Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Republican Primary Game Changer

Businessman and former vet, Joe Gschwendtner is entering the race for Governor today in the Republican primary field against Scott McInnis and Dan Maes.

While Maes always had one up on McInnis, working his way up from a poor background, not just working, being in the police force as well as McInnis, not being a politician or having a liberal record, and being a committed businessman, Gschwendtner has triple the up on both of them.

Besides being a Captain that served in Vietnam, or building business empires, Joe is starting out with 100k in the race. For all you guys saying you're voting for McInnis because he's the most electable, say that no more.

Press release below

Denver, CO—Mr. Joe Gschwendtner, successful entrepreneur and small businessman from Douglas County will publicly announce his bid for the office of Governor of Colorado on Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 10:00 AM inthe West Foyer of the State Capitol.

Without a doubt, the most important issue facing us in Colorado is the economy”, commented Gschwendtner. “We don’t need another politician and we certainly don’t need politics as usual. Colorado needs a Governor who has a comprehensive understanding of the problems and the background and track record to fix those problems.”

Gschwendtner recognized that he was late entering the race but went on to say, “I don’t believe it’s ever too late for the voters to have a viable conservative choice. It’s not too late for voters to have the option of an experienced business leader to guide our state through the years ahead."

Patrick Davis, veteran political consultant and strategist for the campaign commented, “We have the best choice for Governor in Gschwendtner andhe is backed by a professional team, over $100,000 cash on hand, and petitions on the street. Joe will quickly become known in Colorado. I fully expect that he will be our next Governor.”

Gschwendtner and his wife of 41 years, Barbara, live outside of Castle Rock.The public announcement will be open to members of the media. One-on-one interviews will be conducted afterwards.

The public announcement will be open to members of the media. One-on-one interviews will be conducted afterwards.

For additional comments or to schedule an interview contact:
Kyle Fisk, Communications DirectorJoe Gschwendtner for Governor Campaign
(720) 878-4661


  1. Who exactly is this a game changer for? He has no name ID, no connections to the grass roots, no ability to fundraise and no ability to get on tv. He might be able to beat Maes for 2nd place but who cares.

  2. Joe has a very expensive and strong team as his staff that have worked on dozens of US Senate and Gubernatorial campaigns.

    Raising $15,000 already (before the public conference) also shows he has started the phone lines. Dan Maes can't even raise that much and he's considered the "grass-roots choice"

    We also saw the "tea party" come out in extremly low numbers at the caucus, hurting Dan's best chance, to come on top.

    With an already 115k war chest, and only one day in this thing, this is a game changer. Get ready to see him on TV.

  3. Unless Joe is going to raise $100k in the next month and a half it wont matter. Even having $215k is only about half of what you need to get on network TV, not counting a supplemental cable buy. Plus this "very expensive" staff that he hired isnt gonna help the matters of conserving any of that money. I'll be shocked if Joe gets over 10% in the primary, assuming he can get the signatures to even get on the ballot.
    Why are you touting this guy anyways when Dan Maes is part of your "Vision for the Future"

  4. Yes, Joe has only a month to make or break the campaign. With a very experienced staff and strong petitioners though, we see it very possible that he is a tough player in this primary. 215k is not enough to buy satisfying TV time, however if a candidate like Joe only raises 100k, then he has problems. He isn't the "tea party" Dan Maes type that is focused on grass-roots over money and media.

    While we have endorsed Dan Maes (before Joe got in the race) we do believe Joe very much has the potential to be a game changer in this race, hence the blog post.

    If Joe, however, does not continue with his current momentum, you are correct and his campaign most likely will not be able to make it on the ballot in the first place. But continuing at this rate (and he’s only just out of the gate) plus the possible funds he can rake in can make him a very competitive player.

  5. He has not just got in the race. He has been working this angle for over 6 months. I met with him twice over that period. He has been polling money people and taking pledges for months now. Several of them told him to come to me and he did. Even though he confided that he had little to bring to the table different than me he was obviouly determined to run no matter what anyone told him. This is a game changer because if he gets any traction at all he will split the conservative vote and we will end up with the same old thing. That was why he was told to get with me and he still ignored the advice. This is a selfish and destructive move to the conservative right.

    Dan Maes

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  8. This is a typical tactic used by the establishment to protect their lackeys. Some guy with money, but no agenda, comes out of nowhere to split the vote with a challenger giving their pick a run for his money?

    Hopefully, this election year, the Tea Party movement will help give the two party system some sorely needed credibility.

    Dan Maes for governor, Ken Buck for senate, Stephen Bailey for US house, Tim Leonard for state senate, and Clear the Bench Colorado!


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