Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pledge Signers

You can find a copy of Colorado Political News' Conservative Pledge here
So far the following have signed....

For Governor
Dan Maes 2/2

US Senate
Tom Wiens 1/30
Cleve Tidwell 1/30


Bob McConnell 2/2

Cory Gardner 2/1
Diggs Brown 2/12

Mike Sheely 1/30
Jimmy Lakey 1/30
If you are running in a local race or you were not contacted to sign the pledge, e-mail us at coloradopoliticalnews@gmail.com to get a copy that we can send or fax to you.

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  1. Why wouldn't Frazier or Lang Sias sign the pledge? It seems like a pretty easy commitment to make. Otherwise, what are they running for?


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