Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Primary Predictions

Based off of recent polls and voter group breakdown, we have come up with our primary predictions for tonight.

Ken Buck 53%
Jane Norton 47%
Ken Buck has the momentum on his side with energized tea party supporters behind him and the fact that El Paso and Weld County especially have polls open today which will bring in huge numbers for Ken.

Dan Maes 52%
Scott McInnis 48%
A lot of voters are expected to leave this one blank which increases Dan Maes' chances. Maes has the energy and momentum on his side as well as a strong lead in the female vote, which is more likely to vote in the primaries.

Michael Bennet 51%
Andrew Romanoff 49%
This is one of the hardest races to predict. You've all seen the recent polls with both Romanoff and Bennet leading. PPP shows Bennet leading with older and younger voters as well as woman.

Ryan Frazier 59%
Lang Sias 41%
Frazier has been in the race much longer than Sias, has a war chest and yard signs all over the 7th. Sias did bring in the big guns with McCain, but that isn't going to do too much for him. Sias' negative campaign may have turned some voters off from Frazier, but not on to him.

Bob McConnell 47%
Scott Tipton 53%
McConnell is sure to make some noise tonight, but in the end, we think voters will choose the more electable candidate, Scott Tipton. Palin's backing of McConnell proved he was tea party material, but was it enough to push him over the fence?

Stephen Bailey 60%
Bob Brancato 40%
After Brancato's exit before the ballot came out, then re-entrance, the campaign looked like a wreck. Bailey has been the favorite in the race and will probably stay that way tonight.

JJ Ament 56%
Walker Stapleton 44%
About a third of Colorado voters have been undecided on this race which worked into Ament's favor after recently attacking Stapleton for not showing up to recent events and forums. Ament dropped in momentum after the convention, but as picked it back up. Stapleton has had media buys, but it just might not be enough for these voters who make up their minds at the very end.

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