Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jeffco Central Committee Meeting

Last night, the county gathered around 200 Republicans from Jefferson county and about to vote on by-laws and see the committee reports to the memebers. However more was going on then this, multiple candidates from all different races were there talking before and after to the active Republicans, trying to get them to support them. Here are some winners and losers

Gubernatorial Race:
Dan Maes: Delivered a solid speech proving his qualifications and business background is right for this executive office. From Evergreen, he was a clear favorite from the crowd. Keeping his message simple and his voice loud, he presented well.

Scott McInnis: After skipping so many meetings, debates and forums, he's made it someplace to talk next to the other candidates. He delivered a good speech about the importance of party unity and that the destruction there will be if there is a bitter primary, a hit on Penry.

Josh Penry: He's a good speaker and a good candidate, but he isn't made for this branch. He has shown leadership in the legislative branch, but has spent little time there. He talked about Colorado needing Ritter to go, but not so much Colorado needing him in.

Senatorial Race:
Cleve Tidwell: Those he only was able to talk for 15 seconds, he reminded the crowd what the dems are doing wrong and that he'll change all that around. He went around talking and introducing himself to many people. He does better one-on-one then on the stage so he picked up some points here.

Jane Norton: Why? Because she wasn't there! Ben Engen did a good, energetic speech on her behalf. Norton is just plain boring which is why she needs her staff to talk for her.

Ed Martinez: The crowd was laughing as he wouldn't stop speaking, running minutes overdue. I think we actually found a more boring voice then Jane Norton. He'll be lucky to win his own vote at the convention.

Ken Buck: His wife was there, talking too fast with too much information and didn't know his website at the end. Still loved by the crowd.

Did you guys know over night multiple candidates sprung up in CD-7. Now it's Frazier vs Campbell, Lakey, Segall, I'm sure there's more. Out of these guys the only winner was Lakey who gave an energetic loud speech. Frazier didn't show up and the rest were slow and boring. If we nominate Campbell he can't be any comericals though as he'll probably scare people away with his looks.

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