Monday, May 18, 2009

Beeson Announces Run For Congress

Martin Beeson annonced his candidacy for Congress in the 3rd district (Salazar's) last night.

Ninth Judicial District Attorney Martin Beeson announced his candidacy for
Congress in Colorado's 3rd district last night.
Beeson is currently
Attorney in the 9th Judicial District covering the western slope
region of
Garfield, Pitkin and Rio Blanco counties.
Calling himself
"just a small town
prosecutor," Beeson offered a positive vision for America
that he says he has
already applied as district attorney, and will use as a
blueprint for action in
Congress. "I've proven that confidence can be
renewed through trustworthy
public service," Beeson said in a prepared
Beeson took quick
aim at those in Washington who abuse
power and the public trust. "My vision for
America requires leaders who can
be trusted with public power and the public
purse," he said, reserving his
most pointed criticism for recent tax increases,
massive unfunded spending,
and corrupted politicians. He said Colorado
families should "tell Congress,
'You are not free to bail out your campaign
contributors ... to spend us
into decades of unsustainable debt ... to decide
economic winners and losers
... to take over our banks and businesses ... to use
our tax dollars to pay
for your re-election campaigns." "But," he added,
"if you don't like any of
this, Mr. Congressman, you are free to leave, and the
sooner the better!"
Beeson questioned incumbent Democrat John Salazar's
fitness to represent
the people of the 3rd district saying Salazar was elected
as a farmer and a
service veteran but recently resigned from the Agriculture and
Affairs Committees for "a fat-cat seat" on the House Appropriations

Do we see Beeson getting this seat? No...there is a very low chance this will happen because the district is happy with Salazar right now. Is it possible? Yes. The GOP has a better shot here then at Polis and DeGette. Perhaps when Salazar retires the GOP will be able to take this district, but not in 2010 unless they have a whole lot of money to go around.

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