Sunday, January 24, 2010

McConnell Challenges Tipton To Debate

Candidate for CD-3, Bob McConnell today challenged State Rep. Scott Tipton to a debate before the assemblies in March. A bold move by McConnell, but in his press release he critized Tipton for working on McGinnis' campaigns. So we can't tell how serious this guy is if he doesn't know Scott McInnis' name.

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  1. Tipton is a life long politician and that places him in the group that has sold our state and country down the river for the first big bag of money plopped in front of them. McGinis, no matter how you spell it, is from the same cesspool. 2010 is not the year to elect more people like them. The Tea Parties and 9/12 groups giving their endorsements will have the most influence on voters who are sick and tired of Democrats and Republicans annointing party insiders who are pliable and buyable.


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