Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bennet Gets Funds Outside Colorado

From RMR...

Michael Bennet's hefty fundraising in the first quarter of the year may
have been intimidating at first glance, but a closer examination reveals that
the bulk of the money came from out-of-state. Potential primary opponents to
Bennet should especially take notice, as his fundraising among traditional
Democratic in-state donors is weak and the rest of his in-state fundraising
(primarily from the business community) may soon evaporate thanks to his
waffling on EFCA.
New York, Washington D.C., and California provided Bennet
nearly as many contributions as Colorado did. The graph below shows the source
of Bennet's first quarter haul:
PAC contributions to Bennet topped a quarter
of a million dollars, which along with the massive out-of-state funding leads
one to wonder just who exactly want Michael Bennet to be Colorado's U.S.

Top sources of funding to Michael BennetColorado - $509,810PACs and
other committees - $261,125New York - $188,000Washington DC - $136,958California
- $100,367Maryland - $36,550Massachusetts - $30,200
One thing is clear,
Bennet's Republican opponent will have to have a strong backing from in-state
donors. Those donors aren't going to just come out of no where, they are people
like you reading this right now. The Democrats have figured out that in order to
win elections they have to man up and give a few dollars, so please donate to Ryan Frazier Ken Buck or [Cleve Tidwell] . Even
if it is just $5 or $10 you can help send Michael Bennet a message that the
people of Colorado do not want him in office.

If you have donated to any campaign to defeat Bennet in 2010 let us know! Post how much you've donated and to whom in the comments. If we have enough donations made, we'll keep track of how much Colorado Political News readers have donated to what campaigns. 2010 is the conservative's time so go and donate today.

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