Monday, August 17, 2009

Coffman Blames Dems for Lay-offs

(LONE TREE, CO) – U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado)
today passed blame for Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ announced 4.5%
(approximately 800 employees) workforce lay-off to the Obama Administration and
Congressional Democrats. Space Systems will lay-off personnel primarily at the
Denver, CO, and Sunnyvale, CA, facilities.

“I will say what Lockheed Martin can’t say because of their reliance on the Congress to fund a number of ongoing programs: “Lockheed Martin is reducing jobs to meet the reduction in the investment America is now making in our national missile defense and space assets. If these cuts were a part of a general government belt-tightening, they would still be dangerous to our long-term national security. The fact that our national space assets are being cut while we keep spending like a drunken sailor elsewhere is infuriating.

“These are good-paying American jobs being cut, and their loss will affect communities, schools, and the local economy. The agenda-driven priorities of those in Congress and the Administration demand cuts to military and space budgets – yet at the same time they have run a deficit of over $1 trillion, which we don’t have, since President Obama took office. This is shameful.”

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