave concern. The U.S. should consider sanctions, and other means, including military means to stop Iran from threatening its neighbors, especially our ally Israel. Our surge strategy in Iraq worked, but we must demand that in every military action that the American people fully understand the necessity of our action and what our strategy is to win. We cannot fight wars by half measures. It's not right to put our soldiers in harm's way, when the politicians themselves have no clear strategy for victory.
Health Care- Not on website
Immigration- Not on website

Monday, February 22, 2010

Debate Results From Yesterday


Michael Deming 2 2.86%

Ryan Frazier 20 28.57%

Jimmy Lakey 27 38.57%

Michael Sheely 4 5.71%

Lang Sias 17 24.29%

Total Votes 70 100.00%


Stephen Bailey 29 54.72%

Bob Brancato 1 1.89%

Bill Hammons 2 3.77%

Curtis Harris 21 39.62%

Total 53 100.00%

US Senate

Steve Barton 0 0.00%

Ken Buck 41 47.13%

Jane Norton 2 2.30%

Cleve Tidwell 20 22.99%

Tom Wiens 24 27.59%

Total 87 100.00%


Dan Maes 39 61.90%

Scott McInnis 21 33.33%

Rich Hand 3 4.76%

Total 63 100.00%

I was only able to watch the second half of the Governor's debate online, however it is no surprise to me that Dan Maes won. First of all, McInnis' mic would go in and out and I couldn't even hear him answer some questions, whether on purpose or not. Maes and McInnis seemed to have a lot of the same answers, however McInnis said he wanted Pinon Canyon to go the the army and Dan Maes was focussed on a compromise. 2010 is a good year for independents (just look at New England Governor's races) however Rich Hand is nothing special. If he forgets that Dan Maes wanted to created a van called "The Colorado Express" to get illegals out of Colorado, I wouldn't trust him with my state. Dan Maes was a better speaker then McInnis also. McInnis has an angry, yelling tone while Maes has a business-like commanding voice that is louder, yet more peaceful then McInnis' face turning red.

Hopefully all of you were able, or will be able to watch the debate eventually online if you did not attend the event.

Hat tip to PPC

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dan Maes For Governor Of Colorado

If you want proven leadership, fiscal conservative principles and open government I encourage you to attend your caucus and become a delegate for our next Colorado Governor, Dan Maes. Dan is a businessman raised on hard working principles that if you work hard and try hard you can succeed. Dan has had to bring himself through his whole life from a young age, early on when his father died. Dan has been a successful businessman because he knows how to handle the tough situations. He knows how to make a working budget, how to cut expenses and even jobs if the times are that tough. He also knows how in good times to give a bonus to hard working employees.

I have seen Dan speak numerous times over the past months and each time he surprises me. How is it possible that a guy who has never stuck his nose in politics before is such a good speaker, articulating his message clearly about his plan and vision for Colorado? He may not have the big bucks of Washington, but he sure does have a lot of support all across the state. On Ben DeGrow’s latest survey he has released today, Maes is leading McInnis 48-39%. If there’s a rising star for conservatives in Colorado it’s Dan Maes.

Dan has stated that one of the first things he will do in office is to cut 4,000 state employees. In these economic times with such a tight budget, it is essential to cut wasteful government. Maes has promised he will fight for only a balanced budget, crucial for Colorado. Dan also has a different view on PERA. He doesn’t believe we need to declare it bankrupt, but fix the system. Currently everyone but one person sitting on the board in charge of PERA gets their pay check from it. How can we get a fair, balanced system when these guys are more worried about their paychecks then Colorado’s hard working teachers, administrators and other public servants? Dan Maes is about transparency, open government and trust. It’s time we bring this state back together and trust one another again. It’s time the western slope doesn’t feel like they’re part of Utah, that eastern plains can trust Denver once again after their water feuds, that farmer and ranchers can work with businessmen and woman and that government doesn’t just suck up tax-payer money and wastes it instead of focusing on fixing our problems that education shortages, infrastructure projects and new jobs.

Colorado’s unemployment is at 7.8% and rising. Back in summer 2007 that was down to 3.5%. It’s time government stops killing jobs and starts crafting a better environment for job creation while balancing the beauty and nature of Colorado. Dan Maes has been in business for 25 years and will have the experience as Governor to help turn around our state. Dan Maes says every time I see him it’s about “the economy, the economy and the economy.” Maes believes in focusing on our energy economy by using both renewable energy like wind and solar and natural resources like coal, natural gas and oil as well as exploring uranium and nuclear power. Maes proposes having all of Colorado’s transportation to be run on Colorado energy. With Dan Maes’ strong energy economy, revenue will be brought back to Colorado and there will be the ability to cut taxes, even further growing our economy by turning our business environment into the friendliest in the nation.

On one of the most controversial issues in the state, the expansion of Pinon Canyon, Dan Maes supports what the rest don’t, compromise. He believes as Governor he can work with the military and farmers who have been in the area for generations, to work out a solution. Maes has visited the canyon and talked with the locals and believes there isn’t anything there that can’t be solved.

Although Dan Maes says he will be focused on the economy until unemployment is down to 4% in Colorado, he cares about education. Dan Maes is concerned about Amendment 23, which he says is “sucking our budget dry while we are only getting mediocre results.” Amendment 23 (passed in 2000) requires K-12 spending be increased by at least inflation plus one percent each year for ten years, and then by at least inflation thereafter. Dan Maes wants our education system to be the best in the world to strengthen our future economy. Maes supports expanding charter schools, homeschools and improving public education. Maes wants bureaucracy and waste out of the education system to allow our teachers to do the best that they can in improving their students education. Dan Maes is no stranger of our public schools, he has two kids in the Evergreen public schools system. Dan Maes supports state-wide testing to follow student progress and to compare results around the state.

My first endorsement for the 2010 election cycle goes out to Dan Maes, a proven fiscal conservative with business experience who I believe will turn around Colorado’s economy, cut waste and open the doors to government transparency so the eastern plains, western slope, foothills, I-25 corridor and Denver-Metro area can all once again work together and trust each other. There could not be a stronger candidate in the Governor’s race than Dan Maes and I truly believe he will not only sweep the convention and primaries, but beat Mayor Hickenlooper in the general election. The turnaround starts now, but it’s not going to happen without you. You have to go to the caucus and become a delegate to the county and state level so Dan Maes can get on the ballot. I’m one person and you’re one person, alone we can’t do much, but together we can elect Dan Maes as our next Governor of Colorado.

Go to www.danmaes.com for more information on Dan Maes or e-mail him at dan@danmaes.com.
For information on the caucus system go here for training.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Colorado Endorsement Monday

Monday we will release our first endorsement from Colorado Political News for state-wide office in Colorado. Stay tuned as we will endorse even more conservative candidates with solid track records in the future to help lead Colorado and our nation back to our values and principles that make us strong and free.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pledge Signers

You can find a copy of Colorado Political News' Conservative Pledge here
So far the following have signed....

For Governor
Dan Maes 2/2

US Senate
Tom Wiens 1/30
Cleve Tidwell 1/30


Bob McConnell 2/2

Cory Gardner 2/1
Diggs Brown 2/12

Mike Sheely 1/30
Jimmy Lakey 1/30
If you are running in a local race or you were not contacted to sign the pledge, e-mail us at coloradopoliticalnews@gmail.com to get a copy that we can send or fax to you.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jeffco Round-Up

Some notes from today's Jefferson County event that drew a couple hundred people and almost 50 candidates. Unfortunately I was only able to attend a few of the candidate events and will only be able to talk about the Senate, Governor's and CD-7 races.

Senate Race
Tom Wiens: presentation was good. Wiens was able to relate his answers all back to his business experience and conservative record in the Colorado Senate like when he spoke of never voting for a tax increase.

Cleve Tidwell: his first presentation was energetic. Cleve was able to give direct responses and relate his business experience. What Cleve does better then on stage though, is one-on-one conversations with the people which he did in all his free time.

Jane Norton: her very rehearsed opening statement was surprisingly energetic. However, when questions were asked you get not get a more vague response. Jane is out of touch. Just one example is when she called on us to look back at the elections of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Unless she means when John McCain won the New Hampshire primaries, I don't know why she would point us in that direction since she probably meant New Jersey...big difference.

Ken Buck: loud which was nice in a room that you could barely hear. Buck stood strong on his record as Weld County DA, cutting crime and cracking down on illegal immigration. I also saw Buck doing many one-on-one conversations as well.

Steve Barton: they few times I could hear him I heard something about how he had to flush twice yesterday to get the toilet to work and somehow that relates to his campaign.

Governor Race
Scott McInnis: showed up late and paid for it. You could barely even hear the man even though it seemed like he was yelling to get his point across the room. Looks like he has acknowledged that Maes is serious competition finally and can't keep skipping all these events.

Dan Maes: was in line with pretty much everything McInnis said only louder and more effective. If you have not gone to one of these events go, because Maes has a lot of support from all different people. I saw Norton, Tidwell, Buck, Frazier and Sias people all wearing his sticker. Dan Maes is going to get on the ballot and everyone should start debating between themselves whether he can beat McInnis at the convention.
CD-7 Race
Mike Sheely: his thick accent and crowded room prevented me from hearing too much from Sheely, though he is a pleasant guy and isn't afraid to answer questions.

Lang Sias: This former democrat wasn't able to make his presence heard in the room. I had absolutely no idea what he said besides a few words here and there.

Jimmy Lakey: You can definitely tell Lakey was in the radio business with his booming voice. His point was for smaller government.

Ryan Frazier: Frazier didn't even need a mic and everyone heard him. If I was Ed Perlmutter, I would be more fearful of Frazier than anyone else. He can raise the cash and even topped Perlmutter, he is extremely charismatic and a great Obama-style speaker, only minus the big government helps garbage.

Mike Deeming: There wasn't anything great about him, but nothing horrible either. Deeming is overshadowed by his peers Frazier and Lakey with their loud presence and Sheely who's cow-boy hat cannot be missed in a crowd.

One thing I can tell you is every time I go to these events I come out more undecided then when I went in because of the great candidates there. Throughout the month we will get candidate interviews posted to help you and me decided whom to support at the caucus on March 16.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

First To Sign Conservative Pledge

Tom Wiens (Candidate US Senate) pledges to...
Cleve Tidwell (Candidate US Senate) pledges to...
Mike Sheely (Candidate CD-7) pledges to...
Jimmy Lakey (Candidate CD-7) pledges to...

1) Protect our nation and state from foreign and domestic terrorists

2) Only vote for balanced budgets (in non-war or crisis years)
3) Protect the sanctity of life
4) Protect the 10th amendment and State’s Rights
5) Support eliminating all pork-barrel and wasteful spending
6) Support ending earmark bills and acknowledge that the people, state and local governments know best how to spend hard earned, tax-payer money to benefit the community over the federal government
7) Support pro-business bills that will spur our economy, create, maintain and bring jobs to Colorado by lowering tax burdens, reducing nonsense red-tape and business regulation, reducing the federal deficit, leaving decisions up to the people and not the government and by supporting capitalism
8) Support a decrease in taxes on all Americans whenever permitted to further spur economic growth and prosperity and to make the cost of living more affordable
9) Not take money or gifts from lobbyists in return for supporting, signing, vetoing, voting for, voting against or medaling or interfering with legislation or law
10) Protect, defend, and uphold The Constitution of the United States of America
11) And encourage all others to do the same

Conservative Pledge

Colorado Political News “Conservative Pledge”

I_____________________________________, candidate for __________________________ pledge to,

1) Protect our nation and state from foreign and domestic terrorists
2) Only vote for balanced budgets (in non-war or crisis years)
3) Protect the sanctity of life
4) Protect the 10th amendment and State’s Rights
5) Support eliminating all pork-barrel and wasteful spending
6) Support ending earmark bills and acknowledge that the people, state and local governments know best how to spend hard earned, tax-payer money to benefit the community over the federal government
7) Support pro-business bills that will spur our economy, create, maintain and bring jobs to Colorado by lowering tax burdens, reducing nonsense red-tape and business regulation, reducing the federal deficit, leaving decisions up to the people and not the government and by supporting capitalism
8) Support a decrease in taxes on all Americans whenever permitted to further spur economic growth and prosperity and to make the cost of living more affordable
9) Not take money or gifts from lobbyists in return for supporting, signing, vetoing, voting for, voting against or medaling or interfering with legislation or law
10) Protect, defend, and uphold The Constitution of the United States of America
11) And encourage all others to do the same

We sent our pledge to all state-wide and federal office candidates that we could reach. If you are a candidate running for anything else or did not recieve an e-mail from us and would like to take the pledge, please contact us at coloradopoliticalnews@gmail.com.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

McConnell Challenges Tipton To Debate

Candidate for CD-3, Bob McConnell today challenged State Rep. Scott Tipton to a debate before the assemblies in March. A bold move by McConnell, but in his press release he critized Tipton for working on McGinnis' campaigns. So we can't tell how serious this guy is if he doesn't know Scott McInnis' name.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vail 912 Project Candidate Q and A Notes

I was able to attend the Vail 912 Project today. No, I don’t live in the area, but long story short, I was able to be there. Gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, sat, once again, alone at the gubernatorial candidate table. Turns out McInnis skipped an event that has people that will ask him questions…again. Senate candidate, Cleve Tidwell also attended as well as Debra Irvine, candidate for HD 56.

Every time I see Maes speak he’s gotten better, and now, he’s not just pretty good, but very good. I have no doubt in my mind Maes will get on the ballot, he may even pass McInnis out in the delegate vote at the convention, though 71% is stretching it at this point. Maes started off attacking McInnis for never showing up to any meetings. He said he doesn’t want a candidate whose slogan is “I don’t like the guy, but he has the money” or “I don’t like the guy, but the machine is behind him”. Maes said that the Governor represents the people and answers to them. Maes continues to prove his leadership skills, needed in the Governor’s office. He isn’t afraid to make the tough decisions and admits it when he is wrong. When talking about Ritter’s partisan Supreme Court, Maes said the job of the judicial branch is to “interpret” the law. A roused attendee interrupted saying he disagrees that the judicial branch should interpret the law. Maes calmly said he stood corrected and used poor word choice and went along with the attendee to say “apply” the law. Maes was able to stop the beginning of angry debates between two members of the crowd in a swift movement and turn the attention back on his presentation for Colorado, the reason the group came in the first place. Maes plans to cut 4,000 employees from the state government the day he’s in office and will work to reform PERA, our state version of social security for state employees. He said he is going to reform the whole system and pretty much kick everyone out of the leadership since only one member of the board in charge of PERA is NOT on PERA’s payroll. Maes knows his stuff and knows it well. He isn’t afraid of Hickenlooper or any other democrat because he is standing one business experience, proven leadership and a proven fiscal conservative record that the state is wanting right now. Maes had to go to a meeting across the street and decided to not take up too much of our time, which was appreciated.

When Tidwell spoke, he constantly went back to the point that if we don’t do something in 2010 and 2012, our country will turn socialistic. Tidwell has lived in socialist countries before and I believe him when he says he knows what it looks like. He told the crowd that our of the 10 points on the communist manifesto, we have accomplished ALL of them. But he said that there’s one thing that Marx says. He says that in order for any of this to happen, you have to control the single largest piece of the economy, that’s health care. Tidwell asked the crowd, why do you think that they are working so much on health care right now? Tidwell did say that “Obama was the best thing that happened for this country. Because if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be sitting here right now.” He said we would not have been active if it wasn’t for that wake-up call. He disagrees with all he’s done, but he is glad Obama was the wake-up call for this nation. Tidwell also said that the Congress is going to be focusing on Amnesty, he said that they will keep it hidden until the last moment, but it’s going to come. When Reagan granted amnesty they thought there would be 1 million people to be given it, it turned out to be 3 million. Tidwell said what happens now when we think it’s 15 million and it turns out to be 30 million? That’s a huge voter block that the democrats will control, and now that have control of pretty much every state. Tidwell argued we need to focus on enforcing our current immigration laws. If we do that, we will regain the security of our country again because it’s not just poor fellows in Mexican that wants to get a better wage, it’s terrorists that are sneaking in as well. Tidwell told us of his background all over, from being the only veteran in the race, to working on a fortune 500 company, to having to work with heads of governments of over 20 countries. An interesting story that struck me was Tidwell said in 2002 he was in China with some of his buddies who were high up in the government. They were out one night and the two guys had some drinks and started bragging to Cleve that their military was creating a navy. What did we hear just this summer? China had a navy. He said the ships were being built underground and once done were floated up without their guns on, but which could be attached right away if necessary. Tidwell asked us why hasn’t our government known about this? If there is something I trust about Cleve Tidwell, it’s his international knowledge. Working in the federal government is really about international relations. We have a little thing called the Constitution and it says all powers not listed right here for the Congress to do or federal government, are to be given to the states and the people. Dan Maes talked about this too. We don’t have to have government in our lives, Tidwell said he didn’t want it on our lives. He argued the best thing we can do for educating is give the money to the communities to teach the kids and that we should run the schools like an “NFL team”. At the end of the day we’ll look at teacher’s evaluations and their students grades and we’ll keep the good ones and trade out the bad ones. Tidwell said he was a supporter of the FairTax, were there’s only a single consumption tax. He said it was not a flat tax, but it was a flat rate. You don’t have to be taxed on productivity anymore or what you earn. The government doesn’t need to know what property you own, now we have some privacy again. If you want to save your money, save it and you don’t have to pay as much tax. You want to spend your money, get some nice stuff because you think you’ve earned it, go right away. He said the calculations have been done by a lot of economists and if the numbers are anywhere close to what they predict, it’s going to work out really well. Something surprisingly was that Tidwell said he was opposed to a balanced budget amendment in the federal government, but for a balanced budget. He said that if the government has to make the budget balanced, chances are they won’t cut enough in bad times to make up for it, they’ll raise your taxes. Smart move.

Overall it was a good meeting, I encourage you to attend as many events as you can to get to know the candidates. Make sure to stay active voice your opinion, otherwise you will surely be forgotten.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Salazar Should Start Running

Scott Tipton reported raising over $100,000 in only 46 days. Tipton is facing John Salazar in CD-3. If there is one year to take that seat, it must be this year. Not to mention Tipton only spent $3,000 and has gotten his name around the district quiet effectively.

Total raised in the 4Q 2009

Cash-on-hand $105,321
Total raised from Colorado $104,482 (96%)
Total raised from Individuals $108,836 (100%)
43% giving less then $250

Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott Brown for Senate

Scott Brown has the business and military background to start the turnaround of Washington to put government back in the hands of real-world people with real-world solutions. Brown knows from experience, to turn around our economy, we need to make the US the best place to do business in. We have to cut through useless red-tape and lower taxes that hurt jobs and productivity. We can trust Scott on military and foreign policy issues with him being a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard. Not only is Scott Brown the right choice, recent polling numbers have put him ahead of his democratic rival in a very liberal state.
It's been less than a year of Obama's liberal policies, and even the most liberal states in the nation are crying out for conservative change that will turn this economy around and clean up this mess.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hickenlooper Is The Dem's Choice

The candidate with the least baggage, yet not stellar at all. Hickenlooper is out of touch with rural and suburban Colorado. As Mayor, his overwhelmingly unachievable projects are still, unachievable. He also clearly has no idea politically, how to handle this.
"Some people out there still don't know who I am. My name is John Hickenlooper, and I want to be the next governor of Colorado."
Actually, a bunch of us think we know who you are. In reality, Colorado only knows the candidate Hickenlooper, not the actual elected official. We remember is waky commercials and awesome campaign promises, but don’t remember what he actually did and accomplished in office. How is that effort to end homelessness in 10 years going for ya Hick? It’s also great he wants to be Governor, bunch of us want to be Governor, that doesn’t mean we’re qualified are running for the right reasons. Now that there is a candidate in the race, it will be almost impossible for Romanoff to jump in this without looking like just another politician looking for a job. He would however, have a strong foundation for the caucuses and assemblies in the next few months.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Upcoming GOP Legislation

The Colorado Legislative Republicans have issued out their upcoming legislation. Here's a quick preview with some of our thoughts on the bills.

Sen. Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud)--Repeal the car tax

In 2009, majority Democrats pushed through a $250 million annual car tax. The measure raised vehicle registration fees by an average of $36 and imposes a punitive $100 late fee. Lundberg is sponsoring a bill that will repeal portions of the car tax, dubbed FASTER, starting with the $100 late fee.
This bill will probably be one of the most popular by Coloradoans, the silent but deadly Ritter car tax during the worst of times was a horrible move by democrats. How are we suppose to get people to invest in our economy again when we keep taking their money away? There already is a vehicle registration fee, why do we need to pay so much more and why do so many Coloradans have to pay a $100 late fee when they've barely heard of the program? If you want revenue, you've got to make it easy for the consumer to buy and be productivity at the work place.

Sen. Nancy Spence (R-Centennial)--Reform Teacher Tenure

Under the current law, teachers spend their first three years of the job on probation. This means that a teacher is observed more often and evaluated more frequently than those who have achieved tenure or non-probationary status. After three years, school principals or administrators decide whether to tenure a teacher or move her to non-probationary status. Once off probation, the evaluation process becomes far more informal.

The process for getting rid of a tenured teacher is difficult and costly. Short of child abuse, tenured teachers are almost guaranteed to keep their jobs forever. Sen. Nancy Spence, of Centennial, has a bill that aims to reform teacher tenure by increasing the probationary period from three years to five years. It will also require tenured teachers to be re-evaluated every five years in order to renew their tenure status.

A bill very likely to be attacked by democrats and the teacher's union, yet extremely beneficial to our school system. There are some really good experienced teachers and some really bad, why would it make any sense to keep teachers that don't know what they are teaching and ineffective in our schools? How can we want Colorado's public schools to succeed when the students are taught by people who have less knowledge of the subject then the teachers and ineffective teaching styles that hurt, not help the class. It's time to great responsible in government and our schools.
Sen. Josh Penry (R-Grand Junction)—Government Reduction Legislation

Penry will be carrying a bill aimed at creating a more focused, efficient government that can provide essential services without asking for more taxes and fees. Highlights of the bill would include abolishing the executive director of the Department of Local Affairs and place those responsibilities with the Lieutenant Governor. It would combine boards and commissions and institute a real hiring freeze.
What better way to save money then make the government more efficient and effective? Instead of raising taxes, contributing to the worsening of our economy, let's use our government revenue to spend on programs that are effective and needed instead on programs that are inefficient and pointless. And how about actually giving responsibility to the Lieutenant Governor instead of paying them to sit around. We could save a ton of money this way. This reform is needed.
Rep. Cindy Acree (R-Aurora)—Allow for the purchase of health insurance across state lines

As Federal legislation creates an unfunded mandate for states to provide health insurance, Acree’s bill would open Colorado’s borders and allow residents to purchase their coverage from other states. The competition would lower the cost for consumers, while also providing them with more coverage options.
 Increasing competition is what we need right now. Competition creates lower costs yet more effective products. Allowing Coloradoans to go across borders to purchase health care will give them even more options for affordable, quality health care that they can pick instead of being stuck with the costs of Colorado. This is a good first step in effective health care reform.
Rep. B.J. Nikkel (R-Loveland)—Force the current administration to fully implement the Taxpayer Transparency Act.

Last session, Nikkel sponsored a bill that required details of state spending and revenues to be posted online. The bill initially encountered resistance, mainly from Ritter’s office, but eventually passed with broad bi-partisan support. When the first bits of state spending were posted online, Nikkel was disappointed to discover the data had been aggregated, therefore, offering little insight into state spending.

Nikkel will run a bill this session to better define the intent of her legislation and require more detailed data be provided to the public.
It's time we found out how our money is being spent with a straight honest answer. Coloradans should have the right to see how our government uses are hard earned money. This will force the government to spend effectively. What is there to hide if there isn't anything to be ashamed of or worry about?
Rep. Marsha Looper (R-Calhan) –No Guantanamo detainees in Colorado

Ever since President Barack Obama vowed to close Gitmo, the question of where to move the enemy combatants has haunted his administration. Colorado’s own ADX supermax prison in Florence has been discussed as a possible location for the prisoners. Looper’s bill would bar Gitmo detainees from being moved to the supermax in Florence.
The only person in Colorado that wants terrorists here is Governor Ritter and boy is he wrong. It's one thing to end torture, it's another thing to bring these terrorists in populated areas of the United States with the ability, however small chance, to escape. Not to mention the mess we'll have with the judical branch on if these terrorists that are now in the US get a right to trial, council, etc. Terrorism should be non-negotiable. How is it possible our own government doesn't get this?
2010 will be a good year for Coloradans if we 1) get these common sense solution bills passed to the benefit of the people and our economy and 2) when we replace incompetent leaders with real leadership that we've been waiting for a long time. The fight starts now and I know which side I'm on. Are you with us?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Democratic Gubernatorial Run Down

Will Ken Salazar out, there's less work to do.

John Hickenlooper (4-1)
Hickenlooper is the likable and the greatest maverick as well as the best in the race that can show he isn't partisan politics. However, he has not shown leadership as mayor. Promising the end to homelessness in 10 years isn't working out so well. Creating part of the the clean light rail, but then letting it slip by getting the rest to be powered by coal, as well as high taxes to pay for it. 2010 is the year you don't want the words "high taxes" next to your name. However is favorability is high, why? The media loves him and all people can remember is the Hickenlooper FOR Mayor guy, not the Mayor Hickenlooper. People love his promises, but his actions are less then stellar. Still, he will have funding and with a new haircut, will probably be the GOP's worst opponent. They still can paint him as an urban, tax hike, poor leadership candidate, which is partly what they painted Ritter as.

Andrew Romanoff (5-1)
A much better candidate then Hickenlooper, but switching races shows only one thing, his want of power, not of helping people. With Romanoff gone though, Bennet will be stronger in the Senate race with his tons of cash raised to keep the puppet in. Romanoff has shown by running against Bennet that he isn't a rubber stamp for the Democratic Party, which could play well. His Senate campaign has been a disaster though, it seems he isn't even in the race and he won't have a chance running like this in the Governor's race. Romanoff has a record of leadership, even if it is liberal, something Ritter lacked and Colorado wants. It still will be very diffacult for Romanoff to jump into this race though, but if he does, he could win.

Ed Perlmutter (6-1)
The one benefit of Perlmutter, is money. Perlmutter is sitting on a mountain of cash he's raised up, which he may need for his Congressional race if he chooses not to go for this now that the GOP has real candidates in the race wanting his seat. If Perlmutter does run for Governor, the GOP has a high chance of picking up this seat (CD-4 is on the top of the list anyway) giving the Republicans a majority again. Perlmutter though, has only shown a love for power. All he wants is higher office, he's not in it for the people, but the title. When Ritter needed to appoint a Senator, everyone said "Romanoff" while Perlmutter wanted it, it will be a tougher sell to the people of Colorado though in a 30 second commercial then if it was Romanoff who would be switching races. Perlmutter has been a liberal and union rubber stamp, unpopular now in Colorado. He won't be able to move to the middle with no record of doing so

John Salazar (10-1)
Without his brother Ken in the race, John could run, but it doesn't seem likely. The Latino vote made up 30% in the prior election an expected to be up to 35% in 2010. The GOP cannot win if there is a huge outcome in the Latino community voting against them. Salazar also is a rancher, a plus. He's from the west which could be a plus if McInnis beats Dan Maes who is also from the west. Salazar though, can't prove he's a blue-dog, fiscal conservative anymore. He voted for the stimulus and health care public option. Colorado cares more about electing a fiscal conservative then a social libertarian or moderate and Salazar doesn't fit that ticket. It also seems like the Republicans may have a chance to pick up his seat as well in 2010, so if he leaves his seat, the Republicans almost are certain to win the third back.

Terrance Caroll (25-1)
The Speaker of the House is not mentioned, but still a possibility. However it is past very unlikely, so we won't spend too much time on him. Caroll is young and a minority which could bring in young and minority democrats to the polls which would help swing the race. Caroll is a strong liberal though, helping pass bills in the House that most of us think are unreasonable like strange and high new taxes, more government control, wasteful spending and less efficient government.

Diana DeGette (30-1)
Though if she comes into this race her Denver seat will be safe for democrats, DeGette is by far, the most liberal politician in Colorado. She would be not be able to win the general and would lose by double digits. DeGette started the movement to block the health care bill if covering abortions was not included in it. She has been a clear rubber stamp for the far left. She has only supported tax hikes, wasteful and inefficient spending and government control. Colorado is a libertarian leaning state, and in 2010 the focus is on economic issues, which Colorado stays on the right, DeGette would not even be able to paint herself has a moderate-liberal. She could not win and most likely will not even be mentioned in the talks for who will succeed Ritter.
Cary Kennedy (50-1)
Has been elected state-wide, barely, yet is the most likely person in Colorado to lose re-election. She is being out-raised 2-1 and almost 4-1 by the total Republican funds in the race. She has shown irresponsibility in her position as state Treasurer and has not even taken leadership on fiscal issues, being excluding from important general assembly meetings. If Kennedy is the choice, she will lose by possibly the greatest margin ever and the Treasurer seat will be solid Republican.