Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CD-6 Democrats

Although it is not likely that in 2010 the democrats will be able to beat Congressman Mike Coffman, there is still an interesting primary going on. John Flerage and David Canter are battling for the democratic nomination to try to defeat a Republican and a heavily conservative district.

John Flerage* (3-1) Has military background which would for sure help him in the general. Has credibility and charisma. Has raised more funds then Canter in less time which shows his popularity is higher. However, he doesn't have the funds or support to stand a real chance again Mike Coffman. This campaign season is still early though and anything can happen.

David Canter* (7-1) Has been making some rounds, but still isn't liked as much as Flerage. He would stand a much worse chance against Coffman then Flerage which would push some-on-the fence democrats away from him. He's still trying though and possibly could win the primary.

Is there even a chance of one of these candidates to have the ability to defeat Coffman? Yes, but a small chance. It's Coffman's first re-election and he hasn't had a great session, but the district is still conservative. If no one primaries Coffman he'll most likely be safe for re-election unless the unexpected happens.


  1. Question for Colorado Political News, what makes for a good session when your party is in the minority? What has made this session bad for Mike?

  2. The ethics thing that went around even though it's over. The fact that he didn't write a bill for the first months and was listed as do nothing Congressman. The Piñon Canyon controversy where he supported it even though Colorado opposed it and it is eminent domain. It wasn't a great first term, but he almost has a certain chance of re-election



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