Monday, August 10, 2009

NRSC Releases 2012 Proxy Ballot

In a fundraising pitch, the National Republican Senatorial Committee issues an online proxy ballot that includes a list of Republican candidates for a 2012 race.

The question: Which of the following Republicans is your FIRST choice for the GOP presidential nomination?

The list you can choose from:
a. Haley Barbour
b. Jeb Bush
c. Mitch Daniels
d. Jon Huntsman
e. Mike Huckabee
f. Bobby Jindal
g. John McCain
h. Sarah Palin
i. Ron Paul
j. Tim Pawlenty
k. Mitt Romney
l. Other

They then ask who your second choice is (Is this a Top of Ticket-Bottom of Ticket gauge?).

Notes: Ron Paul shows up. That seems to be a significant concession from the NRSC that it will be more solicitous of his voters this time around.

Governor Haley Barbour (Chairman of RGA is at the top).

Mitch Daniels (who says he isn't running) and Jon Huntsman (who will be ambassador to China under the Obama administration) are both on the ballet also.

Looks like they aren't running Palin out either.

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