Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cleve Tidwell Interview

Cleve Tidwell is currently a candidate for US Senate in Colorado. His opponents are currently Ken Buck from Weld County and Ryan Frazier of Aurora. Cleve is a businessman well known for his sucess in the economic world.

1) Why do you think you can win and how will you win?

I truly believe that the U.S. Senate needs some common sense business like perspectives; some one that can find real solutions to problems and someone willing to stand up against the reckless spending that is going on and fight for the people of our Colorado and America. The career politicians have not served us well;
I think that Colorado voters will support a better alternative; we just need to get our message out that they have a chance for a better future and we have been doing this with success as we go across the state.

2) Do you plan to get on the ballot by getting 30% at the assembly, or by petition?
We certainly plan on having well over thirty percent at the assembly.

3) How are you going to deliver your message to the entire state?

Of course we are already doing mailings, phone calls, signs and stickers as usual; but from the start we have been visiting many locales across the state and talking to Colorado's fine people; Our schedule and request for meetings is getting packed. We have a solid strategy and we are on target to make it successful.I have to say that most of the time I spend listening to everyday folks to hear just what each of them finds important to them; and I learn something everyday!

4) Do you have any fundraising goals set yet?

Sure we do. Just like a business plan we have our strategies laid out and we have our teams working each area.

5) How are you different from the other candidates?

I am NOT a career politician. Despite what some "insiders" think, most people in Colorado think that that is an asset. I will bring a common sense business like skill set to Washington that I think they desperately need. I have large and small business experience and I know this is needed in Washington.

6) Why are you qualified to be our Senator?

I am NOT a career politician.!! If THEY were what we needed,
THEY would have done a better job!
My business experience of searching out issues of concerns and problems in business, developing solutions that work and building the strategy and action plan to get results will prove helpful in this stale Congress we have today. I also know how to say no to things that just don’t make sense and will stand strong when I know that is the case. I am confident that Colorado and the U.S. Senate would benefit from a better perspective.

7) What is your plan to get us out of the recession?

We must get confidence back in the lives of the American people. Of Course we need jobs and there are barriers that have to be removed so that can happen especially in Colorado. This will be difficult until we can stop the Congress from ramming bills with higher taxes and spending down our throat with no way to stop them. Once we can stop this we can then establish a strategy that will show people there are better ways, get people back to work and make sure people know that a socialist government is not going to continue. The fear of this socialist movement we are seeing has everyone concerned regardless of whom they voted for. Until we have a GOP controlled Senate or Congress this will be a difficult task. The one single issue that must change is to get the toxic assets off the balance sheet of the banks and then they can lend money for homes. That will help improve consumer confidence but it will be slow.

8) When did you start thinking of running for Senate?
Back in Dec 2008.

9) Why Senate and not Governor?

I do think that I would bring a lot to the office of Governor; and I do think that Governor Ritter has done a lousy job and is vulnerable. After all, he appointed Senator Bennett; that was certainly not his best work.
We have been considering several different options for quite some time, longer than most anyone knows. We brought some of our team on board very early to weigh the different options.
After careful analysis we believe, now, the office of U.S. Senator for Colorado is a better fit for both me AND my team; we've got a great team! We call them "Team Tidwell"!

10) How strong do you think the GOP is?
I think the GOP is fundamentally strong, that is, that those who really comprise the GOP, you, me and every conservative are energized now more than ever before. I think our GOP leadership is struggling with coming to grips with how we have strayed from our core conservative principles and are just now starting to listen to all of us and really taking it to heart. I hear it everywhere I go in Colorado.
>> The real heart of the GOP is really all of the good members across the country; they are at the core very strong but a bit bewildered at the hype and shams that are winning elections right now. The GOP leadership is struggling to find the way to engage the membership when so many have bought in to the hype rather than confront it.

11) You've gotten bad press lately in the political junkie world. Why do you think you are the target?

First, we've been moving up in the "polls": From "who?", to distant, to thirdish, to second. Plus straw polls mean nothing to us especially this early.
Again, I am NOT a career politician.!! These "insiders" just hate that; and I think that they are scared of it; because most NON-insiders think that it is an asset!
Actually, we've mostly been getting very positive responses and the real press has been good to us;
Plus I don’t read the blogs and things like that, just don’t have the time or really care to.A bit of relatively neutral; and a tiny bit of negative (mostly from the opposition's fan base) so I am told & an infinitesimal bit from the loonies.
In balance that is better than one would expect in a contentious race, especially this early.

12) If there is just one thing in the Senate you could do for posterity, what would it be?
Show the good people of Colorado and the rest of our blessed America that they have better alternatives than just the career politicians that inhabit Washington.

[One last thing Cleve adds]...
I am NOT a career politician.!! If THEY were what we needed, THEY would have done a better job!


  1. Cleve Tidwell will make a great U.S. Senator!!!
    Cheryl Settle

  2. I think he has good ideas, but he needs to be more open to blogs, the internet and the age of technology. Maes has the same problem only he's learning

  3. Obvious the above writer hasn't seen Tidwell's Website. Probably the most advanced of any candidate in the race. I bever post but, I do this for a living and he has his team seems to have their act together, plus this guy has been everywhere in the last three months. He is getting alot of face time with peolpe it seems and lots of recognition and it appears he has he recognition building that is worrying the other candidates by their negative post on the weaker bloggs I scan. Probably not the candidates but their immature followers. Seems he has been getting great blog reports by valid and professional bloggers not the wack-o's.


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