Friday, May 29, 2009

CD-7 Update

We've added CD-7 Republican Primary to the blogroll. The only candidate announced is Brian Campbell and by his website he obviously doesn't have any campaign experience.

Ed Tauer (5-1)
Has political and campaign experience. The GOP is thinking of placing him against Perlmutter. He'll stand a much better chance then other candidates and already has some ID in the 7th. He could possibly pose a threat to Perlmutter.

John Lerew (7-1)
John is a popular man for CD-7 Republicans. He wasn't know very well last year and I don't blame him. He virtually had no money to campaign with and almost did as well as Rick O'Donnell who spent tons of money in a nasty fight with Perlmutter. If the GOP has money to spare for CD-7 and Lerew goes for the nom again he possibly could be the only candidate to stand a chance of taking down Perlmutter. This is the GOP's best shot right now.

Troy Eid (12-1)
He can say he is a strong arm against corruption. Eid however would get slammed for running for Attorney General then Congress. He could possibly be seen as a guy who just wants to get elected and doesn't care where. He could fare well in the primary, but probably wouldn't win the general

Brian Campbell* (50-1)
It's very hard to get a 50-1 shot in a primary when you're the only announced candidate, but Campbell has toppled that hurtle. His website easily suggests he is an amateur who has never campaigned in his life before. Maybe if people could start seeing his face besides his cool shades he'd have a better chance. If anyone goes against Campbell, with the exception of Janich, he'll lose.


  1. Concerning Brian Campbell.
    The fact that he hasn't a great website and hasn't the experiance level you'd like to see means he is a bad candidate?

    You know he will take a call from you or meet with you at anytime if you wanted to speak with him and actually get to know and understand the person you are speaking of.

    He is running a very grassroots campaign to be sure,nothing wrong with that.
    He has made a seriously positive impact upon uindividual conservatives and conservative organizations all over Colorado.

    He is also responsible for both Tea Parties that have been held in Denver, which would include the very successful April 15th Tea Party.

    Just because he hasn't made the media or hasn't the best of websites, don't assume he isn't making an impression and don't assume him to be void of principles and ideas.

  2. We'll make sure to keep this in mind once we make it to CD-7. But can you honestly say if he goes against Tauer, he'll be able to beat him?

  3. I don't know much about Tauer's politics, I have personally met Campbell at the 9/12 State Wide Rally in Colorado Springs.

    Brain Campbell came off as a very geniune person. Knowing I'm not in his district, he still took time to talk to me since we happen to be standing next to each other. After meeting him I'm a bit sad that I don't have a chance to vote on him in the primary.

    Now the burning question. Can he beat Ed Tauer? I honestly don't know. I don't know if Ed Tauer is a moderate or not. That would be the big question.

  4. We just love how now there are much better pictures of him on the website and the front page has been edited some more. It's a good thing Brian finally realized the GOP is NOT stronger then ever actually and probably the weakest it has been in a while.

  5. Concerning Brian Campbell. I want integrity which I see a high quality in Campbell.If money corruption and well ran campaign's are the crux of your assumptions then I feel sorry for your analysis.Do not underestimate the American people money and well run campaign's are not going to win in 2010 "HELLO".GO TIDWELL!!! AND CAMPBELL!!!! These are exactly the kind of men we need in our State Government.Cannot buy integrity with money.American Voter

  6. Funny how they always boil down winning elections tied to money or "experience".Remember American's its these well ran brilliant campaign's that elected that idiot Obama.Great Campaigner but no substance or integrity.Idiot Obama can't make any decisions without his Teleprompter.Love the idiotic decisions that Criminal Congress and his administration are making.

  7. I see no reason he [Brian Campbell] cannot beat Tauer outside of $$. Understanding of course that $$ are important.

    I find Campbell more conservative than Tauer. Campbell is very personable, states his positions honestly and clearly.

    As someone else noted, Campbell is not simply interested in those who are in his district. He goes all over the state speaking to people and groups.

    His interest is Colorado and America as a whole. He is not at all your typical politician.

    I'm not saying that you or any other should or should not support him.
    It's just my belief that some research into he and his campaign should come previous to the critiquing.

  8. I, for one, would be proud to have Brain Campbell represent my district in Congress.

    I've found Campbell to be an honest, sincere candidate with integrity unmatched.

    Political savvy can be acquired. Financial support can be be acquired. While important, these two factors don't always call the race.

    So the real question: can Campbell win over GOP voters? With the incredible work he's put into making a genuine connection with each and every supporter, I think he can.

  9. What happened to John Lerew??


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