Monday, February 22, 2010

Debate Results From Yesterday


Michael Deming 2 2.86%

Ryan Frazier 20 28.57%

Jimmy Lakey 27 38.57%

Michael Sheely 4 5.71%

Lang Sias 17 24.29%

Total Votes 70 100.00%


Stephen Bailey 29 54.72%

Bob Brancato 1 1.89%

Bill Hammons 2 3.77%

Curtis Harris 21 39.62%

Total 53 100.00%

US Senate

Steve Barton 0 0.00%

Ken Buck 41 47.13%

Jane Norton 2 2.30%

Cleve Tidwell 20 22.99%

Tom Wiens 24 27.59%

Total 87 100.00%


Dan Maes 39 61.90%

Scott McInnis 21 33.33%

Rich Hand 3 4.76%

Total 63 100.00%

I was only able to watch the second half of the Governor's debate online, however it is no surprise to me that Dan Maes won. First of all, McInnis' mic would go in and out and I couldn't even hear him answer some questions, whether on purpose or not. Maes and McInnis seemed to have a lot of the same answers, however McInnis said he wanted Pinon Canyon to go the the army and Dan Maes was focussed on a compromise. 2010 is a good year for independents (just look at New England Governor's races) however Rich Hand is nothing special. If he forgets that Dan Maes wanted to created a van called "The Colorado Express" to get illegals out of Colorado, I wouldn't trust him with my state. Dan Maes was a better speaker then McInnis also. McInnis has an angry, yelling tone while Maes has a business-like commanding voice that is louder, yet more peaceful then McInnis' face turning red.

Hopefully all of you were able, or will be able to watch the debate eventually online if you did not attend the event.

Hat tip to PPC

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