Saturday, September 26, 2009

Maes Hitting Up Grassroots, Close To Second in Straw Poll

Evergreen businessman Dan Maes (candidate for Governor) recently sent out and e-mail and has been reprinted by Backbone America:

The Democrats, liberals, progressives or whatever name they go by these
days, have awakened the sleeping giant of the silent majority and a conservative
revolution is upon us. In my now over 30,000 miles of campaign travel I have
seen this revolution in the form of Tea Parties, new grass roots organizations
like 9.12, I Caucus, ROAR America, Liberty on the Rocks, R Block Party, and
others all around the state by names unique to their own region.

A clear message has been articulated and that is “Enough is Enough” of
the recent and not so recent sins of our fathers in both parties. Generally
speaking members of these groups want to be republicans but the sour taste of
the sins is still wearing off. They want new and fresh faces in their candidates
and anyone that has any similarity to a lawyer or “career politician” may as
well pack their bags and go home if these folks have anything to say about it.
They want common sense candidates and leadership that truly represents them and
not party or special interests.

Though Dan Maes has not been getting press like the other guys in the race, he is trying hard to get there. A newcomer to politics, Dan has been all over the state in a short amount of time selling himself as the best choice to lead Colorado forward. Back when he announced, nobody thought Maes would even be able to continue this far let alone this speed, but now things are changing. Still having a very long way to go, Maes is hitting it out at events and gaining volunteers. Will he be able to shake enough hands, speak at enough events, knock on enough doors before the convention? Time will tell. Until then Maes won't stop.

Results from the Central Committee Meeting last night....

Josh Penry: 79%
Scott McInnis: 11%
Dan Maes 9%

Jane Norton: 34%
Ryan Frazier: 27%
Ken Buck: 27%

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