Friday, May 15, 2009

Rayburn for Senate?

Race 4 2008 has a story about Rayburn being the right guy for Senate in 2010.

The post claims that ultra-conservative Ken Buck, and moderate/libertarian Ryan Fraizer, won't be able to beat Bennet. The case is Buck doesn't have charisma and his campaign has already fallen flat on it's face and that Frazier just can't pull of this run for Senate.

The name that can beat Bennet in 2010 is claimed to be former General Bentley Rayburn from southern Colorado...
"Bentley Rayburn has the experience, the gravitas, and the charisma to take down
Michael Bennet - and there is no good reason why the National Republican
Senatorial Committee should not be pounding down his door and throwing money at

Rayburn rain twice for Congress in the 5th district. The first run he came in third place out of a total of six candidates. His second run he ended up with another narrow third place finish.

Full Article at...

Do we believe Rayburn can pull off a win? The answer is probably no. Two losses does not make a win. He would start with name recognition in the 5th and would get veteran support, but Rayburn just isn't a fresh, charismatic player or someone who knows the economy inside out. He would have credibility though which would help for the General. We don't see Rayburn winning the primary or possibly even getting in the primary if he decided to run though.

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