Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Norton Attacks Buck's Personal Life

In Jane Norton's latest e-mail sent out by Josh Penry, she(he) talks about how Ken Buck is anything but an outside.

 One point I find interesting...

"Outsider? Ken Buck was the best man in Bill Ritter's wedding."

Not sure how the Norton campaign sees this as relevant to Ken Buck's ability to be an effective conservative in the Senate. If anything, Norton shouldn't be the one to attack on that point. May I remind you the dozens of large corrupt lobbyist firms and individuals pulling the strings and funding her own campaign?

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  1. Just so you know the facutally challended Norton camp can't get it straight. Buck was not the best man at Ritter's wedding. It was the other way around. Either way the Norton camp is now just making stuff up.
    Norton the outsider, Buck the insider. FEC shows Norton with 355K PAC money to 0 for Buck. Here's the invite and list of people throwing outsider Jane a fundaraiser on
    February 23rdin DC:
    Jane Norton (R-Colo.) — Candidate for U.S. Senate
    Fundraising Luncheon: 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.
    Location: The Townhouse at 300 Maryland Ave., N.E., Washington, D.C.
    Hosted by: Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, The Honorable Jon Kyl, The Honorable John Thune, The Honorable Lamar Alexander and Robbie Aiken, Phil Anderson, Judy and Charlie Black, Doyce Boesch, Cesar Conda, Julie Cram, Smitty Davis, Mimi Dawson, Frank Donatelli, Marty Gold, Marilyn Harris, Susan Hirschmann, Aleix Jarvis, Susan Nelson, Fern O’Brian, Ed Rahal, Mercy and Matt Schlapp and Jade West
    Cost: Host $2,500 PAC/$1000 Individual or Attend $1,000 PAC/$500 Individual
    To help out those who might not be familiar with these "Colorado" friends of Jane “I am not the DC insider” Norton here is who they are:
    Mitch McConnell – Minority Leader US Senator Kentucky
    Jon Kyl – Senator from Arizona
    John Thune – Senator from South Dakota
    Lamar Alexander – Senator from Tennessee
    Robbie Aiken – DC Lobbyist
    Phil Anderson – DC Lobbyist, named one of Washington’s top lobbyists 2002-2009
    Judy and Charlie Black – Jane’s sister and brother in law – Top DC lobbyist and McCain campaign senior advisor and DC lobbyist.
    Doyce Boesch – leading lobbyist for Strategic Health Care in DC
    Cesar Conda – Founder of Navigator Global, same lobbying firm that employs Phil Anderson, above
    Julie Cram, DCLobbyist
    Smitty Davis, DC Lobbyist and Partner at DC law firm Akin Gump
    Mimi Dawson, DC Lobbyist
    Frank Donatelli, DC Lobbyist
    Marty Gold, DC Lobbyist and Partner at DC law firm Covington and Burling
    Marilyn Harris, DC Lobbyist for among others Marathon Oil
    Susan Hirschmann, DC Lobbyist and ex-chief of staff of Tom DeLay who retired around the time of the Jack Abramoff scandal.
    Aleix Jarvis, Lobbyist and former aide to Senator Lindsay Graham.
    Susan Nelson, DC Lobbyist with McCain connections
    Fern O’Brian, DC Lobbyist
    Ed Rahal, DC Lobbyist
    Mercy and Matt Schlapp, Matt – DC Lobbyist, wife Mercy TV host
    Jade West – DC Lobbyist for National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors
    Sure looks to me like Norton is the DC insider.


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