Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Former Radio Host Considering Run For Congress

The latter may may now be joined by former radio host turned humanitarian activist Jimmy Lakey, who is being "drafted" for a challenge against Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter.

"Run, Jimmy, Run!" is the name of the Facebook group created to coax Lakey into a run for Colorado's 7th Congressional District. Lakey is a former radio host for Denver stations KNUS and KNRC, and is now active as a concert promoter and nonprofit fundraiser. Like his fellow Republican newcomers, Lakey has no elective political experience.

"I have a small business in Colorado which operates mainly in the world of music & entertainment," Lakey wrote in an e-mail to Face the State. "On the humanitarian front, I founded a non-profit organization almost 15 years ago that is currently heavily engaged in making sure that orphans in Africa have the opportunity and hope for a better future. This focus on orphans is called 'River's Promise,' and is inspired by a promise that we made to our son (River), whom we adopted from Rwanda."

While Lakey says he didn't play a role in the Facebook movement to "draft" him, the group has caught his attention and he is carefully considering the input offered by group members.
"I am bothered when I think of what type of nation my son will inherit if something doesn't change in the way we conduct the business of government," wrote Lakey. "So, as many people in Colorado have encouraged me to run for office...I am listening to all the advice that I can get right now."

Full story here

Do we see Lakey winning? Not likely, however with enough funds, a good year for the GOP and a energetic volunteer team anything is possible. He has a better chance then Brian Campbell though. Lakey already has some ID in parts of the 7th.

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