Saturday, May 9, 2009

About the Candidates

Starting today, we will have a BLOG post for each primary candidate for major races. It will include what their campaign has done, where they are, their stances and the issues and more. We hope that you will post comments about your thoughts about the candidates and if you have something to add, that you post a comment also. We will start with the Republican Senate Primary. There will also be a poll of who you'd vote for on the left side of the BLOG. We will also try to contact their campaigns to answer questions about their running for office.

Current Senate Candidates-
Cleve Tidwell
Ken Buck
Ryan Frazier

Bob Beauprez
Dan Caplis
Tom Tancredo


  1. We've made contact with the Frazier and Tidwell campaigns and except an "online interview" from both candidates.

  2. Cleve Tidwell came to Lamar, Colorado for a weekend visit over Lamar Days and met the local people. He's the first candidate to do that in quite a few years. It was great to visit with him and get to know what he stands for. As his campaign director, I would encourage everyone to get to know the candidates on the Republican Ticket and let's get a better balance in both the House and the Legislature this next term. It's really for our best interests to have a more balanced regime.

  3. My vote is for Cleve Tidwell. I really appreciate his focus on involving youth. He really demonstrated this when he held his official announcement at Metro State and CU Denver.

    Cleve has the leadership we need!

  4. Cleve shown me he is a man of honor. What a refreshing change may come to Washington. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to converse one on one with him. He is knowledgeable about business and is encouraging the enhancement of individuals succeeding in a free capitalist enviroment. Dennis Oliver

  5. Cleve is working closely with members of the Hispanic community. I believe he understands our needs and will represent us well.

  6. Run Tidwell, Run!


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