Friday, August 21, 2009

PPP Polling Skewed?

A post worth looking at over at ColoradoPols

Like we said discussing another purported result of this poll, the amusing notion that historic political faceplant Bob Beauprez might actually be an electable candidate for the U.S. Senate, it was weighted in a manner that will invariably skew the results to favor GOP candidates and policy positions--almost 40% of the poll's respondents were self-identified Republicans, when the reality in Colorado is more like 33%. If you were to re-align these sampled numbers to demographic reality, you'd get a much different result. It's really that simple.

So the polled more Republicans then Colorado usually has voting, yes. However, when your party is out of power completely the guys to blame almost always is other party. Put that on top of the fact that Republicans will be more eager to get dems out of office then dems will be to keep them in office could make some truth to the fact that 40% of people polled were Republicans.

Still interesting post to look at.

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