Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maes Lieutenant Governor Short-List


Tambor Williams- Former state rep out of HD 50, Tambor brings in the establishment as she also worked in the Owens administration. Apparently Mark Hillman has been touting her to be on the ticket as well as numerous others. While Williams does bring in the party, it hurts Maes' outsider image.

Ray Martinez- Former popular Fort Collins Mayor. Martinez served in the army and police force. Martinez worked to strengthen relations with the Hispanic community and the police. Martinez shares some background with Maes while still being out of Maes’ base, something very much needed in a three way race. Martinez is not an establishment pick, but he does bring some aspect of the establishment with him as well as public service. Martinez is sure to be on Maes’ short list.
Shawn Mitchell- There has been a recent movement to get Mitchell on the ballot with Maes. Serving in the state senate, Mitchell also brings in some establishment ties, but there is no doubt he is his own man. Mitchell is popular and a good orator, but doesn’t bring in much outside Maes’ current conservative base. He would be a safe pick and a strong lieutenant governor.

Lola Spradley- The first woman Speaker of the House and the lieutenant governor pick under Marc Holtzman, Spradley brings in the old guard with proven experience and leadership. Spradley was a while ago though and has not been in the public eye since 2006. Spradley would be an interesting pick and certainly well received.

Lionel Rivera- Current Colorado Springs a Mayor and former candidate for CD-5, Rivera is very popular in his area. Like Martinez, Rivera served in the Army as a Captain. Martinez has a strong public service record in Colorado Springs being elected to the city council, being the first Hispanic Vice Mayor and now current Mayor. Colorado Springs is mostly under Maes’ belt, but Rivera would add to the ticket, not as much as Martinez though.

John Elway- This is a wild card. Elway would bring much needed money into the ticket and as a businessman, adds to Maes’ resume. Elway isn’t new to politics, though he hasn’t run for office (though often touted as a potential candidate). Elway is unlikely to be on Maes’ short list, but he would surely stir things up in the race.

While there are many other possible picks, we feel these are, or at least should be, on Maes' short list.

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