Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tom Wiens Comes On Top In Our Straw Poll

In 24 hours, the Wiens campaign passed out Cleve Tidwell into first place thanks to the many college students supporting Tom Wiens. Cleve Tidwell took a strong second followed by Ken Buck in a distant third. Jane Norton got virtually zero percent of the votes, showing her lack of grassroots. She may have Washington, the big donors and smart guys pulling her strings, but she doesn't have the grassroots, the volunteers, the core supporters the other campaigns have.

1) Tom Wiens 313 (48%)
2) Cleve Tidwell 239 (37%)
3) Ken Buck 67 (10%)
4) Jane Norton 23 (3%)
Total Votes: 642

From this poll is seems clear that online Wiens and Tidwell have the grassroots support, and Jane Norton, isn't well liked.

Our next poll is possibly even more important then this one, do you think that we should endorse in these races? Your imput is highly appreciated.


  1. Go Cleve! A strong second.

    I hope Colorado Political News endorses him, he's the guy we need in the Senate!

  2. In my opinion and obviously many others, Wiens is dynamic and uniquely equiped. For those of you have yet to meet Tom Wiens I recommend the videos on his website. A very refreshing perspective from him in these videos.

  3. Is this your stupid video about Tidwell?

    Also, are you the one pretending to be a fake Tidwell supporter on Facebook named "Roberto Sanchez"?

  4. who's Roberto Sanchez? I haven't heard of that name as a Tidwell supporters


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