Saturday, January 30, 2010

First To Sign Conservative Pledge

Tom Wiens (Candidate US Senate) pledges to...
Cleve Tidwell (Candidate US Senate) pledges to...
Mike Sheely (Candidate CD-7) pledges to...
Jimmy Lakey (Candidate CD-7) pledges to...

1) Protect our nation and state from foreign and domestic terrorists

2) Only vote for balanced budgets (in non-war or crisis years)
3) Protect the sanctity of life
4) Protect the 10th amendment and State’s Rights
5) Support eliminating all pork-barrel and wasteful spending
6) Support ending earmark bills and acknowledge that the people, state and local governments know best how to spend hard earned, tax-payer money to benefit the community over the federal government
7) Support pro-business bills that will spur our economy, create, maintain and bring jobs to Colorado by lowering tax burdens, reducing nonsense red-tape and business regulation, reducing the federal deficit, leaving decisions up to the people and not the government and by supporting capitalism
8) Support a decrease in taxes on all Americans whenever permitted to further spur economic growth and prosperity and to make the cost of living more affordable
9) Not take money or gifts from lobbyists in return for supporting, signing, vetoing, voting for, voting against or medaling or interfering with legislation or law
10) Protect, defend, and uphold The Constitution of the United States of America
11) And encourage all others to do the same

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