Thursday, April 1, 2010

BREAKING: Ritter Enters Senate Race

Ritter commented today he was “disgusted” with his pick for US Senate, Michael Bennet. “Michael hasn’t shown any leadership. He just does whatever Obama and Reid tell him to do. We need real teeth in the game. We need a public option, we need to replace all coal with natural gas and replace oil with alternative fuels. I’ve decided to petition on the ballot for US Senate, I made the wrong choice picking Michael, I should have picked me.”

Ritter said he will officially launch the campaign in the coming week saying he has a strong fundraising base with hundreds of thousands in pledges. Ritter stated that his name recognition will help him in the Senate Primary. “Democrats know me, they like me. Democrats don’t know Bennet and his record is just a rubber stamp. We need a real leader in there that will fight for these issues, not just vote on them. There’s only one hundred Senators, when you’re one of them it comes with responsibility.”

When asked if President Obama had pushed him to put Bennet in office the Governor replied, “Yes he did. Him, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer. It seemed everyone wanted him so I put him in. I didn’t ask questions, I just did what they told me to do.”

Andrew Romanoff however has gone on the offense saying, “Governor Ritter calls himself a leader, yet his record proves the exact opposite. He left everyone in the House and Senate to fend for ourselves. He didn’t question Obama, Reid or Schumer when they asked for the unknown Michael Bennet. There was a clear cry from the people that I needed to be in office. I’m one of you guys, I’m one of the people. We need a people person in Washington.”

Michael Bennet could not be reached for comment, but the campaign did give us $10,000 to leave him alone for the week.

Meanwhile, Republican front-runners Ken Buck and Jane Norton were questioned on Ritter’s surprise entrance in the race. Buck said, “You know the Governor is a good person, but a crappy public official. We can’t have any more of this crap in Washington, that’s what has got us in this mess in the first place.”

Jane Norton was swiftly moved out of the room by staffers when we tried to get her comment. Later at a Republican fundraiser we again tried to talk to Norton, but her staff tackled me and my colleague as we walked over to her. Norton again was whisked away.

Ritter said he was confident he would win the three-way race and the Senate seat. Ritter said he was replacing his entire staff and hoping Opera would make some visits with him to kick-off the campaign season.

APRIL FOOLS…well mostly, except for that Norton part of being whisked away from reporters every time


  1. Who is writing all of this stuff. WHo is the insiders, isn't Corey an insider. Buck is an insider who has always worked for the government,INCLUDING THE IRS, WHO has been to DC three or four times trying to get support, BUCK. Buck's office has accepted C money for his bloated buget. HIS OFFICE IS THE ONLY GOVERNMENT OFFICE THAT HAS NOT CUT BACK. Is this a true and tried conservative. Thank God we have a candidate that knows when a joke is being played.

  2. Why do the taxpayers allow Ken Buck to continue
    to receive a paycheck while NOT in the office
    doing his job. Running around the State campaigning and the DA's office is paying him. What court cases has he tried? NONE.
    The people voting for him really do not know
    the true Ken Buck. Maybe Perry should tell it
    like it really is.

  3. "Bus" Bergman, war hero and prominent Colorado athlete, dead at 89
    Decorated World War II hero and hall-of-fame athlete and coach Walter "Bus" Bergman of Grand Junction died today. He was 89 years old.
    He is the father of former Colorado lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton of Denver. He also is survived by another daughter, Judy Black of Alexandria, Va., and a son, Walt Bergman Jr. of Grand Junction.

    Funeral arrangements are pending, his son said.

    "Everywhere you went people knew him or knew of him, which always sort of paved the way for us," Walt Bergman said of he and his siblings. "There was just something about him. He always had this smile that made people feel like they knew him."

    Bus Bergman was a star athlete at Denver's North High School and Colorado A&M (later renamed Colorado State University) and a legendary coach at Mesa State College 1950 through 1980, according to Mesa State.

    The athletic fields at Mesa State are named in his honor. Bergman also is credited with helping bring the National Junior College Athletic Association baseball tournament to Grand Junction in 1959, where it is still played each year.

    A star halfback at Colorado A&M, he rejected a professional football from the Philadelphia Eagles to enlist in the Marines.

    During World War II, he was a major in the 229th Sixth Marine Division and received the Bronze Star for heroism during the bloody battles at Okinawa and Sugar Loaf Hill,

    In a 2004 article in the Denver Post, Norton said her father never boasted of his heroism in the war, and when pressed by his children to discuss it, he told them, "The heroes are the guys who never came back."

    A three-sport athlete at North High, Bergman hit the winning basket that gave his team the state hoops championship in 1938, while earning all-city and all-state honors.

    At Colorado A&M, he earned varsity letters in baseball, basketball and football, as well as serving as student body president.

    At Mesa State, his coaching record in football was 102-63-9, with three conference championships. His baseball teams were 378-201, with 20 conference championships. He coached from 1947 to 1950 at Fort Lewis College in Durango, while he played semi-pro football for the .

    He is a member of six athletic halls of fame, including his induction into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame in 1995 and the Colorado State University Hall of fame in 1993.

    Jane is the daughter of Elinor Pitman Bergman, a retired Grand Junction public school teacher and native of Pueblo, and Walter F. “Bus” Bergman, a native of Denver and retired Mesa College coach.

    Jane’s father, Major Walter “Bus” Bergman, United States Marine Corps, Retired, served in the 229th- 6th Marine Division during World War II. Bergman was awarded the Bronze Star for extraordinary heroism during the capture of Okinawa and the Battle of Sugar Loaf Hill.

    On October 25, 1945, he participated in the ceremony at the surrender of Japanese military forces in Tsingtao, China. Bergman is a member of the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.

    Jane was born (October 12, 1954) and raised in Grand Junction with sister Judy Black of Washington, DC and brother Walt Bergman, a retired public school teacher in Grand Junction.

    She has lived in Fort Collins and Greeley and currently resides in Englewood. She began teaching middle school in Fort Lupton after graduating from college.

    Jane is married to MIKE NORTON, former US Attorney of Colorado. She is the mother of two grown children (Lacee and Tyler Artist), two step-children, and enjoys seven grandchildren, one of whom is serving in the US Army.

    Norton serves on the board of Denver Seminary; teaches the 2 year olds with her husband at their church, Smoky Hill Vineyard; and is an avid hiker and skier.

  4. Well, well, well. What senatorial language Mr. Buck uses. Is that what we want in Washington? Why is it that we Republicans refuse to question those who run for office under the Republican banner to allow us to know what they really are? Campaigning on taxpayer dollars? What will Buck do when he gets to Washington? All he wants is the power.

  5. Guys in case you haven't noticed, this is an April fools joke...

  6. Funny, almost thought it was real during the first paragraph

  7. My, my, my... there certainly are a LOT of Norton supporters posting here.

    Tsk, Tsk, Buck is the better man and he's on the road to winning. Norton has pulled out of the State Assembly because she knows she'll lose.

    I know Ken Buck; Ken Buck is a friend of mine, and Jane (appointed and annointed by John McCain) is NO KEN BUCK.

    See, I can post anonymously too!


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