Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reagan Roundup


Adams County Republicans “Reagan Roundup”
BBQ Dinner + House & Senate Districts Carnival
Fri. Oct 23 5:30-10PM
Adams County Fairgrounds Waymire Dome
Tickets $15 Kids 10 & under free

Adams County Republicans are offering you a chance to have an old fashioned BBQ dinner and to meet, hear, and talk with your elected officials, party officers, and candidates about the reckless spending and dangerous government health care, carbon tax, stimulus spending and other proposals the Obama administration, congressional Democrats, Governor Ritter and the Democrat legislature are trying to ram through before anyone has a chance to read their bills.
With so many of us generally concerned about what the Democrats are doing to our country and Colorado, Adams County Republicans want you to have the opportunity to express your concerns and yet have a little fun before summer ends.

What to see and do at the "Reagan Roundup" BBQ Dinner and District Carnival
BBQ beef dinner with all the trimmings House and Senate Districts within the county and other candidates will have booths around the perimeter of the round building offering things to sell, literature, games to play, and a chance for you to meet the candidates, District Chairpersons, District Captains, and Precinct Committee People from your respective districts Carnival atmosphere for kids and families: old time cake-walk, beanbag toss, fishing booth (waterless), live band, dancing, and numerous activities throughout the building to inform and entertain Brief presentations from various candidates and officers Fun and interaction in a family social environment

A “HELP” booth if you need info on your precinct, House or Senate Dist., or have other questions
This is your chance to be heard and to see that the Republican Party is alive and well with solutions that make sense while encouraging smaller government, economic growth, individual opportunity and responsibility.If you agree that it’s time to stop this ‘steamroller of government control’ and want, instead, sensible solutions for America, then this is your opportunity to get started! Let’s work together on this!

For tickets and information: 303-452-2931 or
Or visit the AdCo website or the State Party website

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