Monday, May 24, 2010

Convention Thoughts

I was able to attend the CD-7 Assembly on Thursday as well as the State Convention on Saturday. Here are some of my thoughts.

1) Lang Sias: Lang has improved 200% in speaking and just being a candidate of the past months. His campaign closed a huge gap with Frazier to end the assembly 43-48. Sias' biggest problem though is raising money. He has had big names behind him for a while, McCain, Tancredo, Beauprez...yet he still cannot raise a dime. Sias cannot win a primary against Frazier's war chest of over 600k without the money needed for commercials.

3) Ken Buck: After his standing ovation following the appearance of Jane Norton, it was clear Ken Buck was the caucus, hard-core-conservative favorite. His speech doesn’t need to be remembered, only that he outperformed Jane Norton through his actions to stick through the caucus like he started instead of false words as Norton has gone around the state preaching.

2) Ryan Frazier: Frazier came on top for the ballot. While Sias has propelled through the assembly to catch up to him, Frazier beat him back. Had Sias gotten the top spot, Frazier’s theme of “I’m the one that can win” would immediately be halted. Frazier continues to overpower the room with his energy and voice. Watching him go against Ed in a debate would be something.

1) Mike Deeming: He had a nomination and a second of the nomination…and only one vote…enough said.

2) Jane Norton: When Jane showed up at the assembly, the very thing she skipped out on because she was too chicken, her actions had consequences. The crowd did not even give her attention while speaking, and rightfully so.

1) Dan Maes: By just 16 votes, Dan Maes and the conservative movement, beat the establishment candidate, Congressman Scott McInnis. Even comparing the two speeches it was very clear that Dan Maes has a clear advantage in energy and response in the room. If you want a united party come November that is recruiting new volunteers all over…you want Dan.

2) Ken Buck: Buck winning almost 80% of the vote and keeping a potential competitor, Cleve Tidwell, off the ballot strengthened his campaign. Norton could only hope that Buck would receive under 70% to get another candidate on the ballot, but their efforts and hopes failed. Buck’s microphone cut-off (the first candidate of the day it occurred to), turned into a benefit for him as the audience cheered “We want Ken”.

3) Colorado Caucus: There’s been no closely watched and dramatic convention then 2010. After recounts for the gubernatorial race, the suspense continued to rise all day. 2010 was definitely a renewal to Colorado’s caucus system.

4) JJ Ament: JJ received a standing ovation with more cheers than even Ken Buck. Ament’s campaign hit a record high when Ali Hasan failed to make the ballot. All Ament has to face now is Walker Stapleton, who has kept quiet since his announcement to petition on. This race should be a shoe in for Ament.

5) Scott Gessler: The GOP’s only SOS candidate proved himself worthy on Saturday with a rousing speech in an area most people don’t care about. Gessler proved to me he can win a general election while touting his experience of getting Ralph Nader on the ballot…not because he liked him, but because he wanted to be fair and just.

1) Jane Norton: Not only did Norton skip the caucus, but Ken Buck won by a huge margin. Momentum is in Buck’s favor and Norton only has days before her petitions are due and word has been going around for weeks that her team is having trouble collecting signatures.

2) Ali Hasan: Hasan spent a ton of money in this race only to come out short with 19% of the vote. Hasan recently took many hard balls with his “false accusations” on how Colorado is investing its money, on JJ Ament’s record, and on being under qualified for the job.

3) Cleve Tidwell: Tidwell’s only hope was to get on the ballot by the convention. When both Wiens and Norton dropped out of the convention route, things could not have gone better for the Tidwell campaign which gave them hope. However, Cleve failed to deliver an A+ speech needed to take the spotlight from Buck. While Cleve had energy, the actual speech was average while an underdog needs it to be historic.

4) Joe Gschwendtner: After saying that the campaign will be ready to go toe-to-toe against Scott when Maes didn’t make 30%, Joe threw in his marbles only to lose them. Dan Maes’ victory was a huge revival for the campaign, enough to propel him into a position to seriously challenge McInnis in a state-wide contest (money wise). After sending robo-calls to the delegates, hiring day labors to hold his signs, Joe seems like the candidate buying his way into power…and 2010 is not the year to do that.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

State Convention Results

Dan Maes 49.35%
Scott McInnis 48.89%

Ken Buck 77%
Cleve Tidwell 15%

JJ Ament 78%
Ali Hasan 19%

Romanoff 60.4%
Bennet 39.6%

John Suthers and Scott Gressler won the Republican nomination by acclamation.

Analysis to come

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gschwendtner Has Empty Plan

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Joe Gschwendtner, recently released his "Vision for Colorado 2014". Do not be deceived at the length of this plan, there is a lot of empty promises that without a doubt, cannot be accomplished the way he talks. There’s many goals that seem appealing to the voter, 4% unemployment rate, cutting failing Colorado schools in half, unleashing our energy economy, cutting the $18.2 billion budget by $1 billion. However, with a vague plan and lack of detail, it does not seem possible any of that would happen in a Gschwendtner administration. My personal favorite quote in the plan is “something must be done”. I’ve heard that one before.

The plan is clear that Joe knows the current statistics, facts, rates, etc. The plan is mostly just that, what is happening now and not what Joe will do. When Joe does actually say what he plans to accomplish, he rarely includes how, mostly leaving behinds comments of “bi-partisan” solutions, or reaching agreements, or negotiating, but not what Joe is actually going to push specifically to fix Colorado’s economy, education or anything else.

For instance, the only detail Joe includes in improving public education is “We will do whatever it takes so that our children get the best education.” Isn’t that what the last guy said? How about the guy before and the guy before that? This is the same typical talk of politicians that care more about getting into office, then actually have a vision and agenda of what they want to accomplish, to change, to improve while in that office.

While negotiating is a great technique, while some ideas won’t be brought up until in office and while leadership means being able to adapt at times, why should Colorado vote for a guy that does not have specific solutions in mind to improving Colorado? I don’t know a candidate in any race in Colorado that has said “I want our schools to fail.” So by saying you’ll do what it takes to succeed is exactly what everyone else has said in the race so far.
If Joe wants to set himself apart from the herd and get on the ballot or even win this thing, he needs to make the choice clear between vision and unorganized, “typical” political types. Joe Gschwendtner failed to do that in his 2014 Vision.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Republican Primary Game Changer

Businessman and former vet, Joe Gschwendtner is entering the race for Governor today in the Republican primary field against Scott McInnis and Dan Maes.

While Maes always had one up on McInnis, working his way up from a poor background, not just working, being in the police force as well as McInnis, not being a politician or having a liberal record, and being a committed businessman, Gschwendtner has triple the up on both of them.

Besides being a Captain that served in Vietnam, or building business empires, Joe is starting out with 100k in the race. For all you guys saying you're voting for McInnis because he's the most electable, say that no more.

Press release below

Denver, CO—Mr. Joe Gschwendtner, successful entrepreneur and small businessman from Douglas County will publicly announce his bid for the office of Governor of Colorado on Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 10:00 AM inthe West Foyer of the State Capitol.

Without a doubt, the most important issue facing us in Colorado is the economy”, commented Gschwendtner. “We don’t need another politician and we certainly don’t need politics as usual. Colorado needs a Governor who has a comprehensive understanding of the problems and the background and track record to fix those problems.”

Gschwendtner recognized that he was late entering the race but went on to say, “I don’t believe it’s ever too late for the voters to have a viable conservative choice. It’s not too late for voters to have the option of an experienced business leader to guide our state through the years ahead."

Patrick Davis, veteran political consultant and strategist for the campaign commented, “We have the best choice for Governor in Gschwendtner andhe is backed by a professional team, over $100,000 cash on hand, and petitions on the street. Joe will quickly become known in Colorado. I fully expect that he will be our next Governor.”

Gschwendtner and his wife of 41 years, Barbara, live outside of Castle Rock.The public announcement will be open to members of the media. One-on-one interviews will be conducted afterwards.

The public announcement will be open to members of the media. One-on-one interviews will be conducted afterwards.

For additional comments or to schedule an interview contact:
Kyle Fisk, Communications DirectorJoe Gschwendtner for Governor Campaign
(720) 878-4661