Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Gives In...Resigns

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska today made an announcement that she will resign in a month and will not run for Governor of Alaska in 2010. It seems like she is actually done with politics...but the only know who knows what's happening in the future is Sarah Palin herself.

Go wild making predictions

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  1. The last line from the play the Fantastics is to the effect of "Things are not as they appear and things do not appear as they are."

    I am excited for this move as it frees her to hit the speaking tour without all those pesky trumpted up ethics law suits as speakers do not have to have ethics.

    Don't for a minute think that Sarah Palin is done with the Political scene. She is now free to make waves and she will with many high profile appearances.

    Perhaps a run in 2012 but more important she will heard the meandering cats in the party like no one else has done and it will be done with the style that she has put a patent on.

    Throw in the towel.... more like snapping the towel and leaving welts, like used to happen in the gym locker room.


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