Sunday, November 8, 2009

Continuing H.R. 3962

Only at page 30 and you can quote me, This is THE worst bill I have EVER seen.

For having 1900 pages, there is VERY few details about anything. You see lines saying "the date of how long bla bla bla will take place will be decided by whoever" or "Who is eligible will be decided by bla bla bla".

(1) PREMIUM.—The monthly premium charged
7 to eligible individuals for coverage under the pro8
9 (A) may vary by age so long as the ratio
10 of the highest such premium to the lowest such

11 premium does not exceed the ratio of 2 to 1;

12 (B) shall be set at a level that does not ex
13 ceed 125 percent of the prevailing standard rate
14 for comparable coverage in the individual mar
15 ket; and
16 (C) shall be adjusted for geographic vari
17 ation in costs.
18 Health insurance issuers shall provide such informa
19 tion as the Secretary may require to determine pre
20 vailing standard rates under this paragraph.

1) Wow. John can pay $5,000 while Joe pays $10,000 when they have the same everything except age.
2) If and when the government runs everyone else outa business they can make the costs as high as they want. Think if they put in a phony company charging a bazillion bucks, they can charge a 125% of that!!!
3) Define the regions!
4) There goes your privacy.

Then there's more about the "states". The bill address about who can be eligible for the "risk-pool" provided by the government. If you are a dependent of someone living in the 50 States or D.C. Wait, hold up...did we just include ALL territories as "States" and now we're back to 50???

I would bet my life that not more then a hand full of Congressperson, maybe not even that many, actually READ this stupid bill. Even for wanting the democrat's goals of government health care, universal access and such this is a stupid bill. A stupid bill even for democrats to vote for.

There are so many things wrong with it I will be able to type maybe 1 on the blog for every 30 I see, and that's a non-lawyer catching things. We need to seriously get these guys out of office.

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