Monday, July 20, 2009

Diggs Brown Wins Straw Poll

Diggs Brown won the Colorado Political News straw poll last night by a single vote edging out Rep. Cory Gardner. Diggs is currently serving overseas so he isn't an announced candidate, but a draft committee is running in his place at the moment.

Gardner, has been seen as the "front-runner"in the GOP primary by many pundits. He has raised the most, and probably has the best name recognition in the district. Tom Lucero took a third place finish with 18% of the vote. Steve Johnson came in last place.

Diggs is expected to announce his intentions to run for the Congressional seat or not when he comes back home. Until then, his supports are making their rounds across eastern Colorado gaining support for their hopeful.

The Results follow....

1) Diggs Brown with 42 votes (39%)
2) Cory Gardner with 41 votes (38%)
3) Tom Lucero with 20 votes (18%)
4) Steve Johnson with 3 votes (2%)

Total votes: 106

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