Monday, February 15, 2010

Dan Maes For Governor Of Colorado

If you want proven leadership, fiscal conservative principles and open government I encourage you to attend your caucus and become a delegate for our next Colorado Governor, Dan Maes. Dan is a businessman raised on hard working principles that if you work hard and try hard you can succeed. Dan has had to bring himself through his whole life from a young age, early on when his father died. Dan has been a successful businessman because he knows how to handle the tough situations. He knows how to make a working budget, how to cut expenses and even jobs if the times are that tough. He also knows how in good times to give a bonus to hard working employees.

I have seen Dan speak numerous times over the past months and each time he surprises me. How is it possible that a guy who has never stuck his nose in politics before is such a good speaker, articulating his message clearly about his plan and vision for Colorado? He may not have the big bucks of Washington, but he sure does have a lot of support all across the state. On Ben DeGrow’s latest survey he has released today, Maes is leading McInnis 48-39%. If there’s a rising star for conservatives in Colorado it’s Dan Maes.

Dan has stated that one of the first things he will do in office is to cut 4,000 state employees. In these economic times with such a tight budget, it is essential to cut wasteful government. Maes has promised he will fight for only a balanced budget, crucial for Colorado. Dan also has a different view on PERA. He doesn’t believe we need to declare it bankrupt, but fix the system. Currently everyone but one person sitting on the board in charge of PERA gets their pay check from it. How can we get a fair, balanced system when these guys are more worried about their paychecks then Colorado’s hard working teachers, administrators and other public servants? Dan Maes is about transparency, open government and trust. It’s time we bring this state back together and trust one another again. It’s time the western slope doesn’t feel like they’re part of Utah, that eastern plains can trust Denver once again after their water feuds, that farmer and ranchers can work with businessmen and woman and that government doesn’t just suck up tax-payer money and wastes it instead of focusing on fixing our problems that education shortages, infrastructure projects and new jobs.

Colorado’s unemployment is at 7.8% and rising. Back in summer 2007 that was down to 3.5%. It’s time government stops killing jobs and starts crafting a better environment for job creation while balancing the beauty and nature of Colorado. Dan Maes has been in business for 25 years and will have the experience as Governor to help turn around our state. Dan Maes says every time I see him it’s about “the economy, the economy and the economy.” Maes believes in focusing on our energy economy by using both renewable energy like wind and solar and natural resources like coal, natural gas and oil as well as exploring uranium and nuclear power. Maes proposes having all of Colorado’s transportation to be run on Colorado energy. With Dan Maes’ strong energy economy, revenue will be brought back to Colorado and there will be the ability to cut taxes, even further growing our economy by turning our business environment into the friendliest in the nation.

On one of the most controversial issues in the state, the expansion of Pinon Canyon, Dan Maes supports what the rest don’t, compromise. He believes as Governor he can work with the military and farmers who have been in the area for generations, to work out a solution. Maes has visited the canyon and talked with the locals and believes there isn’t anything there that can’t be solved.

Although Dan Maes says he will be focused on the economy until unemployment is down to 4% in Colorado, he cares about education. Dan Maes is concerned about Amendment 23, which he says is “sucking our budget dry while we are only getting mediocre results.” Amendment 23 (passed in 2000) requires K-12 spending be increased by at least inflation plus one percent each year for ten years, and then by at least inflation thereafter. Dan Maes wants our education system to be the best in the world to strengthen our future economy. Maes supports expanding charter schools, homeschools and improving public education. Maes wants bureaucracy and waste out of the education system to allow our teachers to do the best that they can in improving their students education. Dan Maes is no stranger of our public schools, he has two kids in the Evergreen public schools system. Dan Maes supports state-wide testing to follow student progress and to compare results around the state.

My first endorsement for the 2010 election cycle goes out to Dan Maes, a proven fiscal conservative with business experience who I believe will turn around Colorado’s economy, cut waste and open the doors to government transparency so the eastern plains, western slope, foothills, I-25 corridor and Denver-Metro area can all once again work together and trust each other. There could not be a stronger candidate in the Governor’s race than Dan Maes and I truly believe he will not only sweep the convention and primaries, but beat Mayor Hickenlooper in the general election. The turnaround starts now, but it’s not going to happen without you. You have to go to the caucus and become a delegate to the county and state level so Dan Maes can get on the ballot. I’m one person and you’re one person, alone we can’t do much, but together we can elect Dan Maes as our next Governor of Colorado.

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  1. Go Dan! I can't wait until he becomes our Governor

  2. Great article! Dan Maes for Governor!!

  3. woo Dan. We need you in Denver! -western slope

  4. While I struggle with Jane as a Senator, never having cast a vote under pressure, I am comfortable with Dan despite that same short comming.

    We have two strong Governor candidates, I too have come to believe that Dan's experience would make him the strongest candidate, most electible and best chief executive for the state.

    My first contribution to his campaign has recently been sent.

  5. I heard Dan speak and a meet and greet at Hansen Equipment in Grand Junction a month ago or so... LOVE HIM!
    Though he may be from the Denver area (I know this concerns some in my area), he recognizes the importance of the state on a whole, and looks at the state through the eyes of a business man.

    -Young Voter from Grand Junction
    He's not afraid of saying he doesn't know something as well as he should, with his opinion on water for instance, instead he told us he spoke with someone (can't remember the name) who knows the ins and outs of water in Colorado, and got the information he needed to better equip himself! This is wonderful!
    I gave him what little contribution I could that night, and let me just say that I will not have a sick feeling in my stomach when I cast my vote for Dan Maes!

    "Dan is the Man!"

  6. Dan Maes had the Grand Junction Tea Party endorsement (3,000+ strong)

    He will be a great governor and we need new faces. GO Dan

    American Patriot, director
    Home of the Grand Junction Tea Party

  7. Mr Maes. I have been really torn this year on who to vote for, for Govenor. I have finally decided to vote for you base on your comments regarding PERA and Pro-Life. As a Montrose County School Dist. Employee, I hope that you will keep your word in saving PERA and doing what's best for us. I also appreciate your comments on Pro-Life and Marraige. Thank's for standing up for traditional values. Please don't let Colorado down and be a strong leader without giving up your morals and values. Our children as well as we need that.


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