Friday, July 31, 2009

Tidwell Campaign Manager Steps Down

Sean Doherty, former campaign manager for George Lilly who sought Diana DeGette's Congressional seat unsuccessfully last year has stepped down from leading Team Tidwell in his efforts for US Senate.

Tidwell can be seen as a wild card in this race. A make it or break it. Either he's a refreshing new face with business experience that can win the race against Bennet, or he's a nobody that the GOP won't nominate, at least this time around.

This will surely cause for a shake-up of things and set a new course for Tidwell's Senate bid. Time is running out to make his case on why he would be a better Senator and has a better chance at winning then the high profile Republicans.

The Senate race already includes Ryan Frazier, Ken Buck, Luke Korkowski most likely Tom Wiens, possibly Bob Beauprez and other minor candidates.

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