Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Draft Diggs Raises $50,000

From the Draft Diggs Campaign...

On July 15 the Draft Diggs for Congress campaign is going to release its
list of contributors through the second quarter of fundraising. The campaign
will report raising $52,885 from local grassroots voters and community leaders
including more than 50 current and former presidents, CEO’s, principals and
partners of businesses in the 4th Congressional District. Additionally this
grassroots effort does not include any state or federal pac or lobbyist

More than 98 percent of the Draft Diggs funds have come from people who
create jobs, live, work and vote in the 4th Congressional District. They
are asking Diggs Brown to run for Congress because of his unique background as a
soldier, economic advisor, and community leader. Diggs Brown is currently on
active duty serving in the Army National Guard Special Forces and cannot be an
official candidate and cannot ask for support at this time.

For not being a candidate, he's sure raising a lot of money for a year before the election.

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