Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ryan Frazier to Make Big Announcment

From his site...
Aurora, CO - Ryan Frazier, candidate for U.S. Senate, will provide
critical details about the future of his campaign
during an
announcement to supporters. Frazier, who has been described as an atypical
Republican candidate and a rising star in the party, has attracted significant
grassroots support. Speculations have surfaced that Frazier may move his
race to run for Lt. Governor or for the U.S. House of Representatives in
District 7.

His words not mine. There's little doubt that Frazier is done with this Senate race, most likely because 1) it is crowded with high profile candidates 2) he isn't raising Norton and Buck money 3) he has a better shot elsewhere (at least in his eyes).

Frazier most likely will run against Ed Perlmutter for the 7th, one of the very few Republicans in the district that would have the grassroots, ID and at least a little money in the bank to take him out. If Frazier were to run for Lt. Governor, most likely the guy he's on the ticket with would be there with him. However, he could also run for Lt. Governor NOT on a ticket, run alone and try to win at the convention and primary against the Lt. Governor possible choices the current candidates would announce. Or Frazier could be the universal Lt. Governor pick where no one picks a running mate and it's just decided Frazier will be on the bottom no matter who wins.

Tomorrow will be exciting for the Frazier campaign and his supporters and Colorado may very well be shaken up...or it's something we don't expect at all.

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