Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Salazar Should Start Running

Scott Tipton reported raising over $100,000 in only 46 days. Tipton is facing John Salazar in CD-3. If there is one year to take that seat, it must be this year. Not to mention Tipton only spent $3,000 and has gotten his name around the district quiet effectively.

Total raised in the 4Q 2009

Cash-on-hand $105,321
Total raised from Colorado $104,482 (96%)
Total raised from Individuals $108,836 (100%)
43% giving less then $250

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  1. Have you seen numbers on all the candidates for U.S. Congress? I've read that Frazier has raised over $400,000 to date with over $215,000 in the last three months. How about Gardner & Brown? Lakey & Sias? Good work by Tipton.


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