Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Norton Brings Mixed Bag: Will GOP Accept?

Watching former Lt. Governor Jane Norton announce her run at her site shows you the extent of her speaking skills. Boring. By far the least enthusiastic candidate in Colorado that has announced a run for office in 2010. Can you honestly say you weren't bored or stopped paying attention with her quiet monotone voice?

However, in recent Rassmussen polls apparently nobody at the moment cares about that, they hear her name against Bennet or Romanoff and say "I'd rather have Norton".

Jane Norton (R)
Michael Bennet (D)

Jane Norton (R)
Andrew Romanoff (D)

So far Norton has made head-lines in the Republican party because rumors the NRSC is going to endorse Norton. That brings her money, lots and lots, but also losCheck Spellinges credibility and local GOP activists. As you've seen (or haven't) Colorado's conservatives are not happy with Washington telling who their nominee will be when this is one of the most likely pick-ups in Colorado. Norton also has been accused from the right as being a liberal, supporting Tax Increases while working with Owens which will also surely hurt her in this primary of conservative voters.

Norton also does however fare better in polls then Frazier and Buck. Frazier only edging Bennet by 1 point and Buck trailing. Perhaps it's the name ID, Norton was Lt. Governor while Buck and Frazier are only well known in their areas.

Probably one of the most controversial candidates for the GOP in 2010, Norton will have to sway Republicans that she is the one to beat Bennet (or Romanoff). What we do know...Bennet and even Romanoff are very weak, so it's up to the GOP primary voters who they want the next Senator from Colorado to be. Even Cleve Tidwell or Luke Korkowski could become it if the GOP wishes it. Will Norton's NRSC "support" and fundraising "skills" be able to bring her to victory, or will the GOP say "We'd like a conservative that WE choose" next year. With still a year to go, anything could happen


  1. The GOP can't afford Jane Norton. She has no experience and brings nothing to the table. I'd consider voting Romanoff against her, we can't afford to elect a jerk to the Senate, we have too many already.

  2. Well said, it is better to have a democrat in office than to have a liberal republican. Jane Norton will be a slightly more feminine version of lindsey graham. We need Ken Buck in the Senate.


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