Thursday, July 23, 2009

Does Bennet Have Mind Of His Own? Or Is He Just A Puppet?

From RMR...

Dana Milbank reports on The Washington Post blog that Michael Bennet was ready to vote against the recent bill that would have allowed individuals to carry guns across state lines. Bennet only voted in favor of it after getting permission from Chuck Schumer and being reassured that his vote would not result in passage of the bill:

The slim margin was no accident: Other Democrats, such as Pennsylvania's Bob
and Colorado's Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, were said to have been
willing to vote "no" if necessary. Twenty minutes after the voting began, Bennet
and Udall left the cloakroom together and walked into the chamber. Bennet went
to the well to consult with Schumer, who indicated that it was safe for Bennet
-- a product of D.C.'s St. Albans School -- to vote with the NRA. Bennet looked
to Udall, who gave an approving nod, and cast his "aye" vote.

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