Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lots Of Morning News

Last night Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Creig Deeds won the democratic primary. He will know have to face Bob McDonnell again, this time for the governorship(Deeds lost to McDonnell by a little over 300 votes for Attorney General). Why is this important to Colorado? There are only two races for the governorship this year New Jersey and Virginia. New Jersey is so far leaning Republican since the incumbent democratic is very unpopular with the state. Virginia is a toss-up. Whoever wins Virginia gets to say voters want their party's ideas. If the dems win they can say America likes what President Obama and the Congress have been doing so far. If the Republicans win they can say Americans already don't like what they see with President Obama. Virginia went to Obama in the 2008 election.

And From Rocky Mountain Right....

HICKENLOOPER WAS COURTED FOR PRIMARY CHALLENGE TO RITTER: Lynn Bartels reports that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper was approached by Democratic power brokers interested in picking off Bill Ritter in a primary. Hickelooper says he won't run against Ritter.
Ritter may not be out of the woods just yet, Andrew Romanoff still has not departed the political scene and could be looking at Ritter as a more appealing target in light of Michael Bennet's first quarter fundraising.
BENNET BACKS SOTOMAYOR AFTER 25 MINUTES, BUT STILL CAN'T DECIDE ON EFCA: The Colorado Republican Party takes a good swipe at Michael Bennet.
JOSH PENRY REBUTS COLORADOPOLS REPORT HE WILL ANNOUNCE FOR GOVERNOR ON JULY 4TH: Josh Penry is refuting a report that surfaced on ColoradoPols that he will announcing his campaign on July 4th. They're probably right.

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